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Enemazing Water, water everywhere, but no time to drink a drop because these ladies have something in their mouths already. These girls are wet and wild. It's a hot summer day and they are looking to cool off before they get all kinky. Hoses, pool side fun and water guns are all going to be used to make these hotties all wet and sexy!

English Discipline Collections Aside from the personal gratification one receives at the sight of lovely round female buttocks twitching beneath the stinging kiss of the paddles or cane, there are other, very legitimate reasons for applying English Discipline to the tender bottoms of impudent females. In scenes taken from five popular English Discipline videos you will see punishment meted out with authority and flair. You will hear cries of pain. You will see tears of repentance. Above all, you will understand why these tried and true methods of discipline will never go out of style.

English Discipline Series: A Caning Shared Tiffany is continuously getting the attention of her physics teacher, Mr. Robinson. Probably because after their regular caning session he completes the event with a steamy session of coitus. On this particular day she is awaiting his arrival at her garden entrance, where she and her friend Amy are chatting. He obviously cannot give her the promised 40 cane strokes at college, opting for a bit of secrecy in her garden instead. Amy is surprised to hear about her secret tryst, and in an effort to ward off some pain suggests that she take 20 of the 40 strikes for her friend. Mr. Robinson agrees to this arrangement provided that Amy also agrees to a playful sexual romp afterwards. Upon their agreement he begins to spank and paddle their bare bottoms until they turn red. He then places them over the dining room table for 20 blistering strokes with the cane. Soon he will have them both in the bedroom for a bit of sexy romping!

English Discipline Series: A Fundamental Caning Two attractive college students are sent to the headmaster to explain why instead of wearing their provided college uniforms that they are instead wearing their traditional attire. But what really infuriates the headmaster is that these two young women have thrown away their previously provided uniforms!! The punishment is severe and kinky, so these girls will think twice before not wearing their uniforms again!!!

English Discipline Series: A Special Kind Of Love When pop star Jerry Jons return from a successful American tour, he finds that his secretary has had a special kind of love affair with mounds of donuts. Furious at the ballooning of his beautiful secretary and finding out that she has improperly managed his books, he decides to give her a good thrashing. She is soundly thrashed with a cane. While in the adrenaline rush of this caning he receives a phone call informing him of an affair that his wife had while he was away. Rushing to his bedroom he wakes her up drags her to the study and soundly thrashes her bottom. She promises of course to end her affair or she too will encounter the cane again!

English Discipline Series: Alternative Entertainment A husband and wife get in a heated argument when she forgets to pick up his tuxedo for an important party that weekend. He then tells her how totally useless she is, and this is followed by a hand spanking across the knee. Further hard spankings are done with several paddles and a riding crop. In the end comes the can. This one day this wife will never forget!

English Discipline Series: Antique Methods Why is it that every time Mr. Murdock's antique shop falls victim to a shoplifter's treachery, the perpetrator invariably happens to be some lovely lady who will agree to almost anything rather than face the police? This time he has spied two such feminine felons. Against their better judgment, they each reluctantly lower their panties for Mr. Murdock's own peculiar punishment. Two delightfully round and tender behinds, once smooth and pink are now a deep throbbing red, due to Mr. Murdock's skillful use of this favorite antique cane. The price can be very high indeed! Movie Starring: Alison Bret Stacy Summers Brian Paddler

English Discipline Series: Au Pair Agency Mr. Kendrick regrets having to resort to physical measures to maintain discipline within his Au Pair agency. All complaints, however trivial, must be addressed swiftly and effectively. In Nicola's case a more over-the-knee spanking will not suffice. The leather strap and the limber cane must be brought into play. To achieve their maximum effect, lovely Nicola is obliged to drop her knickers and expose her tender round behind. Her replacement, Amanda, must endure this punishment in advance of her assignment. This may be harsh treatment, but the agency does have a reputation to uphold. Movie Starring: Thomas Broadmoor Nicole Williamson Alexis Wright

English Discipline Series: Bad Headmaster Miss Miles send two naughty girls in to see the Head Master for punishment. They both receive a sound spanking and are sent back to class. Unfortunately for these two they choose to steal the Headmistress' car instead. Now Hays and Clark will receive stern corporal punishment. Heavy use of the paddle and limber birch cane across their bare behind soon bring tears of repentance from them. The Headmistress, still angry at having her car stolen encourages the Head Master to spank them harder. She then surprises him further by requesting a sound spanking for herself also.

English Discipline Series: Bath Time Beatings Two young women receive an invitation to visit the fabulous estate of a wealthy family. Having fantasized about being the Mistress of such a manor, they eagerly accept. One would think that the attractive females would be on their best behavior. Presenting themselves in an intelligent, dignified manner.

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