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Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days: Day 5 Bi Cherry Popped After a quick recap of previous beatings, shocks and talents, we open Str8 2 Gay in 6 Days: Day V: BLOW BI BLOW: BI Cherry Popped, with MORE beatings, as Gurl is subjected this time to wooden spoons while bent over the leather backstetcher. Dante does not look pleased at the prospect of being smacked with them, as they make a loud pop and make Gurl moan. But he does get some beatings. Movie Starring: Dante Tyler (AMVC) Daddy Cal Gurl Dante Dante

Strafe Muss Sein Are you disobedient? Then you must be punished. Maria took too long and our Sandy did not do the dishes, Jessica is on the phone too much and Sandra has a bad attitude. These girls really get what's coming to them! They need some hardcore corporal punishment to straighten them out!

Stroke Of Luck Master Liam owns a fetish company and is in the market for a new model when he learns that Bettie, a prospective model has emailed with a request for an interview. He decides he must first practice on Riley an employee. Her firm round bottom in the palest of shades is spanked until it is bright red. When Bettie arrives she is dressed in a prim and proper white shirt and plaid skirt. He uses both the strap and paddle and places her in a reverse cowgirl position while rhythmically slapping her soon to be reddened bottom. Movie Starring: Riley Hush Bettie Viana Master Liam

Submission Steaming hot submission. Mouths blocked, pussies and asses plugged, double penetrations...better do as you're told! Movie Starring: Jane Darling Liliane Tiger Angel Dark Sharka Blue Susie Diamond Angelica Wild

Submissive Sluts A male Dom leads Hannah, Amber and Gina into a room and they are made to do his bidding! Amber is first and she is made to lie on his whipping bench and spanked into submission with all sorts of belts, paddles and canes. His two assistants help him and they each have to obey whatever he demands. Gina, a cute submissive 20 year old is then made to lay down and the girls pull her long legs apart and let the Dom rip into her ass and then use her pussy as he see's fit! You'll see lots of close-ups of her sweet punished pussy as he spanks and canes her tender meat! Amber then takes her place and is force-fed his cock while his male friend forces his 10 inch cock in her pussy and up her ass! She has no choice but to let these guys get off and they blow loads in all her holes while the girls hold her legs apart. This is our first BDSM video and we think it came out pretty well! At least we know the girls were fucked hard and filled with cum! You'll see lots of close-ups of their spanked holes and freshly fucked cream pies!

Sula's Painful Punishment Sula lives with a close friend of her fathers,Sir NikŁ. When she is going out the door, he stops her and asks why her school keeps calling him. Sula has been screwing in class. Nik decides some corporal punishment is needed, with a good old fashioned spanking. It's either this or a phone call to your father he explains. Sula chooses the punishment, and a painful punishment she receives. Nik starts off with some over the knee hand spanking, then moves quickly to the leather strap and then some wood paddles. The following day Nik picks up Sula from school, and this time the school has threatened to kick her out. Sula knows she will be punished hard and takes a good thrashing before receiving some very painful strokes of the cane. Movie Starring: Sula

Summer Cumming's Fetish Fairy Tails Deep in the magical hills of Hollywood, where fairies fly free, and cheerful queens walk the cobblestone roads, lives Snow Wite - played by the bouncy Summer Cummings. Snows roommates - Sketchy, Snitchy and Whiney, need to be disciplined on occasion, and today they've been especially naughty! Summer gets seduced by a ruby red apple, and finds herself in the Evil Queens dungeon, being clipped, whipped and stripped! Lucky for Miss White, a fair prince shows up to rescue her, but not so fast! This prince needs to delegate a little domination of his own! Movie Starring: Summer Cummings Anastasia Pierce Johnny Roxx

Super Spanks A wild sampler of some of the hottest and sexiest spanking productions available from the deepest recesses of the secret video underground. The women are all young and luscious, a thrill to watch as they offer their perfect heart-shaped asses to the various devices of corporeal punishment that will bring erotic fire to their tender cheeks. With each resounding slap you will be thrilled and titillated by their proud arrogance and whimpering submission to the hand that rules and the lash that bends their will.

TV-TS Superstars 2 Here they are, the groundbreaking tranny superstars that paved the road for the success of all that followed after, in some of their finest performances to date. Watch the original chicks with dicks as they suck and fuck their way to the top, changing the genre as you know it, all right before you eyes! Movie Starring: Skye Blue Randy Paul Connie Lauren Leah Kourtney Luvs Lonnie Bond

Taboo Teens Get Their First Spanking This collection of ten newcomers beg and plead to no avail. These helpless teenagers get the relentless spankings they deserve, revealing their true, dirty, secret desires.

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