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Disciplining The Divas Two uppity (albeit drop dead gorgeous) glamour models and one up and coming porn star (who's primary claim to fame is the allure or her backside), each get the bare bottom spankings of a lifetime. Real spanking, real tears and real, real bad girls! This is what it's all about. See why this film was nominated by AVN for best spanking movie of 2008! Movie Starring: Terry Kordelia Devonshire Kelly Divine Sasha Sparks Greg

Disciplining The Undisciplined Athlete These sexy guys know how to beat a good time right out of you. Watch as they spank and paddle each other in to being better athletes in this smoking hot film! Movie Starring: Kevin Gladstone Gino Colbert Michael Ryan Stavlos Aekomas Joe Leitel Kermit (Bijou)

Disziplin Und Demut Watch these babes as they are made into slave for the military men. Their tits are tied with ropes, weights are hung from their pussies, hot candle wax is poured all over them and then they are whipped in to shape to become good slaves!

Dominated Deviant Damsel Gorgeous Persephone is clad entirely in gold! Corset, gloves, neck corset, black seamed stockings and incredible mustard gold 6 pumps!

Driving Without A License Heather is my good friend and a fellow Dom who loves to give spankings. While staying with me she was to follow certain rules. One of them being not to take my car out especially since she does not have a license. She was caught coming in after taking my car out. For disobeying me she was to submit to a bare bottom spanking over my knee with my hand and my leather slipper sole. She has never been spanked before and this was her first time being on the receiving end. I would say she was taught her lesson. By the time I finished she was crying and promising she would never disobey the rules again while staying at my house and especially she would never ever take my car out. First time spanking. This is a medium to hard spanking with hand and slipper.

Employment Welts And A Bureaucratic Spanking The Buckle brothers are delighted to welcome their new employee to the world of landscape gardening. She's beautiful but it seems her work papers aren't quite in order. Taking advantage of the situation they inform her that in order to stay in the country she must do as they ask. Taking turns the Brothers pull her panties down and spank her bottom. Movie Starring: Dublin O'Brien David Charles Jack Uppitt

Endless Delights It's a painful lesson that is suffered by these sexy ladies and guys when they do not do what is expected of them. They must be taught to obey. Discipline is the key to any relationship. One must suffer for love and this video portrays all the rump roasting necessary to retain a perfect harmony between the participants. We are sure you'll agree these couples have the right idea. Movie Starring: Pamela Dee Chessie Moore Desi De Angelo Geneva Stacey Bell Sunny Day

Endstation Forget what I promised! That's what these masters are saying to their slaves as they are bound and punished! These women are tied up, talked down to, and punished to the fullest for your pleasure! Enjoy!

Enema-Spanking-Sybian Hazing for College Debutante Jasmine is a beautiful 18 year old brunette who looks very young, and has an innocent, yet flirtatious, laughter. She must undergo an intense hazing to join an exclusive sorority- including: enemas, expulsion into a bucket, gapes her butt, spanking/paddling, tickling, being gagged with her panties, being drenched in oil, & riding the Sybian (sex machine). This punishment is administered by the boyfriend of one of the sorority girls, and by his live-in slave, a runaway named Katia, who is 18, too. At one point, jasmine and Katia are given simultaneous side-by-side enemas. In addition to being punished, Jasmine is taught how to spank, anally probe, & give enemas to Katia.

Enemas And Spanking For Teen Thief Rachel is a beautiful, very young-looking 18 y.o., who wants to rent a room in my house. While I'm away on the phone, she steals my belongings. When I discover her, I punish her with enemas (using a bag and a large syringe), and by stuffing up her butt with soy beans, plus forced enema expulsion into bucket, spanking, hot wax, lit candles up her ass & pussy, and pussy violation with a "drilldo" -- a sex machine consisting of a dildo attached to a rotating drill.

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