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Male Discipline with Mr. Lee If you are interested to know what you could expect in a male-male session with Mr. Lee this video gives you a pretty good idea. The cute guy Mr. Lee administers discipline to, is given very hard ...everything!! Hand, wooden brush, strap, cane and more! This fair skinned boy squirms real good! Movie Starring: Master Lee

Man's Hand Spoiled Rotten For men into spanking beautiful bare bottoms, there are no better spanking films than those of Man's Hand Films, the company that started the genre.

Mandy Goodhandy In Rub-A-Dub-Dub Bad Boys In Her Club Cult spanking video star Mandy Goodhandy returns, and this time she has added a nightclub to her growing empire of businesses that seem to do nothing, but are staffed with good looking young guys who always seem to end up getting spanked! No sex, just good old fashioned bare handed spanking by Mandy Goodhandy. Movie Starring: Christophe Justin (Mayhem North) Jeremy (Mayhem North) Frank (Mayhem North) Devon (m) Mandy Goodhandy

Mark E. DeSade's Pulp Friction Master DeSade's girlfriend, Sarah Lee, has wrapped his new BMW around a telephone pole during the torrential downpours in Southern California. To make matters worse, Sarah was on her cell phone without her headset, shifting gears and trying to maintain a conversation as well as control the high -performance car. The film opens with Sarah, her back up against the front door, telling DeSade the horrific events which lead to his new car's demise--that he bought only hours before--and which he was yet to enjoy. Sarah is ordered into the bathroom to fetch an old fashioned, wooden hairbrush and a "Do Not Disturb" sign for the front door. DeSade give he the first spanking of her young life (she's 19), and then blisters her beautiful bum cheeks with the hairbrush, until he is satisfied she has learned her lesson about not driving without her headset. DeSade, who wrote the script and also directed, delivers one of his best performance as Sarah's punitive boyfriend. He directs Sarah in what is a stellar performance for a girl that tender age. The performance all around are first-rate. A making-up scene where the couple kiss punctuate the, "This is going to hurt me more than you" theme of the story--since Sarah truly had never been spanked before, ever, and this is captured on film for posterity's sake (or is that Posterior's sake)? DeSade then places her in the corner, and she submissively and dutifully places her hands behind her back and takes up a natural slave position.

Masochistic Tendencies Haunting mercy. Delicious desire! Words inspired by exquisite memories fail to describe the intensely sensual and extreme situations I received at Drake's magnificently strong hands the first night I snuck out of Mr. Bruce Seven's dungeon. I wanted more, needed more. Somehow, I had to have more. So I went out, broke into Drake's home, and got exactly that...much, much more! Movie Starring: Careena Collins Drake

Massage Miscreants Revenge Watch as the agency's teachers are persuaded into submission and made to receive some humiliating punishment. The three girls laugh and joke at their teacher, as they repeatedly cane and paddle her bare bottom. She can't even scream as they stuff her knickers into her mouth. Girls can be so cruel! They leave their teacher naked with a reddened bottom as they decide to have even more fun at the local bar. Movie Starring: Elisha C Jay

Military Ass Spankers Seven hot military studs get their butt's red and stinging in this spanking, sucking, and fucking tale! When the Sarge catches his new recruits exchanging spanks, he decides to join in the fun! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Paul Carrigan Doug Jeffries Tony Acosta Ethan Starr Derrick Mills Bruce Hill

Mistress Aradia's Sessions Welcome to Mistress Aradia's Sessions! This is the place for an education in the basics of obedience, submission and loyalty! Mistress Aradia and her submissive girls show you what it takes to be a worthy pupil! Movie Starring: Roxxxy Rush Mistress Aradia Charlotte Kelly Krissy

More Lessons Learned These young hotties must have misbehaved on purpose! They seem to look forward to submitting their ass cheeks to stinging punishment! They're only too glad to bend over and take it! Movie Starring: Jeff Sterne Tyler Anthony Mason Coxx Sky Lee (m) Tyler Rusty

More On The Job Training Once again, Mr. Meenman must punish three tardy girls. The girls are made to count the blows to their bottoms.

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