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English Discipline Series: College Classics Special Here is a special treat for devotees of discipline, a double bill of fare. Our first presentation is a charming story of a curious young coed named Penny, who while visiting her Uncle Sidney discovers a collection of spanking videotapes. Her uncle refuses to let her view them. However, he does consent to give her a demonstration, an over-the-knee spanking. Now her curiosity has really been aroused! This impudent young lady is used to having her way. She'll not relent until she has received her full treatment, including a bare bottom caning. Then she may discover what Uncle Sidney's bottle of soothing skin cream is for. Professor Hutchins was looking forward to a quiet evening at home when he got an urgent call from Mrs. Bromley. Her daughter Sandra is a problem student, and schools are not allowed to administer discipline nowadays. What is she to do? Reluctantly, the Professor agrees to deal with the problem "off the record" in the privacy of his own home. It's a shame such an attractive girl must suffer the agonizing humiliation of a limber cane across her bare bottom. And the professor must spend his time turning her round rump bright red. He was hopping to spend the evening reviewing his stamp collection. But Mrs. Bromley is such a good friend, and her daughter is so disobedient, how could he refuse! Movie Starring: Wendy Rudd Marsha Degnan Wallace Knight

English Discipline Series: College Classics For many generations attendance at the local university has been a family tradition. When two obstinate co-eds refuse to adhere to the rules, their rebellion is dealt within the tradition manner! Movie Starring: Ellen Welles Shelley Spurgeon

English Discipline Series: Corrective Therapy Trilogy A black teenager has been caught shoplifting, a blonde student nurse needs special incentive to improve her inadequate performance on the job, and a pretty shop girls has been caught with her fingers in the till. In each case the offender is given the opportunity to choose between the standard punishment(dismissal and/or punishment) or the three scenarios in this video graphically demonstrate the virtues of corporal punishment as a means of rehabilitating wayward females. Movie Starring: Rhonda Craig Nicole Denning Eileen Doucette

English Discipline Series: Customs Pony Express The customs agent had given Jasmine's naked bottom a through examination for contraband. Now there is only one way she can avoid arrest. She must submit to an official session of corporal punishment. Her sweet naked behind must suffer the stinging rebuke of the agent's leather strap. The handsome man had no trouble charming sweet Sue out of her knickers. Now it will be his pleasure to introduce her to the erotic bliss of bare bottom spanking. She never thought such punishment could be so delicious. When she sees the limber cane in his hand her throbbing bottom can hardly wait. Movie Starring: Tracy Teague Josephina Miles Long Thomas Harding

English Discipline Series: Debutante's Discipline Please Cane Me Jonathan plays a high states tennis match against two curvaceous young ladies. To make the game more interesting, he suggest the loser submit to whatever the winner desires. They agree to the terms but then, it's two against one. They didn't expect to lose, but lose they did. Now they each must take their turn in a game of bare bottomed discipline. To their surprise the girls find the punishment sexually arousing. Losing isn't so bad after all Marsha is going for an audition in which her bottom must be rosy red when she arrives. She has a lovely assortment of traditional punishment paraphernalia, paddles, straps, and canes. But her boyfriend isn't around to administer the thrashing desperately she turns to her friend, Wendy for help, this sort of thing is new to Wendy. But she is very will to do it for her friend a favor. And Marsha's anxious bottom does get very, very red indeed.

English Discipline Series: Diary Of Discipline The first portion deals with a lovely blonde's recollection on of her earliest disciplinary experiences. She starts out naked and tied to a tree while her boyfriend warms her cold buns with a red hot spanking. Then one bottom blistering incident leads to another until finally she winds up bearing her bottom for a jolly good caning performed by a true master of the art. Movie Starring: Kathryn Nielson Tina Cole George Welch

English Discipline Series: Different Strokes Beautiful, but naughty, lasses bare their tender bottoms to the cruel touch of the discipline's hand, the paddle, and the cane. Rosy red cheeks and teary eyes bear testimony to the profound effect of discipline administered in the best English tradition. Movie Starring: Ellen Welles Shelley Spurgeon

English Discipline Series: Don't Do It Mr. Hodgson Greta thinks it's cute to vandalize school property. She sees it as just a little harmless fun. And of course there's always Mr. Hodgson to clean up after her. Now this harmless fun is about to put Greta's precious posterior in harm's way. Greta must learn a hard and painful lesson. And a very irate Mr. Hodgson is just the person to teach it. After a second spanking, he uses her gym shoe to drive the point home further. Then for the finishing touch, his favorite cane. Movie Starring: Kelly Robbins Sandra Connel Mark Hyde

English Discipline Series: Down On The Farm The Agency When the dad's away the son will play. On the pretext that his father has given him authority to administer punishment on the hired help, Sidney pulls Jennifer across his knee and subjects her to a butt blistering spanking. Rosie, who is watching from the hall, is stimulated at the glowing red hue of Jennifer's exquisitely punished posterior. She can hardly wait for her own turn. Mr. Jones has never punished his wife before. Anxious to do the job right, he enlists the services of Mr. Gilbert, professional punishment counselor. Mrs. Jones' lovely pink buttocks are about to experience the cruel caress of the leather strap and the soul of her slipper Movie Starring: Suzy Q Lisa Bret Thomas Harding

English Discipline Series: Dry Run Two complacent farm girls get more than they bargained for when the landowner propositions them into appearing at the local County Fayre's caning competition. This is a grat annual tradition in the country side and one thay carries great prestige. The landowner is determined to get it right this year, since he received no trophies at all in last year's event. With that in mind he suggest that the girls go to his personal library a few days ahead of time, in order to have a Dry Run, and to iron out any problem. He soons learns that the girls are able to endure sixty savage strokes each, with very little complaint. It is then that he becomes confident of his soon to be success!

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