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American Punishment Collections 10 Our latest collection includes snippets of: “Lystra”, “Correction Facility” and Therapist: Sexual Frustrations.” In “Lystra” Mistress Gemini is a bit short tempered with her slave Lystra. She seats her on the hot leather seat of the car, without panties, on the way over to the park. And after meeting an old friend she is traded to her for a few days for additional discipline. Movie Starring: Scarlett Mistress Gemini Lystra Natalia Sir Nik

American Punishment Collections 11 Our latest collection includes snippets of several different films. "Liam's House of Discipline", The headmaster has sent Ariel and Riley to a specialized house of discipline. Their plaid skirts and prim white shirts are soon upturned and unbuttoned so that he can administer hand spankings. In "Sorority Spanking" Scar and Natalia are submitted to a hazing in order to enter Gemini's Sorority and wooden paddles are tempered across their bottoms. A red acrylic paddle soon mimics the color of their bare flesh. And in the "Training of O" She has arrived home much too late for her boyfriend Niks' liking. Furious, he decides to teach her a lesson by using paddles, a leather belt, and a wooden rug beater to inflicked a life lesson on punctuality, Movie Starring: Mistress Gemini Natalia Love Ariel Hope "O" (f) Sir Nik Riley Hush

American Punishment Collections 13 Sula has entered Sir Nik's Discipline Quarters where she is told that she was spotted at one of the local strip clubs stripping for money. This is not proper behavior for a student of such a distinguished school. Leather straps, wooden paddles, and the swishy cane are soon applied to Sula's pale bottom! Movie Starring: Sula Soma Regan Reese

American Punishment Collections 20 Our latest collection includes snippets from the hottest punishment videos from Calstar Productions! Includes caning, spanking, strapping and humilation!

American Punishment Collections 3 This latest compilation features lots of spanking, caning and a controlled enema. Check out these naughty girls who get their pristine little bottoms reddened by the cane and paddle!

American Punishment Collections 4 MisdeedsŁ: Several young women learn what discipline is really like when they are asked to report to the head master's office. What follows are hard spankings, paddling and canings. Therapist: Back to Dr. SpankŁ: Krissy knows Dr. Spank can relive her pain. Hard LessonsŁ: Mistress Gemini must punish two of her young ladies for showing up to class late smelling of smoke and booze.

American Punishment Collections 6 Our latest collection includes snippets of School for SpankingŁ Caned CoedsŁ and Orgasmic SpankingŁ. In School Spanking Ivy and Isabel have been sent to detention hall to be overseen by Mistress Gemini. Hand spanking, spoons, straps and canes are used to teach these vandals to behave. In Caned CoedsŁ our two young coeds are curious about their landlords, Mistress Erzebet and Sir Nik. Sneaking into their bedroom they find spanking implements and venture into some harmless role-playing. Caught in the act the play becomes more meaningful as they both receive discipline administered by Mistress Erzebet. Movie Starring: Isabel Ivy Mistress Erzsebet Sir Nik Mistress Gemini

American Punishment Collections 8 Our latest collection includes snippets of: Court Ordered CaningŁ, CC's PunishmentŁ, and The Caning of SynthiaŁ. In Court Ordered CaningŁ Sir Nik has been sent to administer corporal punishment on two women who have violated probation. He could not be more strict! In CC's PunishmentŁ, Gemini, a headmistress, has been informed that someone has slashed her tires. She calls CC in to give her a dose of corporal punishment. She knows that she will rat on her friend Synthia. And she does! Hand spankings, paddles and caning abound. And in part two The Caning of Synthia, Synthia gets the same treatment, though she barely escapes, vowing revenge. Movie Starring: Synthia Gemini Sir Nik

American Spanking Classic 11 In "For Services Rendered" Jackie makes the mistake of cheating on her husband and letting their best friend, Julie know about it. Julie takes things into her own hands and decides to punish Jackie for jeopardizing their marriage and their friendship. Julie orders her across her knee and proceeds to redden her buttocks with her bare hand, a cane and finally the strap. Movie Starring: Nicole Julie Jackie Mistress

American Spanking Classics 12 In the latest edition of American Spanking Classics, Laura goes back to school to relive the discipline at Gray Hall. And Debbie borrowsŁ some jewels from her aunt who decides to use the leather paddle on her to get a tearful confession. Watch as these girls get their bare bottoms spanked hard!

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