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Daddy Spank Join us as we sit in on discipline sessions between Dad's and their sons. No matter how old you are, you are never to old to get spanked!

Daddy's Boys Daddy ties the twink to a bed spread eagle style and then proceeds to play with the helpless twinks cock and balls. He lubes the cock up, wanks the boy until his cock is straining to be allowed to shoot. But then Daddy stops and starts to work a finger around the boys virgin ass. Then it's back to the cock again, as Daddy gets the boy super hard. Then the boy starts to suck and chew on Daddys nipples. Daddy allows the boy to kiss him, before finally bringing the twink to a climax.

Daughter In Law Discipline Here's a nice young couple, everything is just fine...except....this cute wife has a spending problem! Gucci, Saks, Coach you name it, she's addicted! She's driving her hard working husband into the poor house! Scott has to say something to Mom.... he has no place else to go. Mom (Dana Specht) agrees to talk with her, but, when she sees how spoiled her daughter-in-law has become, she knows there's only one thing that will break this bad habit pattern. Old fashioned discipline! Her son Scott watches intently on what he's going to have to do every Friday night! Needless to say there is a lot of promising and I'm sorry before the discipline is finished. Movie Starring: Dana Specht

Day Of Reckoning Is Julie ever sorry she stayed home from work! Joseph is a strong believer in the work ethic. A wife who does not share his sense of commitment may find herself out on the street. Or over his knee! And don't think Joseph doesn't get some satisfaction in the way Julie's tender plump behind responds to the sting of his able hand or his leather strap. Her lovely, twitching posterior with it's increasing reddish hue is really the only reason he keeps her. She just may slip up again some time in the future. Joseph can hardly wait. Movie Starring: Julie Juggs Anthony Lawton

Dealing With Model Behavior This Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady, But Then....These Ain't No Ladies! If you're looking for a sweet, demure and charming young lady... you've come to the wrong place. Twenty something glamour girl Alicia is a disagreeable young tart with a tongue like a paring knife. Happily the physical attributes are rather more agreeable and none more so than her simply delectable bottom. Movie Starring: Brandi Alicia Greg Bella Doll

Demonic Dreamer Mistress Aradia sits in her regal throne, masturbating as she is fantasizing about one of her favorite slaves. Her slave, abby, then appears in a steel ball cage, dangling in front of the beautiful, latex-clad Mistress. After some taunting and teasing, the ball-gagged slave is released for some real torment and punishment. Bringing her fantasy to life, Mistress Aradia begins to unleash her Dominance over the slave. Nipple torment, Spanking, Man-Handling and Flogging are all in store for the bound beauty. In the end, we learn that all has been a daydream, as slave abby is revealed with her head firmly planted between the legs of the now orgasmic, Mistress Aradia.

Die Kiste The two guys in Die Kiste only wanted to help a friend with moving. When accidently one of the boxes fell on the floor and opens, they suddenly found themselves confronted with loads of leather, dildoes and SM toys. Out of curiosity, a hard session developes which brings the sweat out of both of them. Movie Starring: Mike Franken Jack Hauser

Dirty Laundry And Naked Maids Watch these cute bubble butts turn pink as they get their spankings. It's more than a man can take! Movie Starring: David Perez Tony Paddel Skyy Lee TJ Wood Rick Black Brett Mitchell

Discipline Lessons Listen to Jessica and Angela's shrieks and wails as Mr. Charles redeems their bottoms with his hand, a leather lash, and a school cane. He is performing a politically incorrect public service by instilling rigid discipline into the young girls in his charge. This painful lesson has been well learned! Movie Starring: Jessica Angela David Charles

Disciplined Housewives Sir Nik, an unorthodox marriage counselor, has several therapeutic visits lined up for today. His first is a wayward wife, Ivy, who has strayed too far from her newly made marriage bed. Her husband must stand his ground and be assured that she will learn her lesson by feeling the heavy hand of Nik! Her spanking therapy begins first with a hand spanking. As her clothes are peeled away the implements change. Leather straps and a wooden paddle are also used, and she is sent home with a new found respect of matrimony and a sore and reddened bottom. Movie Starring: Sir Nik

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