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Boys Spanking Boys 6: Skater Beatdowns Ian is back with all new skater beatdowns. He finds out that some of his friends are interested in his little brother since they have found out he was gay. On two occasions Ian has to protect his little brother by beating two of his friends ass raw! Movie Starring: Ian Madrox Phillip Ashton Brent Lakewood J.D. Price Jeremiah Johnson Mark Dickmore

Boys Spanking Boys 7: Waxing Jeremiah SaggerzSkaterz brings you another release in their famous Boys Spanking Boys series. These boys like to play hard and it shows on their bright, red asses! Movie Starring: Jeremiah Johnson Kelly Cooper Zack Randall Phillip Ashton Casey Wood Ethan O' Rielly

Boys Spanking Boys 8: Cum 'N Spank Me In this installment, we bring you 9 of Europe's finest twinks in five scenes of spanking good fun and sex! Jerry Malone and Sonny Quick are sure to thrill with their boy-next-door good looks and sexy bodies! Jerry comes back to his apartment only to find Sonny has taken his last cigarette. Jerry shows him who's boss and spanks Sonny's ass red. Then Sonny gets his retribution and turns the tables on Jerry, not only spanking him, but then shoving his thick cock down Jerry's Throat. After some hardcore sucking, Sonny blows his load all over Jerry's ass! Kyle Deetz finds his buddy Corbin Mason spying on him while he's looking at porn on the computer. That's a spankable offense! And Kyle lets him have it...his dick that is! He face fucks Corbin as he spanks him at the same time, finishing off by spraying his load all over Corbin's tight butt! Enjoy 3 more scenes including Tomy Kutil and Fabio Bertolli, Macauley Simon, & Fabio, and everyones favorite PJ Jones and Alex Page! Movie Starring: Kyle Deetz Tomy Kutil PJ Jones Corbin Mason Jerry Malone Sonny Quick

Brat Spanking 3 hot scenes of twink spanking. Boys being boys, they get horny off the discipline all sorts of fun follows.

Break'n Em In 2 If there were ever someone not to double cross it would be Michael Lee and Ryan Jamison. These twinks bare the rath of a hard knock lesson when it comes to stealing and breaking into places they should'nt be. Watch in this six scene film as Lee and Jamison hold little hesistation when it comes to beating some sense into these guilty twinks! Movie Starring: Michael Lee Cameron White Elija Michaels Ryan Jamison Phillip Ashton Devon Pryce

Bristish College Spank The British have a way of dealing with delinquents in their schools and corporal punishment is a big part of it. At this Prep School the headmaster and his assistant apply the discipline necessary to keep these miscreants in line.

British Schoolgirls Spanking At last a spanking video that will gratify the most demanding aficionado of burning buns and trembling touches! We go inside an exclusive private girl's school to see round after startling round of cruel but creative spanking.

Brutal Und Gnadenlos These two are engaging in some intense sex games! They are doing anything and everything! Even doing sexual things on different objects and in different places! It's just a hardcore sexfest! Enjoy!

Burning Da Buns Misty and Lena are a pair of aspiring porn stars who banked on giving their knees a much needed rest by signing up for an easy modeling gig. Problem is, that in addition to being skilled fuck bunnies these two hot looking ho's are both common theives. No sooner does our man turn his back then they're both heading for the door... with his wallet! Happily they don't get far as this dastardly deed was neither unobserved nor unexpected. In a hurry, he grabs a hold of the shady pair, ties Misty to a chair and leads Lena across his lap for some much needed bare bottom discipline. Now as anyone who's been around the block a few times knows, grace and a style are refinements totally lost on a whore, and of course, the same applies when administering a spanking to one. A strong arm, a firm reserve and hard heart are the only pre-requisites for this most necessary of chores. The severe and indeed brutal butt blistering bear witness to the fact that our man is equal to the task. Soon, Lena is fussing, kicking and hollering like a baby in a wet diaper shortly thereafter, her screams are such that one might think the neightbors cat was being murdered. Only after her thieving buns are raw and noted is a tearful shot sent off to the corner. Now... it's Misty's turn. Yum, Yum. Movie Starring: Misty Lena Kristalee

Busted 2 Busted 2 chronicles the spanking of the sweet and tender derrieres of Ricky Cruz, Tyler Kayden, Chad Stevens, and Kayden Daniels. Each boy's backsides get busted into a finer shade of pink by the swift and firm hands of spank-master, Jeff Sterne. In the end, Kayden and Ricky find release in the arms of each other. Movie Starring: Jeff Sterne Ricky Cruz Tyler Kayden Chad Stevens Kayden Daniels

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