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Intense Fetish 690: Naughty Girls get Spanked 4 Six naughty girls. Six spanked butts. Six good spanking scenes. If you enjoy spanking videos you will love this one. In each scene the girl is caught doing something naughty. She is given a good over-the-knee spanking! Some girls are extra naughty and get the belt taken to them. Ayako is spanked using two wooden paddles with holes in them! Her cute little Asian bottom gets very red. For most of these amateur girls this is the first time they have been spanked on camera and are very cute.

Intense Fetish 781: Mind Fuck When you have a beautiful redhead and a beautiful blond who are very hot for each other and are willing to do whatever the master says, you have a great video. Marilyn and Lorelie have to do anything that the master says. If you like girl on girl action and mild spanking then you will love this video. Lorelie says that the scene on the sex machine was the hardest she has ever cum in her life! Movie Starring: Marilyn Lorelei Lee Master Len

Intense Fetish 787: Nicole Extreme Caning If you are fond of caning, this video is for you. Master Len demonstrates his considerable talent with a variety of canes on slave Nicole. Negotiation is a part of this scene and adept adjustments are made that put the beautiful yet precocious Nicole into a peaceful state of mind. Master Len finishes Nicole's cane marked body off with the bullwhip. A must for the caning connoisseur! Movie Starring: Nicole Master Len

Intense Fetish 823: Whip Me Bloody Please Docellet loves to be cut and to bleed. She giggles and smiles when being cut. She and Master Morgan give us a rare look into the heart and mind of a cutter. Spiked gloves are used to spank her ass bloody. Then she is spanked with a spiked paddle. Intensity is raised when her bloody ass is whipped with a cane. Master Morgan puts on the spiked gloves and caresses her body, holds her neck and brings Docellet to ecstasy. The scene is very sexual and erotic. Now that she is very hot Master Len takes his bull whip with a steel wire in the cracker and cuts her ass with every whip strike. To commemorate this incredible scene Docellet and Master Morgan design a special marking and cut it into Docellet's leg. Movie Starring: Master Len

Intense Fetish 829: Suthan Bell Gets Rung This wacky and raunchy video has Girl on Girl action, two girl spanking blow-jobs, and other hard core stuff! The sexy redhead Marilyn is the naughty nurse and Charlie is the unsuspecting victim. Dr Kink conducts experiments on both girls and makes Charlie cum and squirts so much that she needs a bucket. If you like kink and sex then you will love this video. Movie Starring: Marilyn Sierra Master Len

Intense Fetish 830: Marilyn Punished By Elves Marilyn has been bad. She was pulling the wings off of elves. The elves pay her back. Heavy bells are hung from tit clamps with teeth in them. She cries and begs. Her pussy lips are pulled and then she is reamed with a big fat cock. The poor girl is hung up and fucked with a drill in the pussy and the ass. This sexy redhead is drilled until she cum's hard. Marilyn will never be a bad girl again. Movie Starring: Marilyn Master Len

Intense Fetish 834: Ass Punishment These girls have their tender bottoms spanked, fondled, whipped, rubbed and played with. In these five different scenes the girls play with each other and of course Master Len takes a leather strap to Nicole's tight ass real good. Movie Starring: Nicole Marilyn Cotton Candy Master Len Angelina Cher

Intense Fetish 842: Kimber's Kunt Is Kaught Kimber has huge natural tits! They are given special attention. As you can see by the pictures her big ass is whipped and caned until it is almost bloody. Kimber cries, begs and pleads until Master Len finally shows her a little mercy and lets her cum on a big vibrator. Movie Starring: Kimber Master Len

Interdit De Sortir Le Repas Entre Amis This isn't just a meal between friends, it's an all out spanking fantasy come true! Watch what happens when they engage in the forbidden. 2 films in 1!

Italian Gang Bang And Spank Check out the latest from All Male Studio, Italian Gang Bang And Spank! Featuring the hottest guys in action from Italy! Movie Starring: Farfarello Antonio Fres Giulio Gardenia Robert Andro Daniele Curati

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