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Spank My Ass Teacher Schoolgirl Shannon, wearing her cute little schoolgirl skirt, white blouse with tie, is held over in Sex Ed class. She just can't get it down on what Sex Ed is all about and needs to do more studying. Mr. Thomas, her teacher has to leave the classroom. He tells Shannon that he will be back in 15 minutes. Naughty little Shannon gets nosey and goes into his desk, finds his spanking paddle and a nice little vibrator. She grabs the paddle and gives her ass a nice spanking getting her ass checks nice and red. Then she grabs the vibrator sitting at Mr. Thomas's desk and plays with her breast and swollen red pussy coming in a wild and loud orgasm. She cleans up and puts the toys away as Mr. Thomas will soon reappear. He comes in and finds out that she has been a naughty schoolgirl, grabs his paddle and gives her a good spanking. Then he kisses her hot ass and spreads her checks. This is really getting him excited so Shannon takes out his cock and starts sucking on it getting it nice and hard. He puts her up on the desk and gives her a great fucking squirting his load all over her bush. You can watch his cum drip off of her big swollen pussy lips. She jumps off the desk and licks his cock clean looking up at him with her big eyes she says Do I get to pass this class now, Mr. Thomas?

Spank My Good Ass Five hot scenes in the latest from Russian Punishment. Each scene features a lad being spanked hard with real sound and no faking. Not to be missed by spanking fans. Movie Starring: Stanislav Skryaba Gordeev Nikolay Viktor

Spank Party When you get a group of attractive submissive girls with pert spankable bottoms and a gang of horny guys together in the upstairs of a pub in central England on a Wednesday afternoon - there can only be one result - SPANK PARTY. Watch as these girls are subjected to spanking, crapping, tawsing and canning. Hear them scream as the heavy-handed guys lay spank after spank on their pert pink bums until they can take no more. Movie Starring: Peach Samantha Liana Lesley Rose Wynter Sky John Williams

Spank That Bastard There is pain that's by consent and it may be very gentle or very harsh and then there's pain whose aim is to humiliate and to brutalize and it's administered to helpless victims. Imagine expecting a little spanking fun but discover that your partner has a lot more suffering in mind!

Spank You Very Much Now then, who's been a naughty boy and who's been a naughty girl? guys and girls get their fair share of bottom reddening treatment in this spank fest of a movie. Watch what happens when your school uniform is not as it should be or the terrible treatments you will get if your desk does not have just schoolbooks in it. Then venture to the dark world of Goddess Qing who shows you what you get when you say "Spank You Very Much". Movie Starring: Goddess Qing Antonia Parker

Spank Your Buddy Ten hot young men star in this classic spanking video, which features four great scenes of sexy, red-hot spanking action. While this is basically a spanking video, there is some sex action as well. Some of the guys suck on each other's cocks and most of the guys jack off either before or after they are spanked. Lots of sexy pretty white butts spanked by hand or with a hard board until they turn red.

Spanked At Work 2 Our second movie of bad boys being spanked in a warehouse. TJ Wood the supervisor disciplines where needed and then welcomes Mason Coxx as our new spanker. Mason takes over the night shift and deals with the problem employees in his own way. Movie Starring: Mason Coxx TJ Wood Jorden Michaels Nick Allen Skyy Lee Tyler Anthony

Spanked At Work We introduce 2 new spankers and several new boys in this movie. T.J. Jordan and Baileey join us and step right in spanking bad boys. During interviews and job reviews these bad boys need discipline and they get it from all angles. Movie Starring: TJ Jordon Craven Cox Jason Hewitt Demitri Hans Bailey (m) Jeff Sterne

Spanked Before Work Krissy is on her way out the door when Liam stops his sweetheart and tells her to call in late. So Krissy tells her boss she is having car problems and that it may take some time because of rain. But the real reason is because Liam wants to play. He bends her over and begins spanking her bottom. She is then placed over his knee and a firm hand spanking is dished out. Now Liam decides to use some leather straps. Before getting his cane he sneaks out the side door of the house and disconnects a fuse on Krissy's car. He returns quickly and Krissy get s a good caning. After the caning she tries leaving for work but the car won't start. Liam decides to spank her all over again before fixing her car. Movie Starring: Krissy Master Liam

Spanked Lesbians When these two girls get bored they turn to each other as intimate playmates. Joyfully teasing one another, caressing breasts, stroking their most intimate regions. When they are caught they are sent to their rooms. Instead of repentance, they try to steal their tutors jeep...a good sound spanking is in store for them both. Sobbing, the girls plead for forgiveness, nothing doing. This tutor alternates spanking both girls. Making them undress, turning them over his knees and using a hairbrush, the leather strap and limber cane. This is a lesson in discipline and humiliation their rosy red bottom will not soon forget.

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