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English Punishment Series 44 Our latest collection includes Painful Persuasion¯ Carly's Caning¯ and 60 Powerful Strokes¯ In Painful Persuasion¯ Chloe goes to visit her friend Sarah at her dad's house. The conversation turns to disciplined at college and we learn that though she has done some questionable things she has never been disciplined for them. He is eager to teach her and begins with an over the knee spanking followed by paddles. In Carly's Caning¯ a babysitter has been found by her employer to be pleasing herself after the children have been put to bed. Angered and shocked by her behavior he decides to administer some well-deserved discipline. An finally in 60 Powerful Strokes¯ one of Mr. Maddington's job is to administer discipline to wayward girls at the college. This particular day he is to cane one of the girls 60 times. Each stroke is delivered with great power and accuracy. She will be rubbing her welted bottom for a solid month!

English Punishment Series 49 Our latest collection English Punishment Series 49¯ includes bits of our Employment Welts¯, A Bureaucratic Spanking¯ and Special Detention¯. Movie Starring: Dublin O'Brien Mr. Simons Elle Brook David Charles Janie Jack Uppitt

English Punishment Series 4 When she finally speaks with the Claims Dept. Manager, she makes him an offer he won't refuse. In exchange for immediate payment of her claims, she offers her soft, smooth buttocks to him for spanking and caning. What an opportunity for a spanking aficionado! He can't wait to get his hands her warm and tender ass cheeks.

English Punishment Series 52: Double The Strokes Two girls are receiving a hearty spanking on their pale white bottoms by their step-father. When the Mrs. returns from a trip into town... It doesn't take hubby long before he becomes aroused by her, but instead of offering her dinner he decides to administer a servere caning on her firm behind leaving a series of red welts Movie Starring: Kat (II) Kit Lee Kat Lee

English Punishment Series 52: Extra Services Navy recruit Peacock looks forward to a visit from the local massage parlor girls, when there is a knock at his door. Julie enters but is surprised when Peacock asks her for "extras!" He immediately places her on his kness and spanks her bottom. This is followed by a hard leather paddle which puts her in tears... with an accompanying red bottom! Movie Starring: Julie Loco

English Punishment Series 52: The Massage Miscreants An airline has sent three of its massage girls back to college to re-train. Numerous passengers have been complaining about their improper behaviour. Their teacher is umcompromising and feels that the girls have not been taking their work seriously thereby giving the airline a case of bad PR. She is in no mood when the girls laugh and joke during the class. The girls soon find out how serious the matter is when they find themselves over their teacher's knee having their bottoms spanked hard. A server caning follows in order to retain their lucrative massage certificates. Movie Starring: Julie Elisha C Jay Loco

English Punishment Series 3 different stories but with the same ending... Disobedient tarts getting their bare bottoms reddened by: spankings, canings, whipping and an array of other handy devices. Movie Starring: Mr. Hunt Sir Larry

English Spanking 105 Watch this Asian geisha get spanked to perfection. Her beautiful, bouncing buns are subjected to blow after blow, Movie Starring: Tia Ling

English Spanking Classic 12 Now! The Cane: If our young Miss knew what was waiting for her she wouldn't have been so anxious to get home. Her beautiful young guardian was fully prepared to hand out a sound spanking punishment. And unfortunately for her the punishment doesn't stop there. A hard tawsing, followed by cruel cuts with the thin cane, all applied to her bare bottom, leaves her red, sore, and tearful as she goes to bed.

English Spanking Classic 14 The girls of the Caning Club certainly earn every penny of their richly deserved high wages. Kathy, one of the Club's barmaids was receiving a caning, and remarked coyly, "We both deserve and like the spankings!" And her partner, Jay, a well stacked, gold ring nippled beautiful blonde, grinned cheerfully and was quick to agree. You'll agree that these spankings are delightful to watch! Movie Starring: Kathy Jay (f)

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