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The Spanking Game Leah tests her limits!! She wants her boyfriend to make her cry! And she hates the way he always STOPS, whenever she says "STOP!!!" So she challenges him to a spanking game! To WIN, he must make her CRY!! Otherwise, he loses! And the loser must be the winner's slave for a day! So he SPANKS Leah HARD for over 30 minutes, over his knee and bent over a padded wooden horse, with his HAND, HAIRBRUSH, CANE, CROP, STRAP, and TWO PADDLES!!! Leah kicks and YELLS in PAIN while her gorgeous bottom gets so BRUISED and SORE, she can hardly stand it!! Who will win? And how much can Leah take?

The Spanking Master 2 If you like lots of hot, spanking action, this video is for you! 'Spanking Master, Part 2', features lots and lots of beautiful, smooth, white butts-turned bright red from being spanked, by meanest bunch of probation officers you've ever seen, with hand, paddle and leather strap. This video has it all! HOT SPANKING! BIG, HARD COCKS! GOOD SEX! This extra-long video (about 120 minutes) features a large cast of 14 guys! Movie Starring: Eddie Perez Bobby Scott Rick Vinnie Johnny Rahm

The Spanking Master 3 Mr. Brooks is back in The Spanking Master 3... and he's brought plenty of fresh and hot butts to this spankfest. This installment to the Spanking Master series features some of the hottest white and tan bottoms that turn chili pepper red before your very eyes. Movie Starring: Scot Arden Eddie Perez Scott Peterson Bryant Cury Anthony Johnson Andrew Montana

The Spanking Master 4 This newest installment in the famous "Spanking Master" series of all male spanking video, bring back Mr. Brooks and his assistant probation officers spanking a whole bunch of new guys, Many by hand and by a hard leather strap. Their pretty, white butts quickly turn red. Great hard spanking and jack off action! Movie Starring: Drew Andrews Randy Storm Scot Arden Peter O'Brian Cody Brown Rick Boman

The Spanking Master This video has 11 models in sexy jack off and hard spanking action. Starring sexy blond newcomer, Chris Todd. Lots of sore red bottoms here.

The Special Exam The head surgeon at this hospital is always hitting on all the nurses. When he tries this with Nurse Daisa he finds out that not all nurses are easy. She puts him through her own thorough exam - first giving him a good spanking for embarrassing her. Then she makes him worship her stocking feet. She is in control and he knows it. Willing to do anything he awaits her next order. When she is ready, hot and willing, she decides to give him what he really wants: some good old fashioned sex. First she sits on his cock then he fucks her doggy style until they both get off.

The Training Of O "O" is late, tired, and in trouble. She has stayed out too late and she's sure her boyfriend will protest. She can see that he is upset when she enters the room and pleads that she only wants to go to bed. Angry, he says that she will be spending some time with him and places her across his knee. What follows is a swift hand spanking across her bottom. Still dressed in her party clothes her nylons and cowboy boots are soon pulled off to expose soft pale skin. A plethora of implements are pulled out including a plastic paddle, a leather belt, and a wooden rug beater. She is tied, teased, and caned. Trust us she will think twice about being late from now on. Movie Starring: "O" (f) Sir Nik

The Training Of The Rose Ryan would like for his partner and slave Rose to have some training by people of the same lifestyle, and that's where Master Schno and Marriah come in. Ryan gives Rose over to Marriah as he and Schno enjoy a game of chess. Rose is stripped and fondled until the toys come out, then she is spanked, paddled, and has a sharp claw raked against her skin. When the Masters' chess game ends, the real games start. The girls are led to the master bedroom where they are tied to each other on the bed. Then the masters bring out the paddles and crops and work on the girls. They take turns on Marriah's sultry ass, turning it bright red and bringing her to tears. Next, the girls are made to crawl back into the living room where they get a long flogging by the two masters. At the end of the night, the girls are put together to form a table, and the two masters start another chess game right on top. Movie Starring: Autumn Rose Marriah Master Schno Ryan

The Training Session - Part 2 When this real submissive female reports to a mistress for training, she gets way more than she asks for! The mistress teaches her how to take an incredibly long and painfully hard spanking! This spanking session lasts over 40 minutes! The submissive is ordered to assume many different positions, including over the knee, over a couch, and over a stool, while being soundly spanked by hand, paddle, crop, and many other implements. The mistress fondles the submissive's burning bottom, plays with her pussy and asshole, blindfolds her, and teases her throughout the spanking session. She kisses her, slipping her tongue in just long enough to get her aroused, and then spanks her some more!! The submissive gets so sopping wet that her pussy juice drips down her legs!! She suffers the embarassment and humiliation of having to spread her own cheeks apart and politely ask to be spanked, again and again! Wait till you see the close-up view of her asshole!! Before her long ordeal is over, she is crying real tears and begging the mistress to stop spanking her! When the spanking finally stops, the mistress rubs cream all over the submissive's sore bottom, in a very erotic manner. The action never stops! It's 40 minutes of spanking video that you don't want to miss!!

The Vacation This is the perfect vacation or so they thought. Two young couples acquire a cabin in need of repair. When they arrive at the mountain retreat, they discover that it's too dangerous for the women to explore the area alone.

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