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Spanking Tutors These days the threat to the education system isn't teen pregnancy and drug use. It's the students that blatantly choose to not follow the rules. The heroes of this time are the tutors that whip them into shape. Tutors Shawn Fox, Ben Patrick, and Nick Angels have little patience for the unfocused minds of Tristan Tyler, Ryan Conners, Gabriel Valentino, and Corey James. The paddle and the firm hand are an institution much like the institution they have been used in for hundreds of years. Movie Starring: Riley Cox Ryan Conners Shawn Fox Nick Angels Gabriel Valentino Ben Patrick

Spanking Twinks 2 Sterne goes all out grabbing his crop, paddle and even a twink's sandal to smack some sense into these misfit's asses. Skyelr, Coy and the rest of the gang all learn their lessons after getting a nice shade of rosey red behinds in this six scene feature. Spanking Twinks 2 is sure to help get your appetites ready for a twink of your own to bend over and punish. Movie Starring: Skyler Bleu Coy Drake Angel Christian Lee Jeff Sterne Casper Benz

Spanking Twinks 3 Andrew refuses to get up, big mistake. Jacob is caught sucking his own cock. Sven spanks himself and jacks off. Darren robs a locker. Liam throwns a tantrum. From start to finish spanking action all the way for horny hung twinks. Movie Starring: Sven Liam Andrew Jacob Darren

Spanking Twinks Lying, cheating and not taking responsibilities for their actions, these young men are in need for some corrective action from a firm hand. Enter Jeff Sterne who is more than happy to provide strong punishment in the form of a good ass beating that makes these guys wish they had never slipped up. Movie Starring: Jesse Starr Tommy Anders Tristan Tyler Tristan Sommers Dustin Revees Jeff Sterne

Spanking Video 3 By popular demand, this is the third in the series featuring sixty minutes of bottom blistering action from eight of our best spanking videos. From the first touch of hickory cane on tender female flesh in Spanked On Arrival to the tearful repentance in Spanking Melodies you'll find this selection of scenes a stimulating spectacle of sight and sound. Movie Starring: Carolyn Marvin Arcie Miller Jane Rodeo Mary Lou Campbell Ken Kelly Ronnie Dixon

Spanking Video 8 Today we face a crisis of female disobedience. A spoiled daughter steals her mother's credit card. A lazy wife refused to look for work. Working women would rather dawdle than provide a decent service to customers. Women who've gone too far and broken the law are also in need of special attention. Succulent, round, bare bottoms, squirming and twitching under vigorous chastisement of spanking, paddling, and caning. Whatever it takes these scenes taken form five blistering videos shows you how it's done.

Spanking Video At last by popular demand - the first fabulous spanking video featuring sixty minutes of red, hot spanking from the strapping of Laura, an innocent schoolgirl, in BACK TO SCHOOL to the ever so voluptuous Amanda being disciplined with the tawse and riding crop in FATHER KNOWS MS. BEST. Watch other beauties get punished with the bare hand, cane, belt, whip, ruler, tawse, strap and shoe. We see all of their wriggling bottoms spanked to an agonizing hot glowing red!

Spanking, Spanking And More One of the oldest methods of correction is corporal punishment. To many spankologists, it is the ultimate. We have created a series of fantasies, which explore it and its results. In Spanked Shopper and Other Tales¯, Angela Faith, Tonya Foxx, Kym Wilde and Sonny Daze explore true discipline. In Your Cheat'n Butt¯ Angela Faith, Gina Rome, Michael Keye and Bill Houston explore many methods of reddening bottoms. The classic Spanking, Spanking and More¦¯Rounds out this triple feature with Tonyo Foxx, Kiri Kelly and Sloane Winters getting It¯ in the end. This is a spanker you won't want to miss. Watch it with someone you love. Movie Starring: Gina Rome Angela Faith Kym Wilde

Spanking These sexy guys love getting spanked!! Don't miss a single minute of this ass numbing film! Is there really anything better then a bad boy being punished for what he's done? Movie Starring: Tonda Stonacek Maxim Petrovic Jirka Gregor Misha Medved Ladislav Karban Enrico Mexx

Spankzilla Russian Punishment These boys in spite of their adolescence know much about how to treat an ass right. Watch as nine punished guys suffer 100% real spanking!

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