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Far East Media 21: Lacy Lacy is an 18 year old sweetheart from Texas. By far one of the baddest little girls we have encountered, she announces that she'd like to try a spanking from Joe, not to mention that she'd like to try getting her littlest hole explored. Joe, as usual, is only too happy to oblige little Lacy. Spanked. Fucked. Ass-Fucked.

Far East Media 25: Leah 95 pound little leah is 20 but looks much younger. She made a wrong turn in life into the FarEastMedia studio and word has it her ass is still smarting. Spanked. Fucked. Ass-Fucked.

Far East Media 31: Bobbie Meet Bobbie, a 19-year-old nursing student that Joe happened upon. Seems that she has trouble finding the motivation to go to class, but Joe prescribes an ass-tanning worthy of a doctorate to this platinum blonde bombshell! Great over the knee spanking, fucking, and ass fucking before Bobbie takes Joe`s load in her eager mouth.

Far East Media 33: Dillon Dillon is one hot 22-year-old Joe managed to convince to swing on by for a casual drink and spanking and ass fucking session. She gets the full Far East Media treatment - good spanking, fucked and ass-fucked, and a nice tonsil bath to finish. Fine job as usual Joe!

Far East Media 3: Nicole Island girls, anyone? When I first saw this 19 year old beauty I was stunned. Nicole is half Polynesian and half Puerto Rican and just gorgeous. She had turned 19 just a few days before and I had to check her id very carefully as she looks much younger. Nicole has absolutely, positively never been spanked before (excepting a couple of slaps during sex, she admitted) and never appeared in any movie or video.

Far East Media 5: Ice Creame And Juliette We put these 2 cuties in the same movie as they both had one thing in common we don't see too often - they actually liked getting spanked! These are pretty hard spankings - Ice Creame gets the the hand, hairbrush, and even a long belting with my leather belt - and Juliette gets the hand and hairbrush.

Far East Media 8: Brandy And Danielle Ok, this movie didn't exactly turn out the way we started it, but when Joe and I get together to film these anything can happen! These two (18 and 19 year old) girls have their first lesbian spanking and pussy licking session courtesy of Far East Media!

Far East Media 9: Vicci By any measure this movie is a one of a kind. We knew we were going to break new ground in spanking movies when we first met the lovely 18-year-old Vicci. Very hard spanking and ass fucking before Vicci`s hungry lips open up for Joe`s full load.

Farmboy Discipline The work's hard, sweaty, and rough on the hands and backside...especially when some of the "chores" weren't done...or the rules of their regimen were broken or breached. That's not all that's breached...those britches come down and those butt cheeks are worked over to crimson. This gets everyone worked up and those straining dicks need attention...and those butts need some man-made salve to sooth the sting too! Movie Starring: Aaron Tyler Dakota Brittain Jeff Sterne Aiden Shaw Aaron Armstrong Constatine Aimes

Farmer Darby's Spanking Ranch Bad boys are everywhere and here we find a bunch on the farm. Our second International film catches bad boys that are spanked around the farm. From the field to the barn, a bad ass gets whacked when it needs it.

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