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English Discipline Series: On The Take Caned But Not For Publication Officer Cane never misses a beat. When he sees two lovely ladies standing idly in the park he can readily surmise from their provocative attire what sort of business they must be in, shady for sure! When confronted with possible arrest, the girls invite the bobby to their apartment for a more private discussion of the matter. They're just two hardworking girls trying to make a living. They'd do anything to avoid going to jail. Anything! On the officer's command they willingly present their lovely bottoms for his inspection and punishment. The bobby has a go at it with certain implements of kinky pleasure, which they keep handy for such occasions as this. Well satisfied, the officer goes back to his beat..with a promise to return next week for another session. Movie Starring: Mark Hyde

English Discipline Series: Painful Persuasion Chloe has gone to see her best friend Sarah at her Dad's house. He advises her that she is not here, but please come in and wait. When he starts to flirt with her the conversation turns to spanking. He wonders if she has ever been caught at college doing things she shouldn't be. When she says yes, but insures him that she never gets caught he suggests a course of disciplinary action. Curious she agrees, and what follows is an over the knee spanking. Later on in the week another schoolmate of Sarah's' come over and he gives her a spanking. It has been a good week for Sarah's dad!

English Discipline Series: Parent Power Naughty Lodger Morgan has been playing truant so often that the Headmistress calls her father in for a meeting on how to deal with her. Her father is a strict disciplinarian and is somewhat worried by the fact that the cane is no longer in use at the college. He suggests, with his full consent, that the Headmistress deals with Morgan in the same way that he was, when he was a lad.

English Discipline Series: Penalty Strokes 2: Jealous Model Mr. Brown's new girl is quickly introduced to his penalty point system when her various misdemeanors are exposed. Her large cheeky bottom is ripe for a good paddling from Mr. Brown and although he makes good use of the time with her, his enjoyment is short lived. Relishing the chance to place his own marks on her lovely expanse of posterior, Mr. Brown's friend, Bill comes in and takes over. Stephanie is a very attractive model, confident in her beauty. When she finds out her flat mate has stolen an important well paying job, she confronts her. It appears sexual favors had been extended to the casting director. This infuriates Stephanie, because she too had allowed him to cane her bottom several days before. She decides the only thing to do is to give the girl the same punishment that she had received. Except she includes a sound thrashing with the cane.

English Discipline Series: Penitent Wife Miss Armstrong Mr. Watkins has a sure formula for restoring discipline to his marriage. When the Mrs. fails to keep her husband informed of her whereabouts, when she falls behind schedule or doesn't have dinner prepared, Mr. Watkins has two choices. He could ignore the problem and let continue to repeat her errors or he can administer traditional English discipline. For Mr. Watkins the solution is clear. A sound spanking on the bare posterior, first with the bare hand, then with the limber cane. Rest assured, Mr. Watkins has the situation well in hand. Wayward pupil Trude Baxter finds herself on the wrong side of battle-axe Miss Armstrong. When Baxter oversleeps one morning and misses the school excursion, Miss Armstrong finds her chores to do. When she refuses she is spanked over the knee on her bare bottom. She considers this harsh treatment but her punishment really begins when Head Teacher Alistair Bates returns from the trip. Bates has a no-nonsense approach to these situation and sends for his cane. Baxter is to be caned severely as a lesson to others. Movie Starring: Caroline Shields Nancy Tulley Gordon Wells

English Discipline Series: Percy's Persuasion Community Charge Tracie and Paula find Mr. Percy very charming. A designer of sexy lingerie, he invites them to pose in his latest creations. Much to their confusion and disillusionment, they soon learn that Mr. Percy is not really a clothing designer and the lingerie they are wearing belongs to his wife. The irate Mr. Percy subjects the unfortunate girls to a stinging session of spanking and padding. Mr. Percy, on inspecting the girls' thoroughly reddened buttocks takes out the trusty cane to add the final touches. Miss Sharon Peckins is twelve months overdue on her Community Charge bill. Mr. Beagie has come to collect. Unable to pay, Sharon faces possible prosecution. She desperately offers sexual favors to pay off her debt. The outraged Mr. Beagie has a better idea. He will absorb the charges if she will submit to a session of good old-fashioned discipline. She reluctantly bares her bottom to the stinging kiss of his leather strap. But she's not to be left off that easily. For those such as she who are seriously in arrears, Mr. Beagie had brought his favorite instrument of discipline, the limber cane. Movie Starring: Noelle Singleton Marcia Redding George Manners

English Discipline Series: Poolroom Paddling In Poolroom Paddling, a local pool shark bets his girlfriend that if she wins a game he will buy her a very expensive dress. But if she loses she must suffer the corporal punishment he so lovingly desires. She loses, of course and so begins the hand spankings! When he tells her that a caning still gets the money she wants, she agrees and soon follows some hard thwacks with a swishy cane. He knows that when she wears that sexy dress she will always be reminded of their encounter. And in Alternative Entertainment, a husband and wife get in a heated argument when she forgets to pick up his tuxedo for an important party that weekend. He then tells her how totally useless she is, and this is followed by a hand spanking across the knee. Further hard spanking are done with several paddles and riding crop. In the end comes the cane. This is one day this wife will never forget!

English Discipline Series: Prison Punishment Three escapees are led to Mr. Hunt in the woodwork shop as a special punishment humiliation session. Mr. Hunt is the foremost disciplinarian in the prison and doesn't stand for any messing around whatsoever! As a preliminary they have to strip to their underwear and put on punishment gowns he gives them. They are also given menial cleaning jobs to do around the workshop. However, every time Mr. Hurt has his back turned, the girls misbehave. Not to be messed around with, Mr. Hunt launches into spankings and degrading paddling's. He humiliates the girls. Parading them around on a bench. Beating their bare bottoms whilst they are made to walk in a circle, then it is time for them to raise their punishment gowns for severe canings, this is a particular field that Mr. Hunt specializes in!

English Discipline Series: Punishment Platoon In this outfit undisciplined girls will be punished, severely! An impertinent and uncooperative attitude will not be tolerated either. And this platoon leader is most experienced at enforcing the rules. In this case, a harsh, stinging spanking will be the method of punishment used. Not just an ordinary spanking, one that will stay with them for an extended period of time, reminding them of the stern rules that will be strictly enforced. With glistening red bottoms, branded and swollen from the strokes of a caring platoon leader. These girls will not soon forget the spanking they received nor will they be able to sit on their painful bottoms for a while. Maybe this will instill a more cooperative attitude among the platoon.

English Discipline Series: Red Riding Crop A Fixation With Pain Two attractive girls are dealt with harshly in a bizarre session of corporal punishment, including over the knee spanking, strapping, and caning. The girls one wearing a leather harness, the other black fishnet stocking are then introduced to the Red Riding Crop. A young woman describes to her psychoanalyst how she became addicted to pain. It started with a harmless tattoo, and then developed into regular spankings. Finally, only a stiff cane or riding crop would do. Each scene is graphically enacted by a lady who really has a feeling for her part. Movie Starring: Lillian White Donna Miles Daphne Wexler

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