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Therapist: Back To Doctor Spank It's been quite awhile since Krissy has seen her favorite doctor. By exacting pain he also relieves her pain, and her arthritis has been acting up a bit. Pleased to see her Dr. Spank waste no time and administers a hand spanking followed by a usual regiment of punishment. It's not long before Krissy's pain is relieved and she is most pleased with her visit to Dr. Spank. So much so that her friend Phoenix, who has been waiting in the reception area also receives a dose from the doctor. It's been a very pleasurable and fruitful day for the doctor.

Therapist: Doctor Spank Our two young ladies who decide to vist Dr. Spank are both excited and perplexed. They haven't quite realized the healing powers that he can exhibit. But they will soon as both Krissy and Little Bit are methodically hand spaned and caned. Even the wooden paddle is used. It won't be long before these girls will be coming back for more!

Therapist: Sexual Frustrations Our two beautiful young ladies are sexually frustrated and must see Dr. Nik immediately. It seems their boyfriends' won't spank them! And the only person who eagerly takes on the deed is our own Dr. Nik. Welcoming them in Samara is first to see the doctor. She is hand spanked, paddled with black leather and finally caned until her bottom turns bright red. Among tears of agony we notice a pleasure that her boyfriend will no doubt receive the benefit of! Scarlett has the Doctors' second session for the day. She is moving up a notch and will be receiving the cane. Coy at first her pleasure is increased as the doctor moves through each level. We notice a sexual foreplay between the two as the doctor takes a more personal approach to his patient. All three levels are achieved and we know that these ladies are no longer sexually frustrated! Movie Starring: Scar Samara Sir Nik

Three Knights Three knights: Shadow, nightshayde and Lycan. Three nights of fucking, cumming and ass spanking. Three times three the fun!

Three Spanked Black Girls Well, the title says it all doesn't it? Three hot and sexy black girls have been naughty! They need a spanking. Well gramps is lays on the corporal punishment and spanks all three of them!

Tigerr Juggs 5 British porn idol Tigerr performs perversions for you! Beaten by Jewell Marceau and fucked in the ass with a dildo. This slave cock sucker goes through bondage, takes spunk and hard spankings! Movie Starring: Tigerr Benson Jewell Marceau

Time For Action Two very attractive but not very bright employees have been abusing the phone system. Mr. Lawry, the office manager, has little patience for such blatant disregard for company policy. Faced with immediate dismissal tears flow and Tanya and Robin must prove their repentance by enduring an old-fashioned hand spanking. They drop their panties and bend over their boss' knee. By days end their bottoms will be red and throbbing, but their jobs will be secure! Movie Starring: Robin Anthony Lawton Tanya Tease

Time For Punishment Brandy loves "sleep over's" at her best friend Emma's as she's allowed to stay up late. This is because Emma's parents are always out parting until 2 am, however the girls are instructed to go to bed at midnight as college starts early. On this particular evening the girls are enjoying paying with mothers cards and lose track of time. The two girls are still up when Emma's parents return home and an argument brakes out which culminates in the two having to take some severe punishment. Movie Starring: Brandy Emma

Tina's Torments Poor Tina! Watch as she gets disciplined in several scenes. Her pale, milky white skin turns bright red as she is hit on her ass and on her tits. Despite her thin appearance, she takes her punishment like a good little girl. But if she was a good girl, she wouldn't need to be punished. This one will make you want to spank yourself... in a good way! Movie Starring: Tina Alebeard

Titty Punishment Mammaries... they're not just for nursing anymore! Now you too can grab a set of breasts and go sick on em!

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