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Chastised Bimbos The title says it all. Three sizzling hot bimbos here, treated precisely the way bimbos are supposed to be treated. Movie Starring: Chanta Rose Greg Heaven August Lee

Cherry Red Rumps Juicy cum! Spanking! Cherry red asses ripe for the picking! There is nothing that turns these girls on like a nice light hand spanking to their big butts until it turns cherry red. After they receive a spanking they are ready to have their pussies pounded. To end things off they want your cum all over their ass!

Cindy's Training Cindy has decided she needs regular discipline in her life. It seems things just don't go right and knows she needs it. She contacts Mr. Lee to begin her discipline training. Now Mr. Lee knows this is all new to her so he goes first! The training progresses from good old fashioned hand spanking, to leather strap, to hard wood paddle and even a nasty little flogger! Cindy's poor fair skin marks up real quick and she had some trouble sitting for days! Movie Starring: Countess Wolfsong

Corrected The appearance of dream girl Catalina L'Amour in a hard-spank video is reason enough to celebrate, but in this action filled tape you'll see Mistress Tori Sinclair too! What's more, in a rich feast for the eyes, they've got three delightful targets to attack: the bareback sides of Nikki Steele, Molly Matthews & Devin DeMoore. The two bitches meet over drinks, and temporarily tolerate a sarcastic housemaid (DeMoore) as they relate their brutal adventures of the day, Tori with her poor Bentley mechanic (Steele) & L'Amour with her woebegone secretary (Matthews). Inevitable, the maid gets it too “ and good!

Correction At The Vicarage The vicar's frustration with two girls in his charge, reaches the boiling point when he learns that they have let him down within the community. They have been observed sunbathing topless on the church grounds. That, along with their unruly behavior has been especially noticed by members of the parish. The Vicar has no alternative but to issue them both sound spankings on their bare bottoms followed up with some hard whacks with some paddles donated to the church by one of the clergy. Just as the tearful girls, Claire and Pippa think their ordeal is over, the vicar pulls out his swishy cane and after a volley of twenty strokes or more each they are sent away for tea. Movie Starring: Simone Claire Denise Davies David Charles

Correction Facility It's just another day at the detention center when one of the officials. Natalia Love brings Lystra and Jason into her office. She has already informed Mistress Gemini, the resident disciplinarian, that they will need a very strict lesson. It seems they were caught trying to escape the center. What follows is a lesson in humiliation and discipline. Mistress Gemini uses her talent on them both, as they are hand spanked, paddled, strapped and finically given a caning. Their bottoms are bright red and their cries are largely falling upon deaf ears. Mistress Gemini is very good at what she does! Movie Starring: Mistress Gemini Lystra Natalia Love Jason Melbourne

Correctional Spanking Stephanie snickered when the judge passed sentence on her. Thirty days in the county jail. A piece of cake, she thought. What Stephanie doesn't know is the county has adopted a new program of rehabilitation designed specifically for first offenders. The objective is to dissuade wayward young ladies for pursuing a life of crime. The conditioning techniques employed in this program may seem a bit old fashioned to some but it has proven very effective. From day one Stephanie will suffer the humiliation and agony of having her lovely bottom stripped bare and soundly spanked under the firm hand of an expert administrator. At the conclusion of her first session, as Stephanie return to her cell rubbing her throbbing, tender buttocks, she is struck with one terrifying thought. This is only day one! Movie Starring: Scarlett Shelby Anthony Lawton

Court Ordered Caning Sir Nik has been sent by the courts to deal with two very bad young women. Delinquent, they have violated probation on felony accounts, and instead of jail time they have agreed to recieve corporal punishment. Lillith is punished first with over the knee hand spankings. As he coyly pulls her panties down to expose her soft pink skin, that skin is soon turned beet red with the administration of a paddle. After a larger wooden paddle and a leather strap the caning is then given. Giving her six hard strokes with the cane she counts them out as they mark her reddened bottom. Eve has the misfortune of popping her head through the door while in the midst of all this. It's her turn now, but Sir Nik finds out that she enjoys spanking, and he vows to give her an even more robust turn at the cane than lillith had recieved. And so it is, through the entire gamut of props. She too is finished with a very robust caning. He is enjoying his job very much.

Credit Card Caning When Nik swipes his credit card at the local gas station and it is declined he is furious. His girlfriend is the only one who has access to his duplicate card. Confronting her later that day she claims that she only bought a few things like clothing and some shoes. The only way to teach her a lesson is the old fashioned way: a good hand spanking. He also uses his belt and a wooden spoon to redden her bare bottom and make her wince. The truth finally surfaces as the pain increases. She has been taking the discipline for her niece! "Call her right now, and get her over here" he yells. We can only imagine what will happen next when she gets to confront Nik!

Customs And Sexcise Ever been stopped at Customs and thought Oi Oi! - Is it the size of my package or are they just pleased to see me?¯ Welcome to the sleazy world of Customs and Sexcise where Uniform' meets Licence to Probe'. Officers Groper and Grinder, a couple of right horny fascists, have been called in for a big debrief with their boss Miss Domina Trix. She reminds them of the cardinal mottos of Customs and Sexcise “ To Persecute The Travelling Public' and To Tamper With People's Packages'!Dissatisfied with their efforts, Miss Domina Trix whips them into action. Having dispensed with Officer Grinder's er¦grinder, Miss Trix administers further discipline to Officer Groper's simpering pussy, driving her point home with her favourite fascito' nightstick! Back on duty, Grinder gets his hands dirty with Miss Chelsea Fista, whom he suspects of smuggling a trunk load of filthy sex toys. Unimpressed with her claim they're souvenirs for her Aunt, he plies her various orifices with the tools of his trade to convince himself of her innocence! Meanwhile upstairs in the flight attendants lounge, Mi le High and Elena Cross Czech enjoy some pre- flight entertainment. Their pouting pussies like nothing better than to be pummelled with a monster duty free double-ender, giving new meaning to the phrase Deep Vein Thrombosis'! Back in the Customs hall Groper has some rather pressing VAT issues to deal with. Unhappy with a quantity of Italian shoes, Groper makes the passenger pay off the excess in unique ways. Struggling to keep up with the maths, Groper's willing victim is taken to limits that will bring tears to your eyes! Finally, late arriving passenger Miss Anna Spunja arouses the interest of Chief Immigration Officer, Mr Hindrance. Intensive probing is required to determine her cuntry' of origin. Slipping her in the back entrance, Groper & Hindrance eventually decide that they're very happy with all her credentials and stamp her passport Double Entry¯!!

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