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Sklaven Aus Leidenschaft More hot German S&M action for your pleasure! These ladies and gents are taking punishment to the next level! Watch as you get to see all your favorite fetish play!

Sklavin Aus Geldnot Mistress Angelina knows no mercy!! Don't miss this one it's one of a kind. Without warning she brutally punishes her enslaved victim. Her new slave must endure blows of the whip, clamps on the most sensitive parts of the body and punishment from hot candle wax with out saying a word.

Slap Happy 10 10 girls being slap, fucked, and then shot in the eye. Tons of great scenes and with extremely hot girls. Movie Starring: Haley Paige Haley Scott Sasha Katie Ashley Katrina Kraven

Slave Boys In Training You'll notice that this guy is HARD right from the start, and that his dick NEVER gets limp throughout the length of the scene. Daddy starts working on the boy's nipples and then turns his attention to the boys ass, giving it a sound beating with his hand. He also uses a length of rope to lash the cute twinks back and ass, and then even lashes the guy's stomach with the rope. The twinks nipples are worked over at many points during this scene, and in many various ways. Daddy also gets the slave boy to suck and chew on his nipples and to deep throat his dick while he gently sits drinking a cup of coffee.

Slave Life She is summoned to attend to her lover and master. First to do homage to his engorged member, languishing kisses upon it and sucking passionately. Then she must endure the sting of his punishment and attention.

Slave's Daughters Down in hot Africa: Zulus shows how they drill their wives to serve as sex slaves. Tough, without mercy and qualms! At the end they fuck through their cunts and fill them up with sperm. Today Linda, Silvia and May are the victims.

Sloppy Wife and Daughter In this video, Jenny's mom displeases her husband by leaving the house a mess, so he gives her the discipline she needs. But Jenny is too sloppy too, so her mom teaches her the same lesion! And Jenny's dad continues her punishment until she learns! See a full hour of scolding and spanking, over the knee, lying across a bed, standing up, and bending over, by hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap, and belt! Watch their butts turn red and bruised, while they kick, squirm, plead, whimper, and apologize! A truly excellent spanking video!

Smack My Ass Bad boys gettin their asses spanked and fucked! With Hunter Hanley, Alex Wolf, Zeke Skye, Jake Brentwood, Tommy Dragon, Jason Phisher, Robert Wood and Franco! Movie Starring: Jake Brentwood Hunter Hanley Zeke Skye Franco Tommy Dragon Jason Phisher

Smack That Ass Whack, whack, whack! Who doesn't love the sound of a firm, strict, hand smacking the quivering butt cheeks of a willing submissive? Cum on baby--smack that ass! Movie Starring: Black Hawk TJ Gold Ricky Parker Steven Richards Ricky Diaz Hot Boi

Smartass A bunch of Smartass boys get taught lessons they need. Its not good to have a smart mouth when you are around this bunch of spankers.

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