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Busted TJ catches his son sneaking into his liquor cabinet and drinking when he has been warned not to. This drinking quickly leads to a good hard spanking and paddling. Introducing Tony Paddel as the stepfather of Marco. Tony disciplines Marco when Marco disobeys him in taking out the car and getting all kinds of tickets with it. TJ is very displeased to learn that his second son has gotten a tattoo and even more displeased that his sons friend was the instigator. Both boys are spanked bare ass by hand and paddle till they come to appreciate the error of their ways.

Butt Burn Two more genuine (to say nothing of stunningly beautiful) glamour models and yet another sizzling hot porn star are each, in turn, lured into our cheap hotel room with promises of riches & fame... only to have their bouncing bare bottoms spanked piteously. These are real bad girls, spanked for real, because they're real bad girls. Yum, yum. Movie Starring: Terry Molly Winters Greg Julie Robbins Kimberly

Butt Spankers If you like watching great bubble butts asses get spanked and worked over, then this video will certainly get the right juices flowing. This is real spanking, nothing is held back as each duo gets together for some hard ass thumping play. Beyond the spanking each duo gets sexually involved in order to get their rooks off. Movie Starring: Jeff Mitchell Gareth Christopher David Pierre Eduardo Andrew Lennox Matt Bradshaw

Butt Spanking 2 Four scenes of hot twink spanking wanking sucking and fucking the belt, the switch, and a good old fashioned otk.

Butt Spanking Seven hot spank scenes! The carpet beater and belt are used along side with the paddle and hand! 6 men are spanked hard fucked hard and made to jack off! There are cum shots going on everywhere and everyone has their holes filled! Movie Starring: Max Artur Maxim Dan

C.C's Punishment And The Caning Of Synthia Gemini is furious when she finds out that one of her students have slashed her tires. As Headmistress this cannot be tolerated. Confident that she can get C.C. to squeal on the naughty girl she is called to the office. Her skirt is flipped up and she takes an over the knee spanking that turns her bottom a bright red. Then come the strap, and a final caning. Her painful squeals can only lead to her ratting on her friend Synthia. Overjoyed, Gemini decides to deal with Synthia another day when Synthia gets to Gemini's office she is accosted with I know what you have done! Barely able to respond she is given a knee spanking followed by a leather strap. Each action reddens her tender pale globes. Finally she is caned by Gemini as she is laid across her desk. Given a moment Synthia is able to escape Gemini's fury, as she runs out of the office, swearing that she hasn't heard the last of this. Movie Starring: Synthia Gemini C.C.

C.P. Castings 2 Leila and Elisha turn up for a casting session at one of London's premiere modeling agencies. Entering George's suite they must advise him of the type of modeling they are willing to do. It's not long however before they decide to give him a taste of lesbian love, and George is always ready to film a “promotional clip.” In the midst of the heated session Leila shouts to George to fetch some spanking implements. He finds paddles and a cane, which Leila uses on Elisha. Placing his camera on the tripod George joins the fun and decides to give the girls a sharp caning. The second couple to enter the suite are Carrie and James. They begin to argue when they find out they have forgotten an important prop for the shoot. James gives Carrie a fierce caning but this time George stays out of the row, merely filming with disbelieving eyes! Movie Starring: Gypsy Mr. Simons Leia-Ann Woods Elisha James

CFNM Gabriella's Cleaning Frenzy Cleaning lady, Gabriela is tired of having to do all of the work herself with two muscular and sexy but lazy boys, Patrik Nemac and Pavel Ridek. Gabriela spanks, beats, whips and dominates these boys into submission. Movie Starring: Gabriella Patrik Pavel R.

CFNM Passed Out Drunk The boys have been drinking again. When the girls come home to find the place a mess, and the boys passed out on the sofa, they get their revenge. Slipping off their clothes, as they sleep, they slip stocking on under their pants. When the boys awake they are going to be in for the shock of their lives...

CFNM Teacher Decides Jurgen Reinhardt and Jan Sourek have been bad bad boys and now they have to meet with their principal about their behavior. Their lady teacher and the principal are ready to dish out a real punishment and are not afraid to use corporal punishment in order to get these guys to stay in line. They use flip flops and stiff ands to dole out the beatings and the guys' bare white asses will be bright pink and red by the time these ladies are done. Movie Starring: Dan Corby Jurgen Reinhardt

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