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English Discipline Series: Schoolgirl Classic: The Class of 2002 A trio of beautiful college girls are caught by their teacher as they leave a local pub. It's obvious that they have not only been drinking but they are also truant. Rounded up they are returned to school for some discipline lessons. This calls for the leather paddle and some hand caning along with a lot more spanking for your pleasure!!

English Discipline Series: Sister's Repentance Girl On A Train There is evil at the convent. Young novices cavorting about! Father Finney will have to take the situation firmly in hand. Sister Catherine appears to be remorseful. But she will have to demonstrate her contribution by performing prescribed acts of penance. In addition, she must submit herself to the punishing strap and cane to be administered by the Bishop himself. And Sister Sarah shall not go unpunished. For Mother Superior is commissioned to administer the strap and crop on this young novice's sinful posterior.// It takes only the briefest moment, a glance at the young man at the station, to send a girl's fantasies in motion. Alice has a long train ride ahead of her. But in her mind she is in that young man's boudoir. Her lace panties have been pulled down, and her bottom is being punished ever so lovingly. Does the young man shares her dreams? She can only wonder as the train leaves him further and further behind. Movie Starring: Melissa Roe Madelyn Dobbs Deacon Blue

English Discipline Series: Slipper For Stephanie Mrs. McKloskey thought she could trust Stephanie to watch everything while she was gone. But when she returned she was appalled to find young Stephanie in bed with a strange man. She immediately threw the man out and got Stephanie's mother on the phone. From the shocked and distraught mother Mrs. McKloskey received permission to administer some punishment! She wasted no time in thrashing the woman's bare bottom with a leather slipper! Movie Starring: Leslie Nance Sonja Winter Christine Simms

English Discipline Series: Sophie Fennington's Interviews We've long admired her school girl innocence(or Belligerence as the plot would dictate) Beneath her fair pigtails and knee high stockings. We've long adored her exquisitely curved posterior with flawless pink skin just begging for the touch of the cane. Now we get to meet the girl behind the welts in her first on camera interview. Sophie Fennington, known by many of our viewers und the name Kathryn Neilson, has often astounded her audiences with her incredible endurance under the cruel cane. This interview liberally laced with clips from her more memorable videos, Takes us back through her exciting career as Britain's first lady of discipline. Movie Starring: Sophie Fennington Pattie Bottoms

English Discipline Series: Spanked Hairdresser Rita, the local hairdresser, faces the rap when she messes up an important customer's hair. The boss is not a happy man when he is threatened by legal action, so he locks up the shop and takes the law in his own hands. Rita's knickers are pulled down as she is put across his knee for a spanking. She is wacked with a brush, then a strap. Her bottom is now very red.

English Discipline Series: Strict Qualifications An agency in London has been given the task by an Arab Sheik to recruit attractive English women to work for him in the Middle East. The agency proprietor has to make sure that the recruits have the right qualifications. One of them being that they can take sever corporal punishment, as this is likely to arise out their in the desert. Three young women arrive at the office responding to the ad for the position. The proprietress is a real bitch and after explaining the stipulations of employment to each of the recruits individually, she order them to pull their knickers down and so she could see what degree of punishment they can take.

English Discipline Series: Strict Regime Her ladyships' strict housekeeper is in no mood for stupid excuses when she confronts the cook, Mrs. Bridges, for failing in her duties. The quality of her food has been very poor and in her references it clearly states that she cooked good scuffles. This has to be dealt with in house. Mrs. Bridges is ordered to remove her garments and put a punishment gown on. This special gown allows easy access to here large, firm, and glowing bottom. The housekeeper, a French lady with an impeccable upbringing, then proceeds in no uncertain manner to beat Mrs. Bridges!

English Discipline Series: Suppressed With The Cane There comes a time in everyone's life when they are no longer wanted around the house. The time has come for poor Douglas when his daughter Emily confronts him in the lounge and tells him that she has found a spot for him in the local nursing home. He is devastated and decides that it is time for some old fashioned discipline to be administered upon Emily. He puts her firmly across his knee for a spanking. When it is clear that she is still unrepentant her knickers are pulled down to her knees for even more bare bottom spanking. The still unrepentant Emily is soon forced to change her mind when a paddle and twenty or so hard strokes of the cane are administered. When the nurse turns up to pick Douglas up we learn that the price demanded is much higher then previously quoted. Furious, Douglas decides to cane the nurse as her panties are pulled down and she is given sixty or more strokes. She finally concedes and gives them a full refund. Movie Starring: Emily Douglas

English Discipline Series: Tales From The Rod Two tales of punishment are told in this ass paddling, hand spanking film! In Choir Girl, Bob is one of the star singers from a boy's choir and has been summoned to the teacher's office. It seems that there may be an impersonation afoot and the Choir mistress is going to get to the bottom of it! We find that he is in fact a she and the mistress inflicts some corporal punishment! In Bordello Beating, Sarah is reprimanded by her Madam as being uncooperative with the clientele. Often times tipsy, and refusing to allow Lord Drake to spank her, she learns that she will indeed be receiving a spanking, by the Madam!

English Discipline Series: Tenants Ordeal When a wealthy landlord Mr.Richards goes to check on his latest tenants he finds that they have stripped his flat bare. Furioius he calls the agent, Mrs.Chesterton, who was responsible for findingthe girl's in the first place. She shows up with Gillian and learn that they took all his furniture to the local dump, as it was old! When he demands a monetary compensation he knows that in truth he will never receive it. So he gives her an alternative... A pound of flesh! Mrs.Chesterton is asked to give her an sound thrashing. After Gillian leaves Mr. Richards decides to give Mrs. Chesterton a sound thrashing too. Later that week, Laura the other tenants is told to come to his offic. She too is put through punishment ordeal across her lovely bottom.

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