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Pink TV Original Series - Into The Mist 5 Check out the latest from Pink TV's premiere BDSM dramatic series "Into The Mist". Featuring lots of drama, suspense, discipline and sex.

Pink TV Original Series - Into The Mist Young Melissa and Chloe arrive on Rutherford Island only to discover that it's not quite what they expected. Nothing is as it seems. How can anyone explain a house where the house boy can be spanked at the dinner table just for spilling wine? And who is Grayson Rutherford, and what is his relationship with Mistress Victoria? Movie Starring: Lezley Zen Veronika Raquel Jenny Hendrix Dale DeBone

Posterior Carnage Wicked Women Lured Into Sleazy Hotel Rooms and...Spanked Piteously! Misty makes a very nice living modeling for car magazines and serving as eye candy at auto shows. We decided to contact Misty and suggest that she broaden her horizons, as it were, by starring in one of our movies. She thought it silly and agreed on a date, little did she know... Movie Starring: Misty Morocco Terry Sherilyn Greg Kandy

Principal Wood And The Detention Hall Principal Wood returns and watches over the Detention Hall one fatefull evening. A cast of 6 miscreants ordered to spend several hours in detention hall get into more than they were expecting, but they should have realized that with Principal Wood there. Movie Starring: TJ Wood Arron Tyler Jorden Michaels Nick (Helix) Sean Daniels Seth Fisher

Principal Wood's Freshman Orientation Ring! You better be in your seats and obey the rule of Principal Wood or else expect a spanking from more than just a ruler. Watch as TJ and Coach Reed take these freshmen to a deeper shade of red! Movie Starring: Jason Reed Nick Angels Dustin Revees Cameron White TJ Wood Devon Pryce

Problem Girls Mrs. Spencer is shocked when the school official who brings her naughty stepdaughter home just happens to her old lesbian lover! After dispensing the proper discipline to the girl, including hand spanking and caning they turn attention to each other only to be caught in the act when her husband returns. He shows them what real¯ punishment is as he takes his revenge for their treatment of Jilly. Both cry out, squirm and beg but he is determined.

Pub Side Punishment Three barmaids: Katcha, Tammi and Michelle have been left by their boss, Harry, to clean up after an all night party. However, it's not long before sexual shenanigans ensue. Harry unexpectedly returns and finds these naughty girls. There is no alternative but to issue spankings and canings, as this is a well respected club. Only when Harry is satisfied that their behavior won't be repeated does he allow them to go home! Movie Starring: Michelle Tammi Katcha

Public Submission Master Jason Branch makes his move on Chris Rock in a noisy leather bar. Jason requires Chris to submit in the crowded bar, taking him out in hand cuffs. Arriving at the dungeon Master Jason decides that his cock hungry slave will work for his reward. Bound tightly the slave has his ass whipped hard. Again tied the slave must lick his Master's ass. Roped over the arch he begs for dick as his ass is strapped hard and then fucked with a huge dildo. Suspended by his ankles, Chris struggles under the strap to lick and suck his tormentor. Finally tied down his Master's ass in his face Chris blows a big load. This is a steamy bondage and domination epic. Movie Starring: Jason Branch Chris Rock

Punished For Poaching Marie and Olga once again decide to ditch class and head to the lake for a bit of fishing. The problem is that the lake is on a private estate having it's own game warden on permanent patrol. He has encountered them before, and levied a mild spanking across their knickers. But today he is in an especially bad mood so it will be far worse for them. Olga is first with a spanking her knickers and then across her bare bottom. Maria is then bent over a stile and smacked across her bare bottom before they are both marched off to his house. Scolded and humiliated Maria is given a severe 60 stroke caning, while Olga watches. So excited is Olga, that she soon climaxes. The warden can't believe his luck that his punishment implements are once again used for the intended purpose!

Punished Rears And Heartfelt Tears Some broads just never learn. Having received a most spirited spanking from our man in volume nine, this stunningly beautiful glamour model has none-the-less chosen to continue her prima-donna act on subsequent modeling assignments, and why not? Hillary is quite accustomed to having her own way. Enter Mike. One look at this eager young producer and Hillary figures she can double her money by throwing a well-timed temper tantrum. Big mistake! You see, what Hillary doesn't know is that Mike's fledgling video company is a subsidiary of our company. Enter our man; he knows this greedy tart all too well and is very pissed. Hang onto your hats! Movie Starring: Roxie Aerial Hillary (f)

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