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English Discipline Series: Highland Sting Once again the disciplinary skills of Mr. Hodgson are brought into play at Highland Academy for young ladies. In every class there are those few rebellious young females who set a bad example for the others. Mr. Hodgson knows precisely how to deal with such rebels. With their knickers lowered and their smooth round buttocks exposed to the sting of his hand, or paddle, or cane, they all learn the ultimate lesson of obedience! Movie Starring: Mark Hyde Tabitha Katz Jill Ryan

English Discipline Series: Horses For Courses Charlotte, the daughter of a wealthy landowner, becomes angry when her two cousins come to visit her country estate and take her prized jumping horse for a ride into town. Upon their return Charlotte administers a spanking and caning on their bare bottoms. This is extremely painful, especially for the larger girl whose peachy bare arse is made to look like a sea of tramlines as the cane is used to good effect.

English Discipline Series: Hotel Service The wife of the famous Troy McClure is none too pleased when she is wakened at the crack of dawn by a chambermaid who persistently tries to clean her room, despite being ordered to go. I asked to be woken up at 10:30am not 7am she screams. The French maid takes no notice and says that she has been ordered by the hotel to clean the room. That is the final straw, she gets out of bed and wrestles the maid across her knee and gives her a sound hand spanking on her bare bottom, then order her to go and come back at 10.30.

English Discipline Series: Miss Bainbridge This series features authentic English disciplinarians of the traditional school. Watch as Miss Bainbridge catches some very naughty girls rolling up funny cigarettes and reports them to the headmaster. Lots of spankings follow as drugs are a very contentious issue with the headmaster.

English Discipline Series: Mrs. Delgado's Practice Welcome to Mrs. Delgado's correctional therapy clinic for hardcase recalcitrant's. Lots of bare bottom spanking with leather belts and canes for these very naughty girls!

English Discipline Series: Mrs. Delgado's Way Home economics class becomes a free-for-all when the instructor, Mrs. Delgado leaves the room. The irate home ec. teacher decides it's time to teach these girls a thing or two about discipline. When a bare hand over the knee spanking fails to produce the desired effect, Mrs. Delgado decides to apply other tools of the trade. An old fashioned wooden stirring paddle comes in handy for this occasion, as does her leather belt. But in the end she finds she has to make use of the limber birch cane. If these girls learn nothing else today, they will definitely learn who's the boss. Movie Starring: Deborah Chaney Rhonda Douglas Maria Rios

English Discipline Series: Mrs.McClusky's Discipline Mrs. McClusky has summoned our two young ladies to her study for what they know will be a severe session of punishment. Instead of being in class they decided instead to spend their time at the local shopping center playing with lads and gorging themselves with food. While waiting outside for their eminent caning they reflect on their adventures and decide that they were well worth their forthcoming punishment. It is Mrs. McClusky's job to make sure that these girls won't be repeat offenders so she has decided on extreme punishment to mend their ways. They are stripped naked and canned across their bare bottoms. With this sort of discipline duty mentored out it's not long before the headmistress has restored her authority.

English Discipline Series: Mutual Agreement After a few exploratory smacks, the landlord pulls Miss Simms, delinquent renter, across his knees for a classic hand spanking. She tolerates his groping hands on her tender bottom and his bizarre proclivities including dressing her up as a schoolgirl and rifling through her underwear drawer. A taste of the strap for this naked young nurse as her bottom glows with every sensual moment of this delightful session!

English Discipline Series: Naughty Novac Sisters Mr. Johnson has received a letter from the home office, It is questioning the dubious authenticity of two of his students immigration visas. Summoning them to the office he expresses his concerns and wonders if the school will receive their due monies if these women are deported. These two attractive young women are put in a position by Mr. Johnson where they will do anything to stay in their studies. There is absolutely no alternative in this naughty headmaster's mind than to give both girls severe punishment on their cheeky bare bottoms. Hands spanking, padding and caning are begun. He also makes it known to these two that he wishes a bit of a dilly dally with them and puts them through an humiliating set of postures and actions. You will be delighted to see what he does!

English Discipline Series: Olympic Correction Unit Behind closed doors at the British Athletic Association there exists a body called Olympic Correction Unit. Their job, if necessary is to instill old-fashioned discipline methods upon our Olympic athletes if their performance is not up to expected standard. On this particular day the British Athletic Team Commissioner phones the unit's staff to inform them that three women athletes will be arriving shortly. This is due to their poor efforts at the European Championships. As usual, they came home with no gold medals. The girls are led into the gym to be put through their paces by the special Corrections Coach. He is very disappointed with their lack of fitness and is forced to give the women smacks on their bottoms just to get them going. However, this is not enough to ensure Gold Medals at the next competition. The proven method is good hard paddlings and canings that will inspire them to get that extra yard next time.

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