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English Spanking Classics 54: Double Whammy Rocco's reputation as an uncorrupted casting agent takes a blow when Eileen enters the picture and pleads for work. She agrees to be spanked and caned if she can be guaranteed to get some work. Rocco is one not to forgo such an opportunity and immediately gets to work on her bare bottom. Movie Starring: Eileen Rocco

English Spanking Classics 55: Sussexful Therapy Claire was asked to lower her knickers by the therapist, Ms. Tyler. As the therapy progressed and her bare bottom was kissed by the leather strap and the cane's strange sensations throbbed through her body. It was sexual agony and pleasure together. Soon it was time for Miss Winter to experience the same type of therapy. This is what keeps her patients coming back! Movie Starring: Claire Ms. Tyler

English Spanking Classics 67 Three sexy women decide to open an agency for spanking, paddling, and caning for guys with a bizarre taste. The agency was very successful. Sometimes the guys would like to take punishment, but for the most part, the women took the spankings, paddling and canings with grace!

English Spanking Classics 79 While two maids are being chastised by the Lady of the house for their dreadful drunken behavior at her garden party. Her husband has taken one of the attractive guests upstairs for his own pleasure. This girl is very attracted to him and will do anything to please him. However she is a little shocked when he pulls her knickers down for an over the knee hand spanking, followed up by the use of his favorite paddle which he had, incidentally, bought another for his wife, which she was simultaneously using on the maid's bare bottoms.

Eris: Raising Of The Cane Video shows Eris torments and BDSM explorations through three seperate visits to the paintoy house. Lots of whipping, paddles, canes, crops and clamps. 

Extrem Spannung Fetish and BDSM lovers will love this hardcore and tantalizing peek into some serious deviant action. Don't miss this hardcore German fetish flick!

Far East Media 14: Jesmi Shane (the guy sitting on my couch!) is a long time Far East Media fan. He's been emailing for months that his girlfriend sure could use a good spanking, and we were only too happy to oblige. That's 19 year old submissive Jesmi sitting next to him, appearing a bit bewildered by the whole thing. Poor Jesmi gets a very hard spanking before Shane drives his dick right up her ass.

Far East Media 15: Schoolgirl Brandy In her fourth and final Far East Media appearance (we say "final", because after this ass-pasting Brandy lit out for the west coast and was never seen again), we find 18 year old Brandy has returned to school and is trying for the "straight and narrow".

Far East Media 16: Return Of Taylor Taylor is back for one of the nicest videos I think we have ever made. This is really a "spanking couple's" movie - Great looking players, and hard (but not severe in this episode) bare bottomed spanking, and great sex. What else could you want?

Far East Media 18: Jenni Our spankee for August is Jenni, who we were introduced to by Taylor as a girl needing some correction in life. (Don't know why Taylor turned in Jenni to us, but rumor has it some boyfriend-stealing was involved.) This girl is cute! And check out that little tanned ass!

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