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Quael Mich The slut has to learn to obey! Slaves can't be unruly! Watch this movie, you don't want to miss this.

Real Pain 10 Real Pain brings you the most hardcore S&M to come out of eastern Europe! In this edition you are going to find a mature woman fisting, being fisted, sucking, fucking, spanking, and much, much more!

Real Pain 3 Real Pain brings you the most hardcore S&M to ever come out of eastern Europe! In this sure edition of Real Pain it's all 40+ mature S&M action. Come see this oldie but goodie get exactly what she wants including flogging and tit punishment!

Real Punishment Spanking This naughty young lady takes an absolutely real over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking for driving drunk and lying! Part of her punishment is having to take her spanking on tape, for the whole world to see! And we're the ones who get to show it to you! YOU can be part of her punishment by witnessing her well-deserved extremely painful embarrassing spanking!! He spanks her so hard and so long, with his hand and hairbrush, that she's bawling and blubbering like a baby, with real tears rolling down her cheeks and dripping onto the floor!! She apologizes again and again, but her spanking doesn't end until he's sure she'll never misbehave like that again!! You'll see close-ups of her hot stinging RED bare bottom and her crying face, as her spanking goes on and on and on! It's non-stop SPANKING, hard, long, and absolutely REAL!!!

Rent Collection An East London landlord has several houses and apartments and collects rent personally from his tenants. On checking his rent books for the first of the month, he notices that one of his most attractive tenants has fallen behind. He wants to know how she expects to pay and knows that young women rarely take these matters seriously. He confronts her and advises her that he could postpone this months collection. If she would submit to an over the knee hand spanking followed by a caning. She is therefore forced into the decision that leaves her bottom marked up for days. He next visits another tenant who is also in arrears and can't believe his luck when she too agrees to accept his brand of punishment. He has once again gained the benefit of a red bottom for his own pleasures!

Resident Advisor Sterne When Jeff Sterne is the RA at college you can be sure that the boys will be getting the discipline they have coming. The boys in this movie find out just what that discipline when they rack up the demerits and break all the rules. Movie Starring: Jeff Sterne Ricky

Reunion Spanking She teases her boyfriend into spanking her, HARD, but he stops too soon. So she gets her girlfriend to give her what she wants, by spanking her until she cries! Oh, she gets it, all right!! Her girlfriend actually breaks a hairbrush AND a paddle on her gorgeous butt, and really spanks her until she bleeds! You'll see and hear lots of squirming, kicking, whimpering, crying, and stinging hot red bruised bottoms!! It's 43 minutes of SPANKING, hard, long, and absolutely REAL!!! This should be part of everyone's collection! Another spanking masterpiece!!

Rich Little Bitches Gia and Regency are totally amused at the throught of being sent to a disciplinarian school. What could their parents be thinking? As college age girls they can just do what they please. Or so they thought! When they meet the stern Gemini their gales of laughter are quickly turned into tears as she begins to spank Talia, first, by hand. Gemini tells Gia that it's her turn next as she notices her laughing at Talia's pain. But Gia turn comes soon enough as she too is hand spanked. The leather strap is soon brought out and swung against their bare bottoms. Then the paddle, and finally the cane is used against their alrady reddened bottoms. Taking a short break Gemini leaves momentarily. Upon returning she finds them outside chatting up a naughty boy. Chasing him off she realizes that they need further lessons. School is back in session, but this time their inner thighs are reddened. When she finally sends them off to do chores she knows that they will be doing what she says. Movie Starring: Gia Gemini

Roasting The Rump Drop dead beautiful models lured into sleazy motels and spanked! Violetta is a model who looks great in - and especially out - of just about any attire you might imagine. The lady's overwhelming preference however is for bright fire engine red; be it in her wardrobe, on her finger nails or applied to her lips, we figured that same color would look even more intriguing were it to be applied to her bare bottom. Movie Starring: Aaralyn Barra Jade Jolie Violetta Storm

Robbie: Expectation Of Pain The Girl next door innocence of Robbie shines through as this young painslut is whipped, paddles, and caned.

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