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Painful Protesting Her ladyship is extremely depressed having found out that it has been decided that a by-pass is to be rerouted through her state. Her butler James informs her, to her further annoyance, that two of her staff had taken part in a protest to led to this happening. James summons the girls before her to explain their actions. A rather boyish young girl explains that she is a regular protester and had corrupted the other maid into a tree top demonstration to save the nearby forest!

Painted Ass A young group of painters are hired to help convert an office. Their skills at painting are far less than advertised and in short order they are being spanked for being such slackers.

Palm Grilled Tarts One drop dead gorgeous glamour model and two sizzling hot porn stars are each, in turn, lured into cheap hotel rooms with promises of riches & fame... only to have their bouncing bare bottoms spanked piteously. Movie Starring: Kelly Anderson Greg Anna Sundquist Terry Angelina Hart

Parole Officer Spank When the Judicial system puts youthful offenders on parole certain expectations are made of them. When rules are broken discipline is handed out by the various officers assigned to follow up on the miscreants. Movie Starring: Steve Hatcher John Gadsby Daddy Darby Aaron Slater Kyle Martin Steve Strong

Paul Spankman Is Born The first Mandy Goodhandy protégé was a young man named Carlos Spankman, and when Carlos disappeared from the scene, we needed to find him a brother. We knew that male model Paul would be able to fit the shoes of Carlos Spankman, so one evening, myself, Mandy Goodhandy, and three other male models accompanied Paul Spankman to a hotel room to make this video. Without apologizing (because I love the video), I am telling you that this video is not for the porn traditionalist. It is unusual and odd and a mix of eroticism, surrealism, and comedy. It is as real as it gets, because though Paul is learning to play his new character, you will also see the real Paul and three hot boys just hanging out, having fun, and being experimental. Even if you are not a spanking fetishist, you should find the video entertaining, if you keep an open mind.

Pervers: Stark Behaart Und Vollgepisst This German fetish flick has something for everyone. Featuring golden showers, bondage, foot fetish, hairy chicks and fat chicks. Nothing too perverse for these sluts!

Perverted Spanking Young men that need punishment that goes way beyond the bounds of what is normal and enters deep within the realms of what is perverse and terrifying as well! Witness the ultimate in pain, perversion and pleasure right now!

Pigalle This is the Best Bondage I have seen in a long time! Weights on their Pussy Lips, Mousetraps on their Tits and much, much more! Have fun with this hardcore Film!

Pink TV Original Series - Into The Mist 2 Chloe learns that it's not only Willy who is subject to Mistress Victoria's discipline. Chloe also discovers her dominant side as she finds Willy spying on her and Melissa in the garden. Both Melissa and Chloe finally meet the master of the house, and learn to their horror, that Rutherford Island has The Punishment Room. Movie Starring: Lezley Zen Veronika Raquel Dale DeBone

Pink TV Original Series - Into The Mist 3 The girls want to leave the island, but can they? And when Melissa confronts Miss Victoria about where her nephew is, she quickly learns that too many questions on Rutherford Island lead to the same painful result. To add insult to injury, Melissa finds out that she's not been prepared to Grayson Rutherford's standards. Only weeks out of the convent school, Melissa now finds herself spread eagled on Miss Victoria's bed, having her pussy shaved. Melissa tries to get to the bottom of Grayson's mysterious secret, but Willy is not talking. Movie Starring: Lezley Zen Dale DeBone

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