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English Discipline Series: Class Of '96 Mr. Giles, the headmaster, leaves his trusty headboy Stenson in charge of school discipline so he can get on running the school finances. Stenson soon gets to grip with Morgan and Langton who are kept back in detention. The stupid girls start to bait Stenson over having an affair with one of the teacher's daughters. This infuriates Stenson who doesn't hesitate to have the girls' knickers down for spanking and canings!

English Discipline Series: Class Of 97 Carrington and Spencer have been summoned to the detention room for a reason they are not quite sure about. It seems a monitor informed on them when they were seen leaving a tattoo parlor near the school They had been specifically forbidden by the school to have tattoos and advised that the consequences would be very serious indeed.

English Discipline Series: College Classics 10 Pupils Hobson and Clarke are summoned to do extra carpentry classes by Mr. Curtis who has asked the Senior Prefect to stay behind and keep her eyes open for any trouble from the "two naughtiest girls from St. Lukes." They are persistent offenders who take advantage of any situation to cause trouble at the college. Mr. Curtis leaves the woodwork shop, leaving the Senior Prefect to supervise. Clarke and Hobson try to take advantage of the situation, but the Prefect is not fooled. She tells them that she has full permission to discipline them, and uses it by bending them over the bench for spankings. Movie Starring: Hobson Clarke Mr. Curtis

English Discipline Series: College Classics 2 College life can have its sad memories. It's all part of the learning process. Elizabeth gets to relive one her favorite sad experience when her sister, now a student, is caught with drugs. Rather then see her sister expelled, she offers herself as a sacrifice on her sister's behalf. The dean agrees to give her sister one more chance, after Elizabeth endures a session of corporal punishment.

English Discipline Series: College Classics 3 A prominent girls' school is having a disciplinary problem. Two young ladies in particular seem to believe they can flout the rules and get away with it. This is just the sort of thing Simpkins, the schoolmaster has been prepared for. He has always been a stern disciplinarian. And it looks as though his severe approach is very much needed in this situation. Tender young bottoms are bared for punishment. Simpkins is not one to relent at the first mournful cries of anguish. When a harsh spanking falls to produce the desired result, he turns to his favorite limber cane. The young ladies' exquisitely curved hips twitch and squirm with every stinging swat. The welts are real. So are the bears. But their declarations of repentance? Well, only time will tell. Simpkins will always have his cane at hand. Movie Starring: Felicia Ryan Stephanie Quinn Arnold Tupper

English Discipline Series: College Classics 4 Nurse Courtney is in big trouble. She had been entrusted with the health maintenance of a prominent boys' school. But she had little patience with one student's disrespectful attitude toward her. She decided to administer corporal punishment. This little incident has brought her before the superintendent. She had definitely exceeded her authority and is now on the brink of dismissal. She has only one chance to keeping her job. If she were to submit herself to corporal punishment at the hands of the stern superintendent and express genuine penitence, he might be persuaded to give her another chance. As she humbly lifts her skirt and bends across his knee, his anxious hands glide joyously over her smooth, round rump, the superintendent tries to convince himself he is only performing his duty, but the arousal in his loins is hard to deny. Once her punishment begins, he may be very reluctant to bring it to an end. Movie Starring: Nancy King Leonard Wells

English Discipline Series: College Classics 6 Megan and Brenda can hardly believe their ears when they are informed of the strict disciplinary policies of Subaluke's Private School for Girls. Ms. Venchurch reddens their impudent young bottoms with the palm of her hand, and then the strap. Unfortunately, a mere spanking is not enough for these two spoiled girls. They'll not grasp the full meaning of their situation until their tender bottoms have experienced the stinging snap of a limber cane!

English Discipline Series: College Classics 7 Two young coeds have been ditching their gym class. This callous disregard for authority is not to be tolerated at St. Marguerette's. These girls are immediately put on a special training program to instill obedience. They are made to perform rigorous calisthenics under special supervision. When their performance is not satisfactory, they are subjected to spankings and canings on their bare bottoms. Tears of regret bare silent witness to the effectiveness of these rather harsh disciplinary procedures. Their throbbing red buttocks serve as a reminder of the consequences of disobedience. Movie Starring: Nicole Gardner Ronald Weber Ruth Baldwin

English Discipline Series: College Classics 8 There is no room for impertinence at St. Luke's College for girls as three young co-eds are about to find out. Mr. Hutchinson has put them in detention to sort out their little "attitude" problem. Their lack of respect has left him no choice but to apply the traditional method of discipline for which St. Luke's has become so famous. One by one, these belligerent beauties are stripped of their knickers and soundly spanked. First an over the knee hand spanking to warm things up. Next, Mr. Hutchinson's favorite leather paddle. And then finally, the singing kiss of the limber cane. Three sassy behinds thoroughly reddened and welted, will serve as a lasting reminder of a painful lesson well learned. Movie Starring: Sarah Taylor

English Discipline Series: College Classics 9 Watch as this beautiful blonde headmistress disciplines two disobedient schoolgirls. She makes these girls strip and gives them bare handed spankings! She leaves them sobbing and humiliated.

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