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Spanking Amature Gal Pain becomes pleasure in this erotic spanking film! Nampa is in Ohanami and getting her ass spanked by us because she has been a very naughty girl! Much to our surprise she like being spanked and begs for more! After all of that she is so horny she is ready to fuck anybody to pull out a cock.

Spanking Big E 11 Master Liam heads home after an especially tiring day expectation to find a tidy and clean house. Much to his surprise his immaculate and beautiful Asian girlfriend has been playing hooky! Angry at her negligence he advises her that she is to receive a "good spanking." Movie Starring: Lystra Mina Meow Master Liam

Spanking Big E 12 Ann and her friend O have gone to see Dr. Nik for some very special therapy. He is an accomplished master of discipline and hydrotherapy. Delighted to see them both he tells Ann that he has a special surprise for her; a new room to explore. It's a red dungeon and its not long before her bottom turns as red as the walls. Movie Starring: "O" (f) Sir Nik Robin Pachino

Spanking Big E 7 Master Liam and Krissy run a house of disciplinary training, and are awaiting their new pupil, Isabel. She must receive lessons in the positions and techniques of discipline, and she begins by having Liam bend her over a chair and give her a hard hand spanking. Moving her to the coffee table on all fours she receives the business end of a leather strap and riding crop. Continuing with a lesson in control, he administers an enema along with a caning while she is asked to hold the water bottle. Isabel is then sent off to please her new master. Upon her leaving Master Liam and Krissy decide to have a bit of fun on their own. Liam bends Krissy over the bed and gives her a hand spanking and leather strap. Followed by the swift motion of a riding crop and thin cane. Their joy has no end today! Movie Starring: Master Liam

Spanking Buddies One simple smack on the butt turns into some naughty fun as these boys spanks each other then spank their meat. These all American boys put the RodĚ in red, white and blue.

Spanking Curiosity 2 Curiosity killed the cat, but for our boys it only drove them further into spanking exploration. Check out this five scene, nine model fetish film with beatings, sucking and fucking. Amongst the hotties, Gavin Shye and Nick Steele stumble upon a box full of toys that the two can't resist testing out on each other providing a nice ending to the spanking fixation filled movie. Movie Starring: Tony Marx Landon Haynes Ethan Conner Billy Romano Jake Masters Nick Steele

Spanking Curiosity 3 A great introduction to the SpankThis line. Plenty of sex with a bit of light spanking. Little by little the twinks of SpankThis get introduced to a light whack on their bare asses only to find out they're turned on by the fetish. Curiosity runs wild in this five scene movie filled with steamy sex and even more red-hot spanking experimentation. Movie Starring: Jeremy Sommers Derek Star Drake Angel Seth Adams Tyler Bolt Jeff Sterne

Spanking Curiosity Ever wonder what happens when boys start to play with toys they are curious about, but are not sure how to use? Watch as these twinks start out by spanking or paddling each other and quickly get turned on by it! Enjoy! Movie Starring: Aaron Tyler Damien Lucas Casey Wood Constatine Aimes Constance Cummings Shawn Fox

Spanking Field Trip Good thing you don't need permission slips to go on this field trip. Helix Studios exclusive Mason Coxx delivers a whole lot of spanking in this five scene film that is sure to leave a red handprint forever on Helix exclusive, Shawn Fox's ass. Movie Starring: Mason Coxx Dakota Brittain Shawn Fox

Spanking Frat Games The frathouse has never been the same since Paul Pratt arrived with plenty of punishment to go around to each of his fellow brothers. Feast your eyes on Paul as he puts a nice shade of red on these boys asses using just about anything around the house, to spank what little diginity they had left out of them. This feature is sure to be one you'll have on repeat. Movie Starring: Paul Pratt Ryan Conners Landon Haynes Tristan Sommers Michael Lee Nathan Frost

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