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Spanked Office Girls Desiree and Heather are having fun playing with the office copier, but when they break the expensive machine you know there's the going to be trouble. When the Office Manager finds out about it she goes looking for the way ward girls and gives them exactly what they deserve. That's right, bare bottomed spankings! The girls are each bent over the desk and the cost of the broken copier is taken out of their behinds! During the spankings, the Office Manager gets a call from the Vice President and he wants to see all three girls in his office the next day. Movie Starring: Desiree Heather

Spanked Teens Three hot scenes with twinks caught smoking and missing classes by their teacher. And spanked in the doctors surgery.

Spanked Twinks Ever wanted to spank your favorite waiter at your local restaurant? Well that's just what happens when Daddy Darby is in town. Two hot twinks get double spanked in the opening scene and the action never lets up till the credits roll. This film has your favorite lads have their arses spanked till they're red raw. These lads aren't good! These are bad boys! Movie Starring: John Gadsby Daddy Darby Mikale Bradshaw Jonny Hall C.J. Jacks Paul Shayne

Spanked Virgins Get ready for hard punishment, severe spanking, and whipping! These Spanked Virgins have been naughty and now they have to pay by succumbing to the desire of these grumpy old men. Movie Starring: Shay Hendrix Jack Uppitt Honey David Charles

Spanked Virgins If you love spanked bottoms, corporal punishment and virgin asses getting red and rosy, then this movie is for you. Veteran adult-film star Jack Uppitt introduces his perversely sadistic friend David Charles to two sweet honeys tender female ass flesh. Non-stop fucked-up filthy film of firm and tender females being paddled, spanked, swatted, and stung. Movie Starring: Honey Shay Hendrix Jack Uppitt David Charles

Spanked Vixens Delicious derrières get soundly spanked. Their lovely round mounds stick up high to allow for the best view and easy access to their punishments. These nasty girls must face the naked truth of their tormentors... if you do the crime you must put in the time. The best time is had by the viewer. Movie Starring: Kim Chambers Skye Blue Summer Cummings Alicia Rio Ashley Renee Kirsty Waay

Spanked Wives And Cuckolds 2: Amber Rayne "Thank you Daddy" is a terribly powerful phrase for someone such as this big bald guy sitting in a blue-gray couch. The wife gives him just what he wants, after she realizes her "place", as well as her husband's in the grand scheme of things. What wimp he is, sniveling at his own cowardice as his wife fucks the shit out of this other guy.

Spanked Wives And Cuckolds 5 Well, even though this guy had good intentions, he learned a very valuable lesson. Grow a pair and handle your problems yourself, because if you don't, some gross fat guy will end up fucking your wife - and she'll love it. At least he found out that his wife was a total slut.

Spanked Wives And Cuckolds: Sandy Simmers I believe in interventions. In Case 1, featuring slutty wife Sandy Simmers and her pathetic husband is a perfect example of sluts out of control. But I have to tell you, she has got a TIGHT pussy and a vacuum mouth. I almost felt sorry over spanking her slutty ass... Almost!!! Movie Starring: Sandy Simmers

Spanked for Cash In this video, you'll meet Ken - a poor Romanian student who really needs to make some extra cash. Brian is relentless in his abuse of Ken, as he uses his hands, a wooden paddle, and a leather belt to punish Ken's ass. I'm sure it's safe to say that Ken would spend the next 4 or 5 days thinking about what he did for $20 - especially when he sat down.

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