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The Best of Mark E. DeSade In "The Best of Mark E. DeSade, Vol. 1" the Disciplinarian includes some of the most intense corporal punishment ever filmed with real snippets of psychodrama adding a special realization to the punishment sessions that only a Disciplinarian of his caliber could.

The Class Of '94 The Head girl of Lady Margaret's College is well aware of her unpopularity among the girls she has turned in for punishment. She consoles herself in the pleasure of observing their painful spankings over the Headmaster's knee. When Jackson and Parker get her alone they wreak vengeance on her exquisite bare behind for the excruciating chastisement they have had to endure. Their foolish revenge has earned them another session with the irate Headmaster. This time the strap and the cane will be brought into play. And the Head girl herself will get to participate. Movie Starring: Alison Bret

The Client A visit to the House of Discipline was to be the highlight of Walter's stay in Los Angeles. But his spanking session with Dusty was not quite what he had hoped for. Obviously Dusty is in line for some special bare bottom discipline at the hands of her stern mistress. Madame Suki, But how do they make it right with Walter? A rain check won't do. He leaves for England tomorrow. Suki has but one choice. To make up for Dusty's previously disappointing performance Walter will be granted another free session. This time Dusty will be much more cooperative. And as a bonus Walter will have a second bottom to spank, Madame Suki, Herself, will make the sacrifice. It's a matter of honor. Movie Starring: Saki St. Jermaine Dusty Anthony Lawton

The Disciplinarians It s a rare treat: see a famous female disciplinarian teach the art of girl-spanking to her best pupil! Learning from Dana Johansen (cool blonde beauty Star Chandler) can be a bruising experience, but cute Kim (Isadora Rose) is anxious to try. Enter Mrs. Josephine Jones (adult film sensation Angella Faith) sent by her husband for "correction"-translation: relentless spanking! And when two snobbish young socialites wangle their way into Johansen's lair, Courtney and Rebecca (sexy Summer Knight and adorable Brook Taylor) make perfect subjects for Kim's practice. And does she learn a lesson! Movie Starring: Isadora Rose Ruby Richards Angela Faith Brook Taylor Summer Knight

The Headmaster's Office Set in Victorian times at the New Bedford Academy for Ladies. The story follows five girls who are caught drinking by the Principal and sent to the Headmaster's Office for punishment. What follows is one of the most hardcore canings ever recorded. All live action! You watch it as it actually happens.

The Intimate Diary Of Mr. Leon 'Spanking-Professor' When Mr. Leon's mother gave him his first spanking, she never could have guessed that in fact she was setting her youngster off on a long and fruitful sexual career! From that moment on, Mr. Leon - a.k.a., "Spanking Professor" - would make his rounds, tirelessly introducing the world to the aphrodisiacal virtues of the spanking. An exceedingly arousing small wonder from the golden age of France's Cinema X era that made its debut in ALPHA-FRANCE cinemas on March 17, 1976 in Paris, where it met a triumphant success!! Movie Starring: Ellen Earl Martine Grimaud Emmanuelle Pareze Antoine Fontaine Jacques Marbeuf Richard Lemieuvre

The Pledges Of Gamma Beta Mu Fuck hungry frat brothers go crazy in a sexual hazing ritual! Lots of rough group sex, paddling, spanking, and wild blowjobs! Movie Starring: Austin Black Corey Cox

The Schoolmaster's Revenge While writing The Schoolmaster's Revenge, Bethany wanted to achieve a blend of all the elements she knew SHE would look for in a spanking video. First, she wanted a "real" story line, with realistic characters, but one that could be told without long sections of dialogue. When customers buy a spanking video, they want spanking - and lots of it. Bethany knows that. This video starts out with spanking - and doesn't let up. In the very first scene, when the girls are confronted with their cheating, Mr. Johnson makes it clear that they have a straightforward choice: expulsion or spanking. This is not a very pleasant decision for our eighteen year old young ladies, who consider themselves "all grown up." But they want to be teachers very badly, so they chose the spankings. First, each girl is given a hard, bare bottomed, over the knee spanking. And just when they think it's "all over," a new reality intrudes - the over the knee spanking is just the beginning. After half an hour of corner time, Mr. Johnson intends to introduce the girls to his school ruler.

The Sex Therapist When a couple has trouble with their sex life they visit a sex therapist. After seeing the doctor for a few weeks the husband decides to tell his wife he is into getting spanked. The Doctor tells them and shows his lovely wife how to give him a spanking. In return she wants her husband to satisfy her orally.

The Spank Club From the opening strains of suspenseful music and dark imagery, you can tell this John Summers-produced ass-whoopin' video is gonna take itself seriously. Mostly, it does, with some rough aggressors giving asses (mostly young ones) a punishment. Of course, they don't go completely nutty and really administer hard fucking slaps, which I've only witnessed in European or amateur efforts. But so far as ass-slapping fetish videos, their restraint isn't entirely irritating. After a shower, our young British protagonist relays a tale of rich Brit boy "young master William," who assumedly writes all the fantastical, sexy going-ons, on his iMac. Yes, this is a fantasy within a fantasy within a fantasy thing. And what are the going-ons? First, a young hottie gets ass-slapped by his beefy older brother (who happens to look like Bret Easton Ellis). Next, a cage and pretty aggressive paddling make music for another pair. Then, our adorable, hung, UK-accented William imagines himself being punished by the older schoolmaster. How very Pink Floyd: The Wall¯! After all this, our narrator can't help but relieve the tension, which has built up by slapping his damn fool self without jerking off! What's up with that shit? He could at least bust a nut. Is this flick the victim of those damned obscenity laws which seem to have every American porno producer scared to mix hardcore sex with S&M activity? Movie Starring: Duncan Mills Jack Reilly Tony De Sergio Dino (m) James Bonn

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