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Room At The Bottom A sound thrashing was only halted by the sound of the door bell. Two adorable nymphets, dancers, having just arrived in the big town to open in a show were looking for accommodation! Did Jim need any recommendation other than they had the necessary $80 a week he was asking for the room. However, there's a sting in the tail to the end of our story. As you'll see when you view Room at the Bottom.

Rough Cutz: Tory Lane I just about tore Tori a new butthole. This 21 year old babyfaced, babydoll followed my direction, with a little "coaxing". What can I say. She was so sweet, so innocent, ..... before. But now I've made a woman out of her, and sent her on her new career path. Oh hell, she loved it by the time I was done with her. Really! No, I mean REALLY! Movie Starring: Tory Lane

Rough Sex Donny Russon, the big butch Bostonian boy, has two sex toys, Robby Boxxer and Eric Hunter. Donny likes his sex rough! He smacks his boy toys around, plugs them with dildos, and makes them service his every sexual need! Hot, heavy, rough sex is the name of the game here! Movie Starring: Eric Hunter Robby Boxxer Donnie Russo

Roxy And Mica Get Spanked Roxy and Mica are two schoolgirls sitting on the couch trying to study their biology when Mica just can't keep her mind off of sex. So Roxy gets out the paddle and starts giving Mica a good spanking. Then it becomes Mica's turn and she spanks Roxy. They take turns spanking each other behind then the clothes come off until they are both naked. With fannies red and sore they start to kiss and play with each other both coming to a great orgasm the same time. This is a lot of fun and will keep you watching this DVD over and over again. Movie Starring: Mica West Roxy

Rubber Detention Come inside this classroom of rubber and see just how much fun these slutty little fetish fiends get into. These girls can't wait to get into trouble by their seductive mistress! Movie Starring: Natalie Trixie Cas Mistress Aradia Krissy Scar

Rubber Fantasies In the hallways of Rubber Fantasies, secrets are unlocked and hidden desires are revealed. The sins for rubber are too much to resist by these not so innocent slut slaves eager to be fucked by their mistress. Movie Starring: Roxxxy Rush Natasha Sweet Mistress Aradia Carrie Ann Dana DeArmond

Rubber Ponies 2 Picking up where the first installment of Rubber Ponies left off, Mistress Amanda's rubber pony has failed to perform adequately. Before the auction he's whipped into shape, only to once again be outshined by Charger, the prized rubber pony. After Charger is encased in foam and packaged for shipment to his new owner, Mistress Amanda's pony is once again punished for his failures.

Rubber Toy Lovers 2 The second volume of Rubber Toy Lovers is all about sexy girls playing with their favorite toys, stimulating and penetrating each other while they explore their most intimate places! Rubber Toy Lovers #2 is sure to please a fan of the first film Movie Starring: Naudia Nice Fiona Mistress Aradia Dora Frankie Dashwood Raven

Ruby And Bonnie: Graphic Lesbian Anal Exam Mistress Ruby is pissed, and Bonnie is a sexy housewife who's in trouble. An assortment of brushes, a riding crop and other devices get applied to her sweet bottom. Verbal - Physical Abuse. 85 minutes Movie Starring: Ruby Richards Bonnie

Rumour's 3 Some people never learn! Despite the spanking Daisa has given Sara”her supposed best friend”and her husband, she finds them, again, in bed at the Waldorf Astoria. The sneaky couple thinks their champagne has arrive”instead, a very angry, hairbrush wielding Daisa enters. She spanks both cheaters over her knee, then lays into their naughty bottoms with her brush. She sits her husband down to fuck him, then has him show her what he does to Sara.

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