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English Spanking Classics 3 reta thinks it's fun to vandalize school property as it's just a bit of harmless pranks. However this time her harmless prank is about to put Greta's posterior in harm's way. There's a hard and Mr. Hodgson will teach painful lesson. After a sound spanking a gym shoe drives the point home, followed by a cane.

English Spanking Classics 44 In "First Experience" Karen shows her friend Shannon the curious implements her husband has brought home from a business trip. A leather strap and a cat-o-nines tail are used against our ladies bare bottoms. Fully reddened and in protest a soothing lotion is applied to appease her painful first experience.

English Spanking Classics 45 It's amateur day at the camera club and Joe and Bill are anxious to meet the new raven-haired model. She is taken aback when they begin to fondle her and talk about her body crudely. They tell her that they represent a spanking film production company and that if she can take a bit of lightweight discipline she is sure to get some work. What evolves is a hot afternoon session of corporal punishment against her bare well-formed buttocks!

English Spanking Classics 46 Even though Uncle Albert gives his niece a daily spanking she thinks she is much too old for such behavior. Today Albert has invited a friend to witness his spanking session where he uses both a tawse and a cane to humiliate Annabelle. Her tears in no way dissuade a no holds barred punishment session endured by our wayward niece!

English Spanking Classics 47 The Duchess is hunting for obedient domestic help and Veronica agrees to submit to her tests as her first applicant. An occasional bout of discipline will include an over the knee spanking, the paddle, the strap and finally the cane. Everything is going well when Shelly also shows up for the position. Veronica participates in her spanking and the Duchess is so pleased she decides to hire them both. Movie Starring: Shelly Mattson Tina Hagerty Norma Kane

English Spanking Classics 49: Au Pair Agency Mr. Kendrick regrets having to resort to physical measures in order to maintain the au pair agency. Movie Starring: Nicole Williamson Alexis Wright Thomas Broadmoor

English Spanking Classics 4 In "The Flogging of Lady Constance" the late Lord Rothemere has stated that the spoiled heiress, Lady Constance, must endure a session of bottom spanking in order to gain the inheritance. A simple feat she thought, and so much to gain! Her bloomers are dropped and her tender bottom is exposed to a fervent riding crop, tawse and birch cane. In this tearful tale, set in the Victorian Era the discipline is unmistakably English. And in "Birching for Remembrance" two women are summoned by the wing commander to attend a veteran's dinner dance. The commander remembers the good old days when the local girls would come 'round for an old fashioned bare bottomed beating. These girls have the same in store as they too readily take the thwack of the birch cane.

English Spanking Classics 50: CP Castings Madame Valerie is testing her three lovely maidens under the stinging kiss of the belt and the cane. Their tender pink behinds are turned a deep red and then gently massaged with a healing lotion. Movie Starring: Connie Demerist Nicole Handy Tracie Caine

English Spanking Classics 52 The producers of this series have unique credentials in the field of corporal punishment films. They are authentic English Disciplinarians of the traditional school. They exhibit that distinct air of authority which is so characteristic of the European style. We are pleased to bring you this time honored tradition of genuine English Discipline as depicted in this series. We hope you enjoy. Movie Starring: Maxine Chambers Carrie Williams Janice Von Kleist Reginald Warren

English Spanking Classics 53: Pert Little Bottom Mr. Limplock's secretaries have caused three weeks of computer programming to be lost in only a minute! Their bottoms must become as red as his face has become with anger! Spankings and canings are administered in order to get his due reparations! Movie Starring: Mr. Limplock

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