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English Discipline Series: The Administrator Three young and enterprising girls open an agency, a very special agency that will provide a much-needed service for a select group of individuals with taste that runs on the bizarre. This agency even provides the tool of the trade which include paddles, riding crops, switches, canes, and plenty of backsides in which to administer the spanking to!The only thing the customer needs to provide is plenty of money and some imagination! The customers desire is always fulfilled!! Today he is feeling great and desires all three of the girls' company at the same time!! It isn't long before asses and bright pulsating red and he has them tied up for the whole afternoon!

English Discipline Series: The Bottomists Several complaints from residents in a leafy suburb have spurred on the prison warden to use old fashioned corporal punishment on her inmates. While they are doing additional community service, it is clear that the two inmates have no interest in work and given the opportunity, they steal anything they can find. The Park Keeper fully agrees with the warden that what these two need is a good thrashing and she wastes no time in using her extremely agonizing strap, reddening the young women's large, bare bottoms more and more with each stroke.

English Discipline Series: The Class Of '95 A hard session of Physical Education by Ms. Bainbridge was obviously not enough punishment for French and Jones, because the cheek they showed when their Head Teacher came in was impertinent to say the least. He shows no mercy for they girls issuing them hard punishment on their bare bottoms. Meanwhile Selina the head girl finds another of the girls in the prefect's private area in the conservatory. The new girl is not supposed to be there, so Selina sees a perfect opportunity to take the poor girls sweets and beat her as hard ass she possible can. Selina is the school bully and gets great delight in showing off to her fellow prefects and feels that in order to show her superiority she should beat the new girl so hard that everyone around the school will have respect for her and grovel at her feet.

English Discipline Series: The Duchess Good help is hard to find nowadays. And the Duchess is very particular as to whom she hires. As her first applicant, Veronica is about to learn, it is not enough to merely be an impeccable housemaid. She must also be willing to endure occasional discipline of the very unpleasant sort. Courageously, Veronica submits herself to the test. Beginning with an over the knee spanking, her ordeal progresses to the paddle, the strap and then the cane. When Shelly shows up for the same position, she faces a similar test. But this time Veronica gets to participate in her caning. The duchess is so pleased she hires them both. After all, they both passed with flying colors. Movie Starring: Shelly Mattson Tina Hagerty Norma Kane

English Discipline Series: The Invitation: Surrogate Maid Laura has long fantasized what it might be like to endure erotic spanking at the hands of another woman. A chance encounter with the manager of a kinky bookstore has brought her dream to reality. Tonight, for the first time her delicate bottom will feel the loving touch of the strap and the cane, which only a woman of experience can provide.

English Discipline Series: The Reformation Watch as these girls get all the reformation they need with a little English discipline! They get whipped, spanked, and lots of other hardcore English punishments to reform from whore to upstanding person! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Corey Simon Stacy Walton Wesley Dobbs

English Discipline Series: Thou Shalt Not Forgive Two choir girls, Mary and Teressa are summoned by the Vicars' wife for a good telling off and some old fashioned discipline. The girls have obviously been out night clubbing despite repeated appeals form the Vicar not to do so. Their heavy drinking sessions have caused their voices to go out of tune, and this ruins the good work of the other singers! A hard hand-spanking followed with a firm paddling with the standard church issue hard leather tawse seems more than ample deterrent to the girls while they nurse their some bottoms.

English Discipline Series: Training Officer Survival training is not a game. Cadet Master Simmons seeks to impress this fact on his new recruits, Kelly and Sharon. Their tender young buttocks, pure and white as the driven snow, will soon bear the marks of Master Simmons' disciplinary hand. The spankings and thrashings are to be severe and continuous until these young ladies learn the seriousness of their situation. It is for their own good.

English Discipline Series: Trouble From The Troubleshooter 2 Gerry, the receptionist, is next to be summoned to the troubleshooter when an incorrectly dated wedding reception brought chaos to the health club's kitchens. This is a major embarrassment, so hard strokes of the cane after a preliminary spanking and paddling is just reward for this young ladies mistakes! Shortly thereafter the gym instructor has her bottom spanked and paddled for disciplinary purposes. After the troubleshooter has finished one of the managers finds her swishy cane and uses it unsparingly on the attractive pool attendant. She has forgotten to put chemicals into the club spa. This has been a very busy day for discipline at the health club.

English Discipline Series: Upstairs Downstairs At a wealthy household in central London the butler is going about his duties when he discovers a French maid stealing money from the sideboard. He had suspected her of stealing for sometime, When the cook and Mrs. Bellamy, the householder, has complained of things gone missing. His vigilance comes with good reward corporal punishment for her misdeeds. While this is going on there has been a great tragedy in the household. Mrs. Bellamy suddenly dies and her sister takes control. This was dreadful news for the deceased women's daughter who attend the funeral late, in inappropiate attire. The sister is furious and advises the girl that a new regime is in place. There is a furious argument resulting in a bare bottom spanking and a severe caning for the young girl. It seems that both Upstairs and Downstairs there are paddling and caning going on. A routine that assures a healthy future for the Bellamy residence.

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