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Training Officer Survival training is not a game. Cadet Master Simmons seeks to impress this fact on his new recruits, Kelly and Sharon. Their tender young buttocks, pure and white as the driven snow, will soon bear the marks of Master Simmons' disciplinary hand. The spankings and thrashings are to be severe and continuous, until these young ladies learn the seriousness of their situation. It is for their own good! Movie Starring: Stephanie Jones Michelle Joe (The Rod) Stewart

Transsexual Call Girls When a regular girl just won't do call Spanky's trannys for the hottest, wildest lady-boys in town! These girls will fuck you, suck you and do what ever it takes to get you off-just like a good call girl should! Your wish is her command so sit back and enjoy! Movie Starring: Tom Moore

Transsexual Dynasty 4 They're campy, they're kinky, and they're the wildest chicks with dicks you could ever hope to see! The last movie made by Tarina, Hollywood's notorious TS, before her tragic untimely death. Movie Starring: Kimberly DeVine Meghan Chavalier Tarina Adriana (o) Tina Stevens Randy Paul

Transsexual Heart Breakers 17 Gia Always Gets what She Wants!Cum join Gia and her friends for some hot anal action! Gia has all kinds of surprises for you to see & get off on, cum on and live a little! Movie Starring: Gia Darling Celina (o) Iza

Troublesome Daughters What you need is a sound thrashing, my girl. The same treatment you subjected the unfortunate Miss Prism to. You father may be against corporal punishment, but I'm certainly not! You will go across my knee this instant and we'll see what a much needed spanking across your young bottom can do to make you mend your ways!

Twink Confessions Father Wood has his hands full around his confessional as he deals with a variety of twinks stopping by. After hearing their confessions Father Wood takes matters into his own hands and makes sure to apply all the proper punishment. Movie Starring: Christian Lee Casper Benz Father Wood Blaise Turner Gavin Reed Kyle Bradley

Two English Spanking Stories In Nikita the Seductress¯ a beautiful apartment complex tenant has to plan in mind to fix her ailing boiler. Noticing a repairman outside she pleads with him to come up and take a look. Would he dare say no? When he tells her it would cost quite a bit to fix she decides to give him sexual favors in return, which he heartily accepts. His boss returns and finds his worker in her apartment. Angry he sends the worker off and tells her that she will receive a spanking for being such a naughty girl! The boss is loving it and she too enjoys her bottom being reddened. In Final Settlement¯ the Chuckle Brothers have decorated Nikita's neighbors' flat and are there to receive their money. She tells them that the bailiff has visited and taken all her furniture except the bed. And left her with only a pittance. They advise her that there is only one way out, and that includes a bare bottomed hand spanking across Dave's knee. They take her to the bedroom where she is spread across the bed for a caning. There is more to come and she must realize that there will be another visit next week. Movie Starring: Honey Nikita David Charles Jack Uppitt

Two Spanked Black Girls These two black girls get spanked hard! Positions include over-the-knee, kneeling, over pillows, diaper position (on back with feet held up), and while giving a blowjob and having intercourse! There's anal sex too! Implements include the hand, salad spoon, ruler, slipper, a long-handled brush, and a big hard paddle! The poor girls struggle, beg, scream, and cry real tears from their long hard painful spankings! One girl masturbates while she gets spanked, and you can see how wet she gets! Ever wonder how red and bruised a black girl's butt gets from a good whoopin'? Well, you'll find out when you watch this video!

Uncle Bob Uncle Bob is a pushover. At least that's what Desi and Fawna think when they move in for an extended visit. But their host, a deceptively quiet man, has a fondness for bare female bottoms. They must be round, firm, and deep red. On close examination, Uncle Bob finds the posteriors of his young guests almost perfect. Except for the hue, not nearly red enough. Uncle Bob knows how to change that. It's a long, loud, agonizing process, but well worth the effort! Movie Starring: Desi De Angelo Fawna Deacon Blue

Uncle George Lucy, who has not been doing very well in school, is sent to her uncle for a weekend. Her mother has asked him to teach Lucy a lesson,¯ which he proceeds to do. The movie starts on the first morning of Lucy's stay at her uncle's house. When she gets out of bed late she finds out what a strict disciplinarian he is when she gets spanked over his knee. Exercise brings yet another chastisement, and this time with a bundle of swishy rods. She is then told to get ready for lessons.¯ During the lesson, Lucy is spanked over her knickers with a ruler. Later on in the evening, we find Lucy across her uncle's knee again for another bare bottom spanking. She is then sent to get ready for bed. Returning downstairs, Lucy finds herself doing more exercises,¯ before being caned and sent to bed.

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