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180 Kg Monsterass XXL Extra extra large, this is how these two horny women are. They participate in everything because they need it hard. Extremely "FAT" Action.

3 Bad Boyz Rick Black and Jeff Sterne give 3 Bad Boys the spankings they need. OTK, bare, hand, paddles and belt are all used on these 3 young guys. They beg and plead but they get what they need. 2 of the boys jo after the spankings.

3 Way Spanking One hot and hairy top - two eager bottoms! Our main man, David, spanks and finger fucks, two willing bottoms, Nic and Jesse. David has two hot asses in the air, butt holes twitching, waiting for the next slap. He spits on their holes and fingers them. Great sucking, fingering and of course, lots of spanking!

4 PM Detention Annette knows all tricks when it comes to getting her own way. Detention class was designed as a punishment for stubborn students. But Rodney, the teacher in charge of that class is new to his profession. He can be easily manipulated. Ms. Stevens, on the other hand, is uncompromisingly stern, and she has decided to give the novice teacher a demonstration of her direct approach to student discipline using the rebellious Annette as a model. When the girl's panties come down and her tender white behind turns a glowing red, Rodney sees the value of Ms. Stevens' technique. Finding such unconventional classroom items as leather straps, paddles and a cane in Ms. Stevens' room, he decides to test them out on two other disobedient girls. He may be over zealous at first, but as the two young ladies stand teary eyed, rubbing their bottoms, they see their novice teacher in a new light. Rodney will have the respect of the entire class. And he will enforce it with the well used disciplinary tools of the trade. Movie Starring: Edna Massey Carla White Thomas Harding

A Dawg And His Master Piss Master FLL goes to work on his boy, who drank his Master's piss like the good dawg that he is. Drenched from the flow unleashed on him, pissboy gets his hairy ass flogged with a pair of long paint stirrers. I wonder if Home Depot saw that one coming? In the end, like every pissboy I've ever known, it's all about getting wet and being rewarded by that most coveted of prizes: Master's Cumload! Movie Starring: Pissboy FLL

A Quantumly Fantastic Caning Mr. Jarvis is delighted to welcome his new Australian girlfriend Kim to his house in England. He picks her up from the customs office where she has been detained. On his word only, she is allowed to stay, as customs reluctantly releases her. However he learns that she has been misleading him, and is told that her real boyfriend is awaiting her arrival! Disappointed, hurt and finally furious he uses this small window of opportunity to administer disciplinary action. After receiving this reddened bottom she is sent on her way.

A Request For Discipline Mr. Lee has another cute girl sent to him for discipline. Apparently the girls boy friend is throwing his hands up on how to control her many deficiencies. She's sent with a letter explaining all her faults and leaves it to Mr. Lee to provide the discipline. 'Vicky' is played by CC, one of the cutest girls you could ever meet. Neat body, girl like, but actually an adult woman. Well, Mr. Lee wastes no time taking this cute package over his knee to redden her little bottom. But, Mr. Lee wouldn't stop there! The nasty rattan cane has to be utilized on this vulnerable little bottom. Owww and double ouch!! The poor thing deals with it quite well, but, maybe that's because the number of breaks he allows her to have on her knees! Mr. Lee can't be that big! Poor thing! Before it's over she wishes her mouth were bigger and her bottom wasn't so welted. She's going to be a good girl! Movie Starring: C.C. Mr. Lee

A Session With Mark E. DeSade "A Session with Mark E. DeSade" - After viewing Master Mark's website, Karen -- a voluptuous brunette with soft brown eyes and full, pert, rosy-red lips -- knew that he ultimately was the one to discipline her. So she sought him out with an E-mail and phone call and had the first CP session of her life filmed for posterity. This video is 30 minutes in length and is a wonderful example of exactly what it is like to actually go from interview process to culminate spanking -- and to engage in a real-life session with Master Mark. The ending is completely emotional as Karen sobs uncontrollably after receiving heavy strokes from the paddle, hyperventilating like a six-year old onto Master Mark's shoulder -- as her disciplinarian comforts her during her act of total, un-rebellious contrition for her wrongdoing. Movie Starring: Mark E DeSade

A Sound Thrashing A college official, Davies is fed up with Fox, one of her pupils. She has repeatedly undermined Davies' authority and must be dealt with. When given detention she merely ignores it. When sent for errands she often takes more time then is necessary. Davies is finally given permission by the headmistress to take Fox to her house and hive her a sound thrashing, hand spanking, paddle strokes and finally a firm cane are in order. And in return Davies is pleasured by Fox who now pledges her faithful obedience.

Academy Of Riding Two pretty young women are desperate to procure jobs at the well-known riding stable. It's the best stables in the district and has a very high success rate where competitions are concerned. Tanya and Lee have gone every day to the stables to pet the horses. And this has not gone unnoticed by Mrs. Fargo, the owner, who repeatedly asked the girls to leave. On this particular day though Mrs. Fargo invites the girls into her drawing room, and asks them to strip off and wear some outfits she has specifically picked out. Getting a job is not going to be easy as Mrs. Fargo puts her staff through a good flogging to make sure they stay in line. Tanya soon learns who is boss as she is spanked and caned on her pretty bare bottom. Not long after screams are heard from Lee as she too is treated in the same manner. Lee and Tanya are just two more unlucky recipients of this British tradition.

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