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Cane And Mr. Abel Verona squirmed! She could already feel her bottom stringing when Miss Dalley, the physical education instructor, pronounced her punishment for the very uncomplimentary letter¦and soon the six of the best¯ had bright red stripes streaming across the naughty girls bottom. Proof of where the slender instrument had hit its target.

Caned By The Tutor This two part film features and extremely stern woman Ms. Prentice whose job is to give extra tuition to girls who fall behind in their studies. She knows one of the main reasons for this is a total lack of discipline which causes girls to daydream all the time, so she uses an old fashioned method of correcting this problem. Either of the two attractive young women in this film can believe the cruelty which is unleashed. The first girl arrives late at Ms. Prentice's apartment for her lesson and also forgets her homework. So it's not long before Ms. Prentice has her across her knee for a nice spanking followed by a hard caning, and when this is over the teacher sets off to another girl Brown's house to administer a sound thrashing, indeed 60 strokes of the cane 'WITHOUT EVEN WARMING HER UP' with preliminary spankings. A very cruel woman indeed! Movie Starring: Ms. Prentice

Caned Coeds Mistress Erzebets' renters, Ivy and Myra are curiously discussing the previous nights events. Upon hearing noises coming from the bedroom they were deciding that the noises they heard were spankings. And that Mistress Erzebet was most likely on the receiving end! Curiosity getting the better of them they sneak into the bedroom to see what they can find..

Caned For The Gallery Having fallen on hard times Mr. Simons calls his local art gallery in order to sell one of his valued paintings. Assured that they will indeed purchase a piece, the gallery sends two of their most attractive personnel over to obtain the piece. Taking advantage of the cash flow problem they advise him that they can only offer him $5,000 though they know it is worth considerably more. During their inspection the women couldn't help but notice that Mr. Simons kept a collection of punishment implements including paddles and a cane. They believe that Mr. Simons will agree to accepting their low priced offer if they submit to a series of grueling punishments. Though taken aback he seizes the opportunity with open arms. He submits one woman with a hand spanking, followed by a caning, making her change position a number of times. Thane while administering discipline against the one woman the other is made to masturbate, which is in turn followed by one licking her into orgasm. After that a hand caning culminates into his relinquishing his prized painting. Somehow we believer Mr. Simons hasn't quite gotten his money's worth! Movie Starring: Mr. Simons

Caned To Climax And Disobedient Brat Caned To Climax: Our first story is about a girl who wants to be put back in time; when she was younger she would receive spankings in the bedroom. The spankings would turn her on sexually. So she called Soma, just the person to call when bringing a fantasy to life. She starts with a good OTK and follows with a few leather straps. Finally she is brought to full climax with the cane. Movie Starring: Soma Sonya

Caned To Perfection What happens when you misbehave in school? They send you down to me. Jenna was a naughty co-ed goth chick who needed some very strict discipline. So I caned the hell out of her ass. The tears are real. Movie Starring: Jenna Michael Kahn

Carlos Spankman: In Charge Mayhem North started its spanking videos with Mandy Goodhandy, who owns a bunch of businesses where coincidentally all staff are young, good looking boys, who make mistakes, and get punished. Well there is more to the spanking story than Mandy - with this title we are introducing Carlos Spankman. Carlos is a manager at another warehouse run by 'Boss TK' (who can be seen in Inside Todd's Mayhem), and Carlos is left in charge when Boss TK goes on vacation. Boss TK is very similar to Mandy Goodhandy in that he too runs businesses staffed exclusively by young good looking boys who make mistakes and get punished. (If anyone wonders whether Mandy Goodhandy or Boss TK's businesses actually DO anything, well, that is a good question. Maybe they are just devoted to the art of spanking) Anyways, Carlos Spankman is known to be a bit pushy with the other workers, something that Boss TK enjoys watching on the surveillance tapes. So when Boss TK goes out of town for a vacation, he leaves Carlos Spankman 'In Charge'. Carlos wastes no time in making sure the other boys knows who the new boss man is.

Carly's Caning And 60 Powerful Strokes In our firs storyline, Carly Caning¯ the babysitter has gotten bored while everyone is asleep. Deciding to give herself a bit of pleasure while reading a porn magazine she's hard at work on herself when her employer unexpectedly returns. Angered and shocked at her behavior he decides to administer a bit of needed discipline. Her bare bottom is soon reddened to his delight. And her protests fall on deaf ears as he places her across his knee for a swift caning. He returns to the party in an especially satisfied mood. And in 60 Powerful Strokes on of the jobs of Mr. Maddington is to discipline wayward girls at the college. He is particularly qualified due to his extensive experience. This particular day he is to cane one of the girls 60 times. Each stroke is delivered with great power and accuracy. It will leave this wench with a welted bottom that she will be rubbing for a solid month! Movie Starring: Carly

Carol's Coffee Craving Carol gets up in the morning and "needs" her coffee, but Ted can't help her find the coffee filters. They get into an argument about it, and he decides to help her take her mind off of the coffee by giving her a GOOD SPANKING!! He bares her bottom right away, and you can watch her WHITE butt turn RED from the HARD over-the-knee SPANKING he gives her!! He spanks her with his hand and a hard leather paddle, making her kick and SCREAM!! Then he makes her stand up and he wallops her with his belt and PADDLES her HARD with a HUGE THICK wooden cutting board!! Then he puts her back over his knee and spanks her with his hand until her eyes fill with TEARS!!Finally, her SPANKING is over, and she won't be thinking

Carol's Second Spanking The morning after we taped "Carol's First Spanking,"Carol had a few hours before her flight home, so she asked for ANOTHER SPANKING!! We were amazed, but she really wanted it, so we REALLY GAVE it to her!! This time, she cried like a baby!! TEARS were pouring out of her eyes,

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