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English Discipline Series: Black Marks James Lawrenson runs his house with the same brand of fiery discipline that made him the scourge of his battalion. Slackness is not to be tolerated. And if Sharon and Annette are to live in his house they must perform their share of the chores. Needless to say, when they fail to come up to scratch the girls are subjected to some good, old fashioned spanking and caning. They are even spanked on their bare wet bottoms after being caught swimming in the nude. But it is when they are introduced to James favorite swishy cane that the girls really know that they are in deep trouble. Movie Starring: Edna Black Shirley Withers Michael Collings

English Discipline Series: CP Castings Not just any girl can hold a job at CP Agency. Only those with the most perfectly formed posterior to satisfy the aesthetic taste of the most demanding male is employed here. Moreover, she must be willing and lovingly bare her perfect bottom to the sternest punishment.

English Discipline Series: Call Girl Caning The CID is doing a check on all the local vice girls in the area. On this occassion a rubber-suited vice girl receives one of the plain clothes officers, thinking he is a customer. After hearing her repertoire of services and fees, he showes her his badge. The girl is threatened with arrest and subsequent court action if she does not do exactly what she is told. He orders her to strip and receive a variety of coporal punishments, which leaves her bottom in a very sorry state.

English Discipline Series: Caned At Desperation Point An unscrupulous table dancing boss takes advantage of a lack of job opportunities in his area by asking his manager Shelley to advise new applicants that to get some night dancing, they will have to first allow him to spank and cane them. When two attractive applicants turn up, the Manager tells them about the boss's proclivities, and advises them not to let him spank them. He, however is listening to this through a keyhole and later threatens to sack Shelley unless she submits to a caning. After he has given her several stiff strokes of his rod, the other two girls come back, as they are desperate for a job. They understand what they have to do, and reluctantly go across his beating stool for a fast flurry of paddlings, followed up by some hard strokes of his cane. When the girls think it is all over, he makes them take it in turns one stroke of the cane at a time, until every part of their bottoms are filled with welts.

English Discipline Series: Caned Before School Tracy's Discipline Uncle Hubert is irrate! He has just discovered a set of nude photos of his niece, Christina. Well, since Hubert is old fashioned he dealt with the situation in an old fashioned manner, with a cane. Movie Starring: Doren Pringle Tanara Laney Leonard Wells

English Discipline Series: Caned By The Professor The professor is a doddering old fool whom the girls at St. Clements Finishing School despise with a passion! It's only a matter of time before many of the school's young ladies face his keen disciplinarian stick!

English Discipline Series: Caned Concubine And Exciting Opportunity A powerful Arab sheik has expressed his extreme displeasure with one of his concubines not giving him enough attention. One of his trusted wives is given the job of instilling severe discipline upon her bare bottom. This will put the matter right and the tawse and cane are clearly the correct implements for the job! And in Exciting OpportunityŁ a gorgeous housewife, Mrs. James, is caught by a cheeky window cleaner masturbating with a porn magazine in hand by her window. She didn't realize that her windows were about to be cleaned and this guy isn't about to miss a thing by letting her know he is watching her! When he asks for payments for his services and finds that the usual excused abound, I haven't got any cash at the momentŁ, he decides to exact some firm punishment of his own on her delightful bare bottom.

English Discipline Series: Caned For Pleasure Single parent Monica is delighted when her new boyfriend Brain comes around one evening. When she seems that nothing of any importance is on the telly that evening she takes that opportunity and tells Jemma, her collage age daughter that it's time for her to go to bed. She leaves and returns in her old school uniform and allows Brian to spank her bottom in it! Brian immediately rises to the occasion and notices a leather strap on the side and thick cane. Whilst using these he hears a noise outside the sitting room and realized that Jemma has been listening in instead of sleeping. After the sound thrashing of Monica, Jemma is summoned in and made to bare her bottom in front of Brian, and it soon meets a similar fate to her kinky mom. Hard caning is Brian's forte and in this film the viewers are not let down.

English Discipline Series: Caned In The Back Room Dave runs a tight ship at his table-dancing club. He finds that one of the girls is not paying her house fees. The housemother is paid very well to keep her girls in tow, and she is called into the office with the negligent girl. Dave verbally reprimands them when they return to the office and orders the housemother to spank and punish the girl until her bottom is bright red. When Dave leaves the housemother decides to continue with the spanking in hopes this will get her back in favor with Dave. But the more she paddles the more the girl likes it. Her sexual stimulation is apparent! Dave returns and like what he sees so much that he joins in, giving the girl a dozen cane thwacks. He then order the housemother to take the same, and these two horny girls have their way with each other. It's bee a delightful time at the club today!

English Discipline Series: Caned In Wet Panties This is not for the first time Miss Perkins hasn't delivered work on time to her stern employer. This time however, has caused Miss Williams and her client a considerable inconvenience, and Miss Perkins is to be severely punished. You should know what happens to my employees when they are lazy, Miss Williams tells her. So she takes her over her knee for a hand spanking. She then stands her against the wall to paddle her reddening behind. For the last part of her punishment, she then forces the secretary to soak her panties in water and put them back on. She does explain, however, that a caning is even more painful when delivered in this manner. A little later she removes the wet knickers to reveal a very red bottom, and delivers even more cane strokes to her bare bottom. The next day Miss Williams sees a client whose grandmother has recently deceased. There is a stipulation in her will that says her granddaughter must be spanked and then receive forty strokes of the cane each month Williams is happy to do so, but warns the young lady that her strokes will be far more severe then her grandmother's. Then Miss Williams makes the girl wet her knickers in the same way she had her secretary do the previous day and proceeds to deliver a number of strokes through her panties and finishes up with the rest of the forty cane strokes on her bare, red bottom.

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