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Lesson In Latex Getting an education has just become a whole new world in lessons to be learned. These sexy latex-clad Doms take each of their horny little pupils through the tests of a lifetime. Movie Starring: Natalie Trixie Cas Mistress Aradia Krissy Scar

Lesson Well Learned These naughty bottoms are taught a lesson in Bijou's classic title, Lesson Well Learned. Bottoms will blush red in this spanking feature! Movie Starring: Russell Helm Michael Alexandro Eddie Perez Craig Duncan Rob Jarvis Mike Hanson

Liam's House Of Discipline 2 Riley has been caught once again being a very bad and unruly student. This time she has a new girl in tow; Loren and the both of them will suffer the strict disciplinarian measures of Master Liam. Movie Starring: Loren Chance Riley Hush Master Liam

Liam's House Of Discipline Headmaster Mr. Hawkins has sent Ariel and Riley to Liam's House of Discipline. They have vandalized the lockers at their university, and have also been caught bullying numerous students in the hallways. So off they march in their plaid skirts and prim white shirts. Movie Starring: Ariel Hope Riley Hush Master Liam

Los Placeres Del Doctor Satiro Welcome to the sick mind of Satiro! Join him and his accomplice as they push the limits with their two submissive girls. These girls will be bound, gagged, spanked and fucked as the good doctor experiments with the boundary between pleasure and pain at their expense!

Lusty Busty Dolls 5 The kinkiest big-boob video ever produced¦this is fetish at it's best. These amply endowed beauties will drive you absolutely crazy! Movie Starring: Sana Fey Skye Blue Summer Cummings Donita Dunes

Lystra Mistress Gemini is a bit short tempered today. It's hot and Lystra has delayed their trip to the park for silly stupid things. She accidentally locked the ice chest in the apartment as she was being hurriedly chastised by Gemini. And for punishment Gemini has made her take off her panties and seat her exposed bottom on a red hot leather seat. After finally making it to the park they take a walk and Gemini meets an old friend Cassandra. They exchange hellos and the talk turns to Lystra. Gemini mentions that she is very bad and needs plenty of discipline, which gets her wringing wet and horny. Cassandra is delighted by all the talk and asks if she could borrow¯ Lystra for a few days. And in return Gemini would get to treat Cassandra as she has treated Lystra. Handshakes are given and you see both our ladies do their deeds on our willing Lystra! Movie Starring: Mistress Gemini Lystra Natalia Love

Maid For Caning A bratty young lady, Beatrice, is awakened by her household's new maid for school. Not wanting to be awakened at all she demands that she leave her alone immediately. However the maid insists that she has been given all the proper rights to discipline her new ward. Questioning this Beatrice calls her dad but soon backs down to the maid's first initial demands. She begins her discipline by hand spanking her exposed bottom as her pajamas are pulled down to expose her soft skin. Lastly a leather strap and cane are administered upon the unwilling, but obviously more disciplined Beatrice. And in our second story two sisters are talking about the discipline they have sometimes received from their partners. One loves it, the other is not quite sure. So the one sister that loves it gets a bit of discipline in turn by her accommodating sis. Sis is ever so happy to administer a hand spanking, strap and lastly a caning across the bare bottom of her willing sister!

Maid For Spanking Meet Leonora Helmsdale, notoriously vicious hotel owner- a woman with trouble on her hands. The maids in her new place are lazy, the housekeeper unable to whip them into shape. Leonora sets out to do it with a firm hand and merciless over the knee spanking. The hotel owner uses a variety of implements on the quivering behinds of Amy, Hannah, and Dorothy. As for that timid housekeeper Geri, well to say would give away the shocking ending. Movie Starring: Brooke Waters K.C. Dylan Greta Karlson Chloe

Making Krissy Cum Krissy has a big problem she can't masturbate and get herself off so she calls in professional help, enter Mistress Corinne. First Krissy is given a medical exam which leads to an enema, after cleaning up she is probed in all her holes. Mistress Corinne then uses a pinwheel all over Krissy's naked body. Next a hard spanking and after her ass is bright red the dildo and vibrates come out and Krissy get's her wish and finally cums and she can't wait for Corinne's next visit. Movie Starring: Krissy Mistress Corinne

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