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English Spanking Classic 40 There exists within the British Athletic Association a special detail titled Olympic Correction Unit. Its purpose is to instill old-fashioned discipline methods if the athletes don't perform up to certain standards. The unit has been informed that three young women will be attending today due to their poor performance at the European championships. No gold was won! The women are led into the gym and put through their paces by a Correction Coach. Quick smacks on their bottoms are followed by hard paddlings and canings, which are sure to inspire them to go extra mile!

English Spanking Classic 41 Jessica, an art student notices that the Colonel is scouring her up and down. He is indeed undressing her with his eyes. A bit irritated at him she decided not to paint his portrait, but rather a line of girls being caned. Lilly, the Colonel's girlfriend notices what has happened and lets him know. Furious he lectures Jessica on her improper behavior. Upon finding a birch stick and a cane he proceeds to punish her by turning her bottom a bright red. His disciplinary ways bring back memories about a time in a pub with the good old boys. When a similar incident of caning had occurred. Those were the days.

English Spanking Classic 42 Three sexy and enterprising women open a specialized agency for individuals who enjoy using paddles, riding crops, switches, and canes on firm backsides. The agency provides the willing bottoms, and the customer provides imagination and money! He can administer the spankings or have the women do it for him. Today this particular customer has assembled all three of them together. He personally begins the session. When their bottoms have turned bright red he then has them spank each other. He enjoys watching them just as much as if he were doing the spanking!

English Spanking Classic 43 Clair's husband uses old-fashioned methods to cure her drinking problem. He turns her over his knee and reddens her lovely rump with the palm of his hand. Later, for added effect, he uses his bondage and humiliation. He finds he has produced an interesting side effect for both parties: Sexual arousal. Then one night, Claire turns the tables on her husband. Dressed in black leather and brandishing a horse hair whip. She takes on the dominate role, much to her husbands surprise and pleasure.

English Spanking Classic 48 In "The Debt Collector", Mrs. Jones is unable to pay her debt when Mr. Paddler comes to collect. In "Prison Governess", An attempted but failed escape lands our young lady in the prison punishement room. Movie Starring: Paula Shaw Carrie Marks Tracy Hove Brian Paddler

English Spanking Classic 51: Detention Room When Penny and Jane are sent to the Detention Room by their school instructor they meet Mr. Elliot who tell them that their former behavior will not be tolerated any longer. He explains that they must undergo special Dentention Room tests and if they fail to pass them they will be diciplined severly. The girls soon learn that their skirts have four corners and that each can be pinned up if they fail to answer a question correctly. Soon, both girls skirts are completely pinned up exposing thier bottom, and Jane's Knickes are pinned to the blackboard as well.

English Spanking Classic 5 Elisabeth's sorrowful tears and pleading eyes do not dissuade mistress from giving her the full measure of punishment for not respecting her auntie's clothes and bedroom. After all, she was a bad girl...very bad girl...and she had been discovered! Her eyes fill with tears when she receives the first good spanking of her life. her bottom turns crimson under the onslaught, but mistress doesn't finish until she has also been disciplined with the cane. Elisabeth will be obedient!!

English Spanking Classic 6 When Michael returns home from a business trip he is shocked to find his wife surrounded by camera equipment and a crew prepared to make a videotape right there in his home. He makes up his mind then and there that in order to save his marriage he has to give her some old fashioned discipline! He takes our cameras into his home and records a complete day with them.

English Spanking Classic 7 A black teenage has been caught shoplifting, a blonde student nurse needs special incentive to improve her inadequate performance on the job, and a pretty shop girl has been caught with her fingers in the till. In each case the offender is given the opportunity to choose between the standard punishment (dismissal and/or imprisonment) or the less conventional solution, Corrective Therapy. These girls choose the later, and the three scenarios in this video graphically demonstrate the virtues of corporal punishment as a means of rehabilitating wayward females. Application of spanking, the leather strap, or the limber birch cane across tender exposed bottoms may seem old fashioned to some, but the tearful penitence of the offenders bear silent witness to the ultimate effectiveness of correctional therapy.

English Spanking Classic 8 Mr. Fordyce's establishment is a place no young woman really wants to attend. For it is a place where strict discipline is number one on the docket. Lucy has been sent to him for some corrective measure and her tearful cries and aching bottom attest to his ability to correct his charges. Christine has been sent to receive some disciplinary tactics when a wealthy friend of the family decides to take an interest in her. She must learn what is in store for her.

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