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Tonys' Rules Tony has several roommates and he has laid out rules for how things are to be done in the house. Since the rules keep being broken he spanks his roommates to remind them of the rules. Then all these sexy boys just cant keep their hands off each other.

Torment 17 Mistress Gemini puts cute Cheryl to the test as she pushes her past her pain limits to discover where she will have enough and break! Dazzling Asian, Mika, jumps right in and whips and canes Harmony and commands her to tears and total submission! Rebecca takes a whack at two lesbians and whips and abuses them into obeying and serving! Movie Starring: Cheryl Dynasty

Torment 20 Eye- catching Venus has beautiful skin that is assautted cheery- red by a harsh display of spanking and domination control of two sweet young things, Cynara and Amber. Both girls are stripped played with and abused until Asphyxia has her fill! French and beautiful and thrashing pretty girls as she commands Cheyenne to strip and eat dog food as she whips, slaps,and spanks her into complete obedience!

Tormented Lesbian Bitches Kinky San Francisco lesbians let loose and the action is unstoppable!Angel grabs resistant Dragon and strips her naked and bounds her! Angel than knocks the crap out of Dragon until she becomes compliant and sucks Angel's big dildo! Editrix ties submissive Babydoll down and beats her luscious white ass red! Angel and Frankie take cute Pink through a maze of pain as she has to stand with her arms raised and bound. Pink is pounded to tears, and the bull dykes keep on comin'!This videos got it whips, paddles, ropes, restraints and lots of big dildos!

Traditional College Punishment 2 Simpkins is quite the disciplinarian as head schoolmaster. He is not one to relent at the first mournful cries of anguish. As the limber cane rises and falls their bottoms receive red welts. Are they repenting? Only time will tell. Simpkins will always have his cane at hand. Movie Starring: Simpkins

Traditional College Punishment 3 The very sexy nurse Courtney administrated corporal punishment to one of the students inappropriately now she must suffer the disciplinarian thwacks of the cane by the school superintendant. Problem is he's getting a little too excited by the entire ordeal! Movie Starring: Courtney

Traditional College Punishment 8 What does a beautiful blonde-haired, blue eyed Headmistress do when she catches 2 disobedient schoolgirls sneaking around behind her back doing things they've been instructed not to do? Just because this Headmistress is beautiful doesn't mean she can't keep the strict discipline. A limber birch cane across the open palms of their hands will not hurt them nearly as much as the bare handed spanking and paddle will. Fortunately for one of the girls, one humiliating lesson is quite enough. When the headmistress catches the other girl eating chocolates and drinking alcohol she is infuriates and makes this disobedient strip, then spanks her soundly until she's throbbing and humiliated.

Traditional College Punishment Elizabeth gets to relive one of her favorite agonizing experiences at her alma mater, when her younger sister is sent to the Dean's office. In exchange for keeping her in school she must suffer a hand spanking, a paddle and the cane against her bare bottom. It soon turns bright red, and she only hopes her sister is appreciative!

Train My Ass This film has five intense scenes of explicit spanking! They're 100% ready for the fantastic ass spanking championship! Enjoy!

Training Ground 8 Pulling off the black bin liner covering her head, Master David commands Theresa to suck his colleague's dick. Tied to a table she carries on sucking as Master shaves her stubble and fucks her with a vibrator and a big, black dildo. Up against the wall, her buttocks receive twenty eight hard, measured strikes of the lash, followed by a further, even more punishing twenty two on her bum and her back from a lethal, thinner, finer lash. Pain is

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