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Oberst Schmerz And Mistress Cynthia The education of Mistress Cynthia continues¦ this time under the close instructions of the delinquent Colonel Pain.

Office Temps When two temporary help girls arrive at the office, the raven-haired Manager quickly gives then their duties, but they have been instructed improperly and are quite frustrated when things go wrong. Now, they will be turned in to their agency unless some other arrangement can be made. Maybe some in-house discipline? Like a good old-fashioned over-the-knee spanking minus the clothes. Miss McKay and Mr. Livingston take their spanking very seriously and administer it until the bare bottoms glow. And as if that isn't enough, the crop slaps across the tender swollen flesh biting with every blow. Little did the girls know that they had been set up.

Office Training Sofia is late and just is not working up to par. She likes to play games on the computer and just screwing around in general which is leading to mistakes on her paperwork. Well her boss decides it's time for a little attitude adjustment! The boss really puts her into some great spanking positions. Now he is ready for a day of spanking around the office especially when Stacy calls a friend over for a job interview. She would do anything for this high paying job and when the dark beauty appears; then things really heat up!

Old Fashioned Spankings If you like round firm, smooth asses tanned red with floggers, whips, and good old fashioned bare hands, then this is the DVD collection for you! We are proud to present the first of our Bare Bottom DVD series. What you have is three uncut, digitally remastered classic spanking videos that are guaranteed to smack, slap, thwack and spank you up into a frenzy of fetish fury. From the collected scenes in Old Fashioned Spankings, to the raw rounded action in To Taste the Strap and I'll Take the Whip, you will behold a bevy of bare bottom beauties such as Kim Wilde, Casandra Dark, Holly Ryder, Tanya Foxx and more getting their butts blushed with merciless merriment. Movie Starring: Kym Wilde Cassandra Dark Katrina Tina Sonny Daze

Old Fashioned Spanking B&D Pleasures is taking you back in time to our earliest video library, where bondage legends were just learning their kinky craft. These are the videos that built the foundation of fetish entertainment. Four stories where the end results are the same; women with their bottoms beaten red. Bad girls getting punished soundly as they try to squirm and plead their way out of it, their butts slapped by hand, brush, and paddle until they are a stingy bright red. These girls will all learn a lesson before this video is done.

Orgasmic Spanking Ann has brought Krissy home for some playful lesbian fun. Soon they start spanking each other and Sir Nik joins in. Lots of orgasms are reached as they spank and paddle each other. Sir Nik pulls something from the freezer that he puts on their soft warm flesh. Movie Starring: Sir Nik

Out Of Control Spank master Jeff Sterne again lives up to his name. Five guys are having a blast, fooling around, making noise and dancing to load music when Jeff enters. The five are dispersed and then made to pay for their behavior. Movie Starring: Kaler Biggs Chad Stevens Gabriel Valentino Tyler Kayden Jeff Sterne Ricky Cruz

Painful Cure A couple of girls pay their therapist a visit explaining their sexual needs which include corporal punishment in their love making, they both feel this need was the result of being brought up with corporal punishment in their home through the puberty years. Their first orgasm occurred during punishment and it was so intense they want to continually repeat the experience but are having difficulty finding the right partner, so they ask the therapist if he can help. He tells them the best result he had with patients with this problem was to have punishment sessions with them and to increase the punishment with each session until the girls no longer find it so enjoyable. Both girls agree to start their treatment but of course they both have a great orgasm! It looks like it may take a lot of treatments!

Painful Family Matters When two girls decide to rob a pawn shop that belongs to the boyfriend of one of them, things go seriously wrong. They get caught on surveillance cameras. Instead of calling the police the boyfriend calls his brother to deal with it. The two girls end up being completely humiliated, spanked and caned with their panties taken down. They are put in the most revealing positions with their little pussies on display and end up with very red can striped bottoms.

Painful Little Secrets Mrs. Michaels has called her husband's secretary into the office while he is away in Thailand. Upon questioning she learns that she has been having an affair with her husband and has become lazy and disinterested with work. The sharp shock of some hard spankings and canings is what it takes to extract the full extent of her husband's infidelities.

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