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Schwarze Flamme Gold 5: Mitt Harter Hand Being bad never felt so good! Gorgeous girls get exactly what they love 100% pure spanking and a stiff cock. Movie Starring: Celia Jones Cindy Rella Lady Nicole Diana Tim Andreas

Schwarze Flamme Silverline 29: Macht-Gebrauch The sexiest doms in all of Europe are here, bossing their men around, making them feel like weak wimps with self-respect. They will be punished, stripped and beaten by whips and hands until they get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness!

Self-Spanking Female This naughty young lady MASTURBATES wildly until she PASSES OUT!! After multiple orgasms, she falls asleep, and misses a date with her master.

Serious Spanking Video Check out this real Japanese spanking movie! These naughty girls are getting their cute little butts spanked till they're red and sore!

Severe Canings This isn't a playful spanking as you will witness by the red welts and moans that are proof of the severe canings' authenticity!!! Watch as smack after smack is dispensed onto a fleshy and exposed ass cheek for discipline instilment!!! Movie Starring: Jordyn Ray Philly Ramone Carmen Jonesin Jane Addictione Jordan Alana

Sevices Aux Huis Clos There's a club where people go to experience something different with those two mistresses that are ready for some action.

Shemale Nation If you like tits and dicks....and you like them on one hot bod...and you want nothing but non-stop action, then SHE-MALE NATION is the video you've been waiting for. Movie Starring: Sharon Kane Randy Paul Eva Destruction Connie Loren Kimberly DeVine Marilyn Mansfield

Sissy Cucks My wife has been seeing this slave for some time now, and he shows up one day for some abuse. She has him in pain with nipple clamps, and clothespins and of course I am on my knees servicing this slut. I even jerked off on his cock and lapped it up.

Sister's Rivalry Shelby is used to a life of pleasure. Since she has been living with her stepsister, she has not lifted a finger to help with household chores. She prefers to spend her days sitting around while her sister does all the work. Naturally, the atmosphere is getting quite tense between the girls. Samantha lays down the law and Shelby refuses to cooperate. So, are they at an impasse? Not quite, Samantha happens to be stronger than her younger stepsister. She is strong enough to turn Shelby over her knee for a good spanking. Shelby's defiance continues and so does the punishment. By the day's end Shelby's tender bottom is beet red. She will not be sitting around for quite awhile. Movie Starring: Samantha York Shelby

Sixth Form College Three lovely young girls, including stunning Dutch actress and model Nicky van Kiel, attend a harsh Sixth Form College, where the principal favors a hands-on approach to discipline. Bare bottoms are soundly spanked, slippered, strapped and caned. The director has added some glorious slow motion action replays and freeze frames which capture the moment of impact on those soft, fleshy globes as rarely seen before. A classic schoolgirl discipline story which includes sultry actress Sara Wilton receiving her first ever caning, bent over on tiptoe across a marble table.

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