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Faustfick The kick for our ladies. After strong punishment they must feel something real big in their pussies. The fist. Pain - who cares! It gets put in until the end. Vaginal orgasm total@

Fetish House 8: Die Lernschwestern The mainpoint in this movie is Rubber-and enmasex. The two pretty "Lernschwestern" dress each other with Rubberslips with build in Dobbledildos. Fist, Masking and Piss are some offers that make this movie a real rubber-fetish movie.

Fetish World It's your world, make it what you will. Live out your deepest male fetish desires and truly feel alive!

Fetishes And Beyond These boys are going beyond the spanking fetish. newbie Marc Miles and Chase Harding debut a kinkier side of twinks with leather and paddle in hand. This six scene spank adventure is sure to please and tease. Starring Marc Miles, Dustin Revees, Chase Harding, Levi Shane, Brody West, Michael Lee and Felix Martin. Movie Starring: Chase Harding Dustin Revees Brody West Marc Miles Felix Marten Levi Sane

Final Notice After returning home from a long day at the office, Anthony would like nothing more than to relax and watch a little television. Unfortunately this isn't going to happen, the phone doesn't stop ringing. It seems his wife, Julie Juggs, has been careless with the housekeeping money. In order to assure this doesn't happen again, Anthony calls his wife into the living room and administers swift, strict discipline. Movie Starring: Julie Juggs Anthony

First Day At The Office After having left the employment of Frank Lincoln, Miss Masters attends an interview with a local advertising agent. Unbeknownst to her, Mr. Cashmore is a friend of Frank's and also a great spanking enthusiast. He has plenty of experience in the field because his personal secretary Tiffany, misbehaves and is rude to his clients. In a conversation with her, they relive a day when he saw fit to spank her beautifully round bare bottom for spilling coffee on someone. After that he beat her with a leather strap to warm her lovely cheeks before thrashing them with his cane. Miss Masters is in for much of the same after Mr. Cashmore finds out from Frank that she too is compliant and fully assets C.P as a way of keeping her performance to the high standards that he expects. On her first day at work , Mr. Cashmore and Tiffany take it in turns to beat and humiliate poor Miss Masters until her bare bottom is so striped that there is no room for any more beating! Movie Starring: Miss Masters Ms. Cashmore

First Week Of Term The most thorough bare-bottom spanking, which the Roué teams have yet filmed, an all of it captured in this sparkling spanking video! The wretched Carol Ellis s awash with tears before the headmaster is halfway through her preliminary spanking, her bottom glowing with the heat of totally genuine punishment. And there's no doubt about the tears they're real too! With her bottom still throbbing from the Headmaster's palm-prints, Carol is shooed away to the upstairs room where she and her friend Julie Brooks are to be bent over for their canings. The Headmaster comes up and sends Julie for the cane, and poor Carol finds herself back across his knee for another purely gratuitous spanking while Julie tries to find the required cane. At last it is found, and Julie's knickers come down too for the first of dozens of solid thwacks across her wriggling cheeks. Carol weeps no less copiously than she did downstairs, and is rather more squirmy-bottomed. A tape, particularly if it's caned bottoms you want to see.

Flagellanten There is nothing that will get these girls pussy wetter than a hard spanking on the ass. Once these pussies get wet its time to slip-n-slide your big fat dick inside of them. Watch these ladies get their asses spanked and fucked hard. Enjoy!

Folsom Street Festival Enter the world of the bizarro as the streets of San Francisco explode into a living Freak Show. Naked girls, lesbians, leather & lace, spankings and whippings are all on public display. This one of a kind street fair exhibits a sideshow on every corner! Featuring kinky ladies, plumpers, cocks on display, dykes, lipstick lesbos & straight girls!! Only from GM Video. Up-close and in your face!!!

Frathouse Spank Dakota Brittain is the punisher in the first three segments, taking young men who desire to be a part of his fraternity through a spanking session to toughen them, reducing some of them to whimpering boys. Shawn Fox, Tyler and Rusty all start out fully clothed, action like it was no big deal, and gradually lose their clothes. They're finally paddled butt-naked, resulting in blistering red asses. Interestingly, there must be a lot of pain and pleasure on both ends of the paddle. Rusty, the "victim", gets so turned on that he finishes himself off in an impressive jack-off session. Two "real" (non-staged) scenes of frat boy hazing follow the first four scenes. Masked Pledge master Jake takes his charges Ryan and Rob to a hotel room for a bit of off-campus ass whacking, presumably to make them qualified for membership...This all finishes out with some wonderful frat house fornication! Dakota Brittain takes on his incredibly well-hung friend Damien Knight for a long sucking and fucking session resulting in hot climaxes for both of them. Movie Starring: Dakota Brittain Pledgemaster Jake Pledgemaster Rob Ryan Conners Shawn Fox Tyler

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