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Spanking Potpourri 33 THE SPANKING POTPOURRI Series is made up of 40 2 hour videos with about 15-20 vignette scenes featuring hot storylines with with bad boys that need a spanking. Movie Starring: Eddie Swanson Don Crisp Dwayne Cox Dean Adams Eddie Perez Braun Forester

Spanking Previews Our preview tape features an impressive assortment of incredibly hot buns quivering beneath the cane, paddle, tawse and slipper. Narrated by the lovely Nikki Van Kiel, who stars in several of our videos, this bun busting bonanza features clips from nine of our titles including The Trestle, Trestle II, Trestle III, Trestle IV, Military Discipline, Sixth Form College, High Fliers, Dancing Dirty and Dance School.

Spanking Pure And Simple 2 Six scenes of hot twink spankings. The lads get a taste of the paddle, the tawse, the switch and the cane. These are tough lads and no matter what happens they stay the course. Pure spanking and nothing else for these guys. Movie Starring: Leo Sven Martin (AMVC) Master Punishment Aimar Xenon

Spanking Pure And Simple 3 Five scenes of hot twink spanking. The four lads get a taste of the paddle, the tawse, the belt and the cat. These are tough lads and no matter what happends they stay the course. Pure spankning and nothing else for these guys. Movie Starring: Leo Sven Martin (AMVC) Master Punishment Aimar Xenon

Spanking Pure And Simple 4 Four scenes of hot twink spanking. The lads get a tast of the paddle, the belt, the carpet beater, OTK, birch and some bastinado.

Spanking Pure And Simple Two lads get caught playing 'knock-and-run' they are spanked over the knee but fail to learn the lesson and continue to tease the householder. They are caught a second time and caned thoroughly for their troubles. Movie Starring: Master Punishment Aimar Martin (AMVC)

Spanking Schoolgirl   Cameron is sitting at her teacher's desk bored trying to study American history.  Ms. Jones has told her to study so she lights up a cigarette to help her concentrate.  Whoops here comes Ms. Jones so she puts out the cigarette.  Ms. Jones asks her some questions about American history and poor Cameron gets them all wrong.  So Ms. Jones gets out the paddle and gives Cameron some good hard whacks on her tight little behind.  They both get into it and soon Ms. Jones takes Cameron to her house into her bedroom and shows her what sex and American history have in common.  After spreading her little pussy and licking it Ms. Jones gets out her strap on and gives Cameron a good fucking.  Then she finger fucks Cameron's wet pussy to a great orgasm.  Now Cameron knows she will get an A in American history.  This is 18-year-old Cameron's first video and she is a natural with a great ass and a shaved tight pussy. Starring Cameron Towers ,&  Paige Hunter.

Spanking School Ckeck out these students! Their asses are bright red, fresh from the teachers switch. They are willing to do whatever she says, and they will be glad to do it just as long as she spanks them right!

Spanking Scorts 2 Paul Pratt's trips away never seem to go his way. Every escort he orders up ends up being late, cocky or unwilling to feed his sexual appetite to his liking. Unfortunately for them, Paul's got another appetite to fill whether these escorts are willing to fill it or not. With some resisting more than others Paul has his way in spanking these five asses to gratifying shades of red. Movie Starring: Paul Pratt Simon Michael Lee Michael Straet Dillon Smith Lian Blount

Spanking Scorts These pretty boys deserve a spanking and they're going to get it. Watch their pretty asses turn pink as they get their punishment!

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