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JJ's Hell Weekend Day 2 JJ's back! And this time we put the now 21 yo straight dude through two days of hell...pushing the boy's limits & draining him of his cum. DAY 2 features 3 scenes of hell including bondage, spanking, humiliation, stroking, sucking & JJ's first gay fuck. Movie Starring: Nick JJ Carlos

Jeff Sterne Private Collection Bad boys are spanked by Jeff. No fancy story line, just over the knee, bed or weight bench. Good hard spankings, filmed in an amateur style.

Julie Strain's Dark Haven 2 This film is the most exciting new fetish film to come around in a long time. The magnificent stars of playboy's sex court, Julie Strain and Alexandra Silk are back to tantalize your every fetish desire! Movie Starring: Alexandra Silk Julie Strain Ivy English Luc Wylder Joey Ray Gummi

Junior Takes A Licking When Junior first met RayBoy he knew he was in trouble! Junior's ass gets worked over like never before as he takes his licking like a man! Movie Starring: RayBoy Mr. Ecks

Just Beat Me 2 High-energy, non-stop, all-action, very, very real S&M, B&D and just all-out beatings!An extraordinary session in which Tomas dominates and abuses cute and naked Asian, Cheryl, into complete submission and leaves her in pain and tears! Magnificent Kym attacks defiant Clarity, and does not let up until she has wrestled, whipped and beaten Clarity into respectful obedience! Mistress Tara shows no mercy toward Lena and Gia as she uses her Mistress powers and skills to beat the girls into surrender! Movie Starring: Gia Regency Cheryl Dynasty Kym Wilde Lena Ramon Mistress Tara Indiana

Kitten Gets A Beating Kitten has no idea what's in store for her, but she quickly figures it out! First she has vibrator placed on her crotch that turns her on so much that her legs begin to shake. Next she receives some over the knee spanking with paddles and many other objects! Things end off with some flogging and whipping! Do not miss out on the action! Movie Starring: Kitten Michael Kahn

Knickers Inspection: Paddling Classified The headmaster has no tolerance for sloppiness and lack of hygiene. Each year he holds a special knickers inspection. And this event never fails to turn up a dirty pair of knickers. Claire must receive fifty strokes with her knickers down! Movie Starring: Nancy Warren Janelle Parks Ronald Miller

Knock Out Rick and Jonathan are caught in bed by TJ. After Jonathan is sent back to his house, TJ proceeds to spank Rick on his bare bubble ass. Rick gets a good hard spanking, and needs it for disobeying his father. Josh is caught by Jeff Sterne slacking on his boxing training. Josh is bent over and immediately spanked by hand and belt. If he plans to be successful Josh needs to learn to put in the work. After getting a call from Mr. Wood concerning the behavior of Jonathan, Jeff Sterne makes sure that Jonathan is dealt with as soon as he gets home. Jonathan is spanked right there on the couch long and hard. This is the scene that starts all the trouble. Rick and Jonathan hook up at Rick's place and fool around in bed. These two are obviously hot for each other and the sex is as hot as their asses get after they are done. Brock is staying at Jeff's place and is being a real lazy bum. He has been told many times about the rules of living there but is caught one more time being lazy and sleeping into the afternoon. This time he is taught a lesson and gets a good spanking to wake him up and get him out of bed. Movie Starring: Josh Balboa Rick Cyr

La Fessee Ou Les Memoires De Monsieur - French When Mr. Leon's mother gave him his first spanking, she never could have guessed that in fact she was setting her youngster off on a long and fruitful sexual career! From that moment on, Mr. Leon - a.k.a., "Spanking Professor" - would make his rounds, tirelessly introducing the world to the aphrodisiacal virtues of the spanking. An exceedingly arousing small wonder from the golden age of France's Cinema X era that made its debut in ALPHA-FRANCE cinemas on March 17, 1976 in Paris, where it met a triumphant success!! Movie Starring: Christine Chireix Ellen Earl Martine Grimaud Emmanuelle Pareze Antoine Fontaine Jacques Marbeuf

Late For The Lash Moxxie was late for her abuse, so, naturally, we just piled more on. Her tits end up a nice mass of welts, nice caning, paddling, and pussy spanking. Moxxie takes it all so well, like a ragdoll caught by a wolf. Movie Starring: Moxxie Maddron Drucp

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