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American Spanking Classics 26 In our latest classic we present Time for Action¯ where two very attractive but not very bright employees have you been abusing the phone system. Mr. Lawry the office manager has little patience for such blatant disregard for company policy. Faced with immediate dismissal tears flow and Tanya and Robin must prove their repentance by enduring an old-fashioned hand spanking. They drop their panties and bend over their boss's knee. By days end their bottoms will be red and throbbing. But their job will be secure!

American Spanking Classics 27 In Hitchhiker Spanked Part 3 we find Mary Lou a changed woman with the help of her spanking psychotherapist. Her compulsive behavior has been successfully curbed or so we thought! She is now a personal assistant to him. When she befriends a young hitchhiker and allows her to stay with them they find that the doctors' wallet soon goes missing. Believing it to be her that stole it she is blatantly disciplined and left with welts across her soft bottom. But the truth comes out and Mary Lou has set up her new friend. The doctor has an even tougher course of action to enact across her bare bottom!

American Spanking Classics 28: Customer Satisfaction Madame Inge's House Of Pleasure has a solid reputation to protect, and when their girls don't deliver they must suffer the consequences. Her hand spanking leaves it's mark on soft, white skin. The girls know it is useless to kick, squirm or cry. The terms of the contract were explicit. Failre to deliver pleasure means firm discipline! Movie Starring: Madame Inge

American Spanking Classics 2 Normally Shelly is a well-behaved girl so when her parents discovered the aftermath of her birthday party they were very shocked! Her father's cologne had been emptied into the basin.

American Spanking Classics 3 Miss Pricey, is it Virginia? Looks like I'm going to have to teach you respect and the only way I know how is discipline. I don't know if you are aware of the act we have a punishment room but I can assure you that when a girl into the room she comes out a well disciplined and respectful young-lady.¯

American Spanking Classics 4 Jamie, I am sick and tired of having you sent before me to be punished. Don't you ever learn? What drastic measures do I have to employ with you. I have tried counseling; I have administered spanking and a few cuts of the cane and you are still running away from home and school. Jamie, I am going to administer the strap my experience with other young ladies that have failed to conform shows that the strap has done the trick. Let's hope this is so in your case.¯

American Spanking Classics 5 Miss Carson ran training school for young ladies seeking position in very good households waiting on very important people with an iron hand. Her clients knew that girls from Miss Carson's establishment never made a mistake.

American Spanking Classics 6 When Carol's uncontrollable ways leads her mother to call Carol's step-dad home to deal with the situation, Carol is in real trouble. She gets a bare bottom spanking from both her mom and her step-dad. Then is sent to fetch the cane for some real discipline. The stinging pain from the willowy rod striking her bare buttocks is too much for the girl whore tears roll down her face.

An Officer But Not A Gentleman Megatec is a company with a heart. Rather than fire negligent workers as most corporations might be inclined to do, Megatec has incorporated a program to behavioral modification designed to transform problem workers into model employees. Faced with dismissal, one female employee has registered for treatment in order to keep her job. Under the expert hand of Megatec's chief disciplinary officer, this girl will receive a series of spankings. And she will do so gratefully. For in this she knows her position is secure. Even if such punishments must be administered on a regular basis.

Anatomy Of A Spanker We have a trio of some of the hottest adult performers around speaking candidly about their personal experiences with the spanking fetish, how they got into it, and what about it turns them on. Then they explore their fantasies with each other and their amazing asses! It's a red butt bonanza! Movie Starring: Francesca Le Summer Cummings Mika Tan

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