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English Discipline Series: Escort Service And Heidi's Punishment Our first storyline has Joan, a strict matron of an escort service concerned about one of her employees, Billie Jean. Upon taking a look at the books she sees that she hasn't contributed her fair share of income. Billie Jean is called into her office and reprimanded both verbally and physically. She is hand spanked and caned and her bottom becomes reddened. She promises to contribute her fair share in the future! And in Heidi's PunishmentŁ Mr.Gastoy has employed Heidi, a reputable housekeeper to take care of his home for the next few days. Showing her to her room he leaves so that she can get settled. However, she has a bit more in mind. After masturbating, she coyly calls Mr.Gastoy in for a bit of play too! But he will have none of it and demands that she be punished for not doing as he has requested. Her formerly aroused bottom now becomes red with the hand spanking and caning that he administers.

English Discipline Series: Eviction Order And The Housewife Jane Nightin gale is keen to sell her empty house to Gwyneh, but she wants her that it's not the best state before taking hoer on a tour. Gwyneh is very impressed by the indoor pool and is eager to see the rest of the building. But, they are horrified to find a scantily dressed young woman asleep in the master bedroom. Realizing that the woman has been squatting on the property, a terrible row ensues. However there is a solution! The two women go downstairs to collect some punishment implements and it is not long before the young squatters' behind is glowing red from punishment that they give her.

English Discipline Series: False Report Girl On A Train 2 False Report: Michelle and Sonja are behind in their rent when they decide to place a false theft report and collect the insurance money. However, the police aren't that easy to hoodwink as they suspect some hanky panky! Sgt. Weston gives them a choice: a jail term or punishment by him in their apartment. We know what they choose! Movie Starring: Jenelle Parks Meg Stanton Joan Watley

English Discipline Series: Fingered by Matron Matron using the school fax, for personal reasons once again has caught McCloud, a very attractive college girl. Warnings that this would not be tolerated have apparently gone upon deaf ears. Matron is in no mood to argue and orders McCloud across her knee foe a bare bottomed hand spanking. Movie Starring: Jordan Matron McCloud

English Discipline Series: First Experience: Conduct Unbecoming Karen shows her friend, Shannon the curious leather implements her husbands brought back from his last business trip. A black leather strap, and a cat o'nine tails. Curiosity compels the girls to experiment with this exotic paraphernalia. First Karen dressed in her brief negligee is tied spread eagled to the bed face down. Then her exposed cheeks are smartly reddened by Shannons stinging hand she cries out in protest. But the bare hand spanking is just a warm up. After an intense whipping with the cat o'nine her burning buns are treated to a soothing lotion massage. Now it's Shannon's turn she can hardly wait!

English Discipline Series: For Reparations Sarah is an attractive young tenant who is surprised to find her landlady in her flat, having previously heard that she would be away for at least a month. She's a cheeky girl who is very typical of young girls these days, thoughtless and quite selfish. For a star Sarah had forgotten to feed the landlady's tropical fish, so they had perished. Although that was bad, Sarah had pulled up the carpets and moved the furniture in order to have a party. The place resembled a building site!

English Discipline Series: Fringe Benefits Lovely Miss Walters has just had the misfortune of being hired to the most envied job in the corporation, personal secretary to Mr. Sykes. Two hard working office girls were passed up. In walks lovely Miss Walters and she's hired on the spot. What's more, Mr. Sykes has ordered Miss. Tulley and Miss. Drexel to teach the novice how to type! Very well and while they're at it, the two seniors staffers engage the haughty Miss. Walters in a little discipline training. Her bare bottom gets a through thrashing with the strap and the cane. Interestingly, the office girls find a certain sexual arousal in this activity. When the tearful Miss. Walters has left for the day, the two girls continue the punishment on one another this time, it for pleasure. Movie Starring: Eric Edwards Georgina Spelvin Darby Lloyd Rains

English Discipline Series: Global Warming Baby Nice and Posh Nice are going far, with high record sales and a sell-out tour. But a late night meeting with Faye, their strict, busty manager, stirs up trouble. Faye goes out to dinner with the boss of Global Records to sign a deal, and is horrified to discover that the girls have been dealing with him behind her back! The Executives are both disgusted by the girls' treachery and go to sort them out. A series of spankings ensue, followed by fierce strappings and canings! Enjoy!

English Discipline Series: Hard Cracks Of The Cane Baxter and Prentice have once again gone missing from college. Mrs. Obrien has chased them down and their punishment will include being brought to her study. There they will be dealt with by being spanked with a double cane. Humiliated and asked to pull down their knickers, their red welts will last for days. Movie Starring: Prentice Mrs. Obrien Baxter (f)

English Discipline Series: Her First Caning and No Mercy Two young women are getting ready for a fetish party when the one discovers that her friend has stolen one of her dresses. At first Nikki denies it. But when it is found at the bottom of a pile or cheap dresses she is told that she can't come to the fetish party unless she does penance. This would include a spanking and caning, something Nikki has never tried. She doesn't realize how painful it really is. But after taking the pain of a reddened bottom a bit of sexual play is in store! And in "No Mercy" a parent has been summoned by a teacher to his house in order to explain why she has been receiving corporal punishment. The teacher explains that there is no alternative to discipline with such a reckless and naughty student. The parent is in no mood and decides to discipline this teacher mercilessly bending her across the kitchen table and using her own cane!

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