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Spankin' Adventures The way to a man's heart is thru his ass. Whether he's been good or bad, spanking a tight ass before sticking your finger in is always a good idea. This film has young guys getting their tight little asses turned red with the hot ass spanking action! Enjoy and remember spank it, suck it, then fuck it! Movie Starring: Justin Bicks John Hutch Ryan James Jason Banks Chris Tero

Spanking 101 Get spank-happy with the boys of Spanking 101. Dean Darby allows little room for mistakes for he lays down the law swiftly with his hand. The boys walk away with smiles on their faces and sore red asses. Chances are they will be back in detention soon enough having forgotten everything they've learned. Movie Starring: Will Forbes Jamie Lee (m) Rufus Ffoulkes David Heydon Joshua Cartier John Gadsby

Spanking 11 William Higgins Productions will never hide from you the hottest stars, and this film is no exception. You'll see how stubborn guys slap their masters, dressed in hoods, as long as their asses are bright red! And also a scene playing with dildos, masturbation, humiliation, bondage and much more!

Spanking 2 These sexy guys love getting spanked!! Don't miss a single minute of this ass numbing film! Is there really anything better then a bad boy?! Movie Starring: Lukas Kucera Lukas Pika Misha Medved Zdenek Langer Tom Hawai Mirek Voight

Spanking 3 Spanked into submission, these wild man whores are ones in need of some discipline. Taken into the lair of the resident punisher they are stripped naked, bent over and spanked until their white bums are fire engie red! Movie Starring: Martin Bogdan Mario Raffanelly Mirek Voight Zdenek Langer Szolon Jiri Cepila

Spanking 4 These cute subs love being put in their place by hooded doms, ready to redden their creamy bums! Watch as these bubble butt boys are put through their paces and spanked into submission! Movie Starring: Daniel Student Petr Semerak Zack Hood Eda Hamed Martin Sedivy Kuba Kalandra

Spanking 5 The boys are bad and need more spankings! See the sexy guys dominate and submit to each other in this erotic installment. Movie Starring: Milan Jusko Rudolf Schneider Milos Zambo Ivan Vladik Radek Myska Daniel Student

Spanking 6 Welcome to the Dungeon, where are cloaked ass beater gets a hold of some fresh, tender ass! These delectable studs go through punishing spankings and put in the most compromising positions to give you a full view of their beat red ass. Their ass cheeks are spread open, their dicks are pulled on and more unconventional tools are used to penetrated their sweet assholes. Nothing can be hotter than watching these gorgeous guys submit to the perverse desires of this hooded master! Movie Starring: Lukas Rosak Jurgen Reinhardt Frantisek Kalandra Tomas Caniga

Spanking 7 Submit to the will of your master and give your ass up to his desires! These guys are put on full display with every inch of their bodies explored, pried and exploited. Imagine being able to impose your will and every perverse desire you every wanted to fulfill with a tied down stud like these.

Spanking 8 There is plenty of naughty man on man spanking going on over here! This movie showcases a bevy of muscled up studs who love to get spanked and whipped! And as you watch this movie, you can really tell how much they crave getting spanked by another man! If you're a fan of seeing some muscular studs get spanked ... look no further, this movie is just for you! Movie Starring: Rudolf Schneider Roman Koutny Martin Strepik Honza Franzl Libor Hubinge Rudolf Schneider

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