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English Spanking Classic 20 Our latest classic includes Marigold Academy¯ which has Henry disciplining both Angela and Marcia for hiding a pack of smokes. A multitude of blows turns their white orbs a deep shade of crimson. Their tears are both apologetic and humiliating. They will not disobey the academy again any time soon. Next in Bottom Up¯ Bridgett and her Aunt Harriet are talked into a game of snakes and ladders. They didn't realize that when they lose, they would have their bottoms upturned and reddened by their spouses. Their game turns to a blistering session of corporal punishment!

English Spanking Classic 22 Mrs. Crabtree¯: Two young women are being disciplined for their errant behavior. It's one of the girl's first offenses so she must watch as her friend is punished first. After her friends bottom is sufficiently reddened it's her turn! Mrs. Crabtree uses her shoe across both girls' bare bottoms while they squirm and complain. The Hitchhiker¯: Several girlfriends pick up a hitchhiker. They consent to undress and be spanked side by side and prove that two are better than one¦

English Spanking Classic 23 If you like ass smacking, then you will enjoy watching these classic vixens getting their ass slapped around!

English Spanking Classic 29 Our classic this month is "Antique Methods". Why is it that every time Mr. Murdock's antique shop falls victim to a shoplifter's treachery the perpetrator invariably happens to be some lovely young lady? And one who will agree to almost anything rather than to face the police. This time he has seen two such feminine felons. Reluctantly they both agree to his peculiar punishment and lower their panties. Two delightfully round and tender bottoms, once smooth and pink, are now a deep throbbing red due to his skillful use of an antique cane. The price of pilfer can be very high indeed!

English Spanking Classic 30: Punishment Man Squeals of ecstasy and the sounds of a female hand on a man's naked buttocks could be heard coming from Jay's bedroom. Our wayward wife has persuaded her friend Tony to come over for the afternoon. So excited were they that they didn't hear the arrival of her husband, Dave. Furious, heated exchanges of words are thrown about, along with Tony out the door! Turning his fury towards Jay, she is spanked and smacked across her bottoms with a slipper. Sobbing she pleads for forgiveness. She will even let Dave bring another girl home if he will only stop. He has agreed to some retribution but it may entail an encounter with The Punishment Man as he picks up a CP magazine and turns to the contact section.

English Spanking Classic 31 This special film this time around includes the two titles Really! Mrs. Walker¯ and Second Chance¯! In the first one, Mrs. Walker has invited a TV repairman over to repair her set. Watching his every move, he is readily annoyed at this scrutiny. While taking a break he decides to sit himself down in her chair. Entering the room she is furious and accuses him of being a slacker. He won't take such nonsense from her and he places her across his knee for a good spanking. She enjoys a man with a firm hand and shows him her private collection of whips and canes. They are soon put to good use across her luscious bare bottom! In Second Chance,¯ a former girlfriend pleads with her boyfriend to allow her to come back and live with him. He agrees but first she must submit to hand spankings and canings. He will have a bit of fun before she is allowed back home!

English Spanking Classic 33: Bad Girl's Don't Cry Our English Classic is Bad Girl's Don't Cry¯ where good help is hard to find at the office of the leading corporal punishment magazine. Sharon and Racey, two sexy but incompetent typist are transferred to the spanking department. Their young smooth bottoms are subjected to the slippers the martinette and the heavy hand. And their reddened orbs are rubbed down with baby oil between each session. Even the leggy assistant manager must submit to the cane. It's a tough job, but corporal punishment is indeed their game.

English Spanking Classic 34: The Caning Machine And The Bounder Our English classic is The Caning Machine¯ and The Bounder.¯ In the first story Sophia does not believe the rumors about the major's caning machine. It's not until she encounters it first hand that she realizes that her soft Italian bottom will be taking a caning that mere mortals could not possibly administer. And in The Bounder¯ two women are stripped and bound to a tree easily within reach of the bounder's hand and paddles. When they finally get free and escape to a nearby country estate they learn they have fallen into his lair once again. And this time their bottoms will suffer the cane!

English Spanking Classic 36:Diary Of Discipline The first portion deals with a lovely blonde's recollection of her earliest disciplinary experiences. She starts out naked and tied to a tree while her boyfriend warms her cold buns with a red-hot spanking. Then one bottom blistering incident leads to another until finally she winds up baring her bottom for a jolly good caning performed by a true master of the art. Next we observe corporal punishment as it is commonly applied in your average English household. The lady of the house is subjected to a severe bare bottom spanking over the knee of her irate husband. Then the errant young housekeeper must present her tender pink posterior to her master's corrective strap. This is corporal punishment at its very best.

English Spanking Classic 38: Caned Before School And Tracy's Discipline Uncle Hubert is irate! He just discovered a set of nude photos of his teenaged niece, Christina. When he confronts her with these photos, she calls him "old-fashioned". Well, since Uncle Hubert is "old-fashioned" he can deal with this situation in the "old-fashioned" manner. Christina has bared her bottom for the camera. Now she must do the same for her uncle...and his "old-fashioned" cane! Tracy has just been expelled from one of the most exclusive girls schools in the land. She doesn't seem particularly upset. She found all that work and discipline tedious and boring. However, her stepfather, Charles Collins, is upset. Since her parents are out of the country Tracy believes she can escape punishment. Not so! They have just commissioned Charles to administer a sound bare bottom thrashing. After this punishment session, her hind cheeks will be a bright, glowing red. And her attitude will be well adjusted.

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