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English Discipline Series: Victorian Interlude Before Flight Officer Brenda Fennington can advance to her new position in Department S, She must undergo a series of tests. She did quite well in the mental aptitude and physical exertion exams, but the most difficult is still ahead. She must demonstrate her capacity to endure pain. Stripped down to her regulation black panties, garter belt, and hose she assumes the position. Her obediently waiting posterior is about to receive a very lengthy and painful thrashing under her commanders limber cane. Movie Starring: Laura Welby Ronald Cane

English Discipline Series: Well Done Lavinia An important wine tasting party has been hastily arranged for Mr. Van Driesen's Fine Wines From The Cape¯. Mr. Van Driesen's personal assistant, Lavinia has appointed two attractive girls to set out the wines in an appealing display and hopefully make his product a winner in the eyes of the trade. Mr. Van Driesen has a great passion for his grapes and fine vintages, but his passion for the rod is even greater. When he sees the rather shoddy display that the two girls have put out, he tells Lavinia to come in his office straight away. Lavinia has but one chance of saving her well paying job and that is to cajole the two appointees to submit to canings from him. Using her powers of persuasion, she soon manages to relieve them of their overcoats for a hand spanking and paddling, preparing their bottoms for the now renowned hard thrashing that she knows that they are going to have to endure at the hands of Mr. Van Driesen and his rusty cane.

English Discipline Series:The Flogging Of Lady Constance In "The Flogging of Lady Constance" the late Lord Rothemere has stated that the spoiled heiress, Lady Constance, must endure a session of bottom spanking in order to gain the inheritance. A simple feat she thought, as so much to gain! Her bloomers are dropped and her tender bottom is exposed to a fervent riding crop, taws and a birch cane. In this tearful tale, set in the Victorian era the discipline is unmistakably English. Movie Starring: Kathryn Nielson Rodney Warren

English Girls Spanked Hard These English women love the pain of being bent over and spanked really hard! This film is two hours of hardcore spanking done English style just for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

English Punishment Series 11 This rascal of a photographer has always had his eye on the seductive Stephanie; once he sees her discretion's in the back of a car he captures them on film. Of course he uses the photos to realize his long-unrequited fantasy with her she is coerced into subjecting herself to a hard session with his studded paddle. Only to have it followed up with a severe treatment of his cane.

English Punishment Series 2 Prisoners 56 and 57 are sent to the Warden to explain why their cells are such a mess and in one case drugs have been discovered. When they have difficulty explaining, the Warden decides old-fashioned spankings on their bottoms would be more appropriate than sending them to the solitary cells this time.

English Punishment Series 32 In Maids of Dishonor¯ a bride learns that one of her bridesmaids recently slept with her husband. She ten decides to redden both her bridesmaids' bottoms in retribution. In Rebecca & The Headmistress¯ Rebecca learns that the only way she can stay in college is to accept a bare bottom spanking and caning from her headmistress.

English Punishment Series 41 Our latest collection includes "Maid for Caning" about Beatrice and her new household maid. She has been informed by her that her dad has given her the proper authority to discipline her in his absence. And when she refuses to get ready for school a hand spanking, paddling, and caning are in order. In "Worse for Wear" a wayward wife is disciplined by the husbands' best friend when she shows up at his doorstep. And in "Private Tutorial" Mr. Johnson gives Dawkins some private lessons. When he finds her playing with herself a spanking, paddling and caning are in order. In "Escort Service" Joan, the matron, finds that Billie Jean hasn't been contributing her fair share of income to the escort service. So she in turn is reprimanded with a hand spanking and caning. And finally in "Heidi's Punishment" Heidi a newly employed housekeeper is reprimanded and spanked by her employer when she is found masturbating in the bedroom, instead of cleaning it!

English Punishment Series 42 Our latest collection includes "A Caning Shared","Acadamy Of Riding", and "naughty Novac Sisters" in "A Caning Shared" Tiffany is awaiting the arrival of Mr. Robinson, her physics teacher. Their affair includes a spanking and a romantic interlude. Today however, Tiffany's friend Amy decides to take 20 of the 40 strokes of canings that she normally recieves. In "Academy of Riding" twopretty young ladies are desperate toprocure jobs at the riding stables. The owner, Mrs. Fargo invites them in and haves them change into outfits. They are then specifically flogged to make sure they stay in line. And in "Naughty Novac Sistersz" Mr. Johnson is questioning the authenticity of two of his students imigration visas. If they are deported the school will not recieve their monies. Wishing to do anything to stay in class they suffer the stern hand of Mr. Johnson's caning against their bare cheeky bottoms. You will be delighted to see what he does!

English Punishment Series 43 Our latest collection includes Punished for Poaching¯ and her first caning and no mercy in Punished for Poaching Maria and Olga have ditched class for a bit of fishing. However they are on private grounds and when they encounter the game warden he decides to discipline them with caning against their bare cheeky bottoms. And in Her First Canning and No Mercy our first storyline has Nikki being discipline for a stolen dress. She must take a reddened bottom from her friend before she can attend a fetish party. And in No Mercy¯ the tables are turned when a teacher gets disciplined from and angered parent!

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