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Bad Tushy 4 Big, red asses await you! This video is full of: Caning, paddling, belting and hand spanking... and it's all in one filthy movie!

Bad Tushy 5 Hot, bare asses are spanked hard! Caning, paddling, belting and hand spanking all in one filthy movie!

Bare Assets Drop dead beautiful models lured into sleazy motels and spanked! Model/actress Hollie Stevens is in a very cranky mood today. The young "lady", so it would seem, is particularly displeased with our photographer from whom she professes to have expected more "professionalism". Miss Stevens feels that she should be treated appropriately. We were not only prepared but in fact quite eager to see to it that she is. Movie Starring: Terry Hollie Stevens Lenore Sherri Greg

Barely Legal Bound And Beaten Nothing like some Barely Legal, fresh flesh to inspire the evil mind of Master Rick Savage. Sweet, but not-so-innocent Corrine now submits to the perverse desires of the Savage One. Her incredible firm tits are soundly spanked, bound and punished. Her nipples are stretched deeply into suction tubes. Her tender derriere is spanked, paddled and bruised. Large rat traps stretch her pussy wide open so the Mastered can punish her wet pinkness. Well... she asked for it. Movie Starring: Rick Savage

Battering The Buns Don't let the petite frame or that sweet little face fool you, this girl's an up and coming porn star who's idea of punching the clock is unzipping her costar's trousers. The truth be told, Kristin is really quite good at what she does, or so we're told, and already she has become accustomed to star treatment both on and off the set. Imagine her dismay then when first she saw our set, such as it is, and was then instructed to do that which she hadn't done in well over a year or more... a very ordinary striptease followed by a lap dance. Movie Starring: Kristin Ivy Nina

Best Of British Spanking 15 The hottest British spanking series. Watch these round asses get caned, spanked, and paddled till they're bright red!

Best Of British Spanking 16 These Brits get punished with a little spanking therapy in bizarres 16th installment of British Spanking!

Best Of English Discipline 2 The stern schoolmaster commands the disobedient schoolgirl to bend over and touch her toes. He lifts her skirt and bares her bottom for punishment of the cane. The rebellious niece is made to drop her panties while her irate uncle impatiently fondles a black riding crop. A delinquent female submits to corporal punishment in lieu of a prison sentence. In this presentation, scenes have been compiled from five of our favorite English Discipline videos. The spanking, whipping, and canning are but one aspect of the scenes contained herein.

Best Of English Discipline 3 There are many approaches to be used in meting out discipline on obdurate females. The traditional paddle, strap or cane in the experienced hands of a stern schoolmaster, prison warden, distraught uncle or husband. There's also that rather imaginative tribute to modern automation, the canning machine. Whichever method suits your style, the end result is the same. Beet red hind cheeks, stinging with tenderness and tearful eyes filled with that desired expression of penitence. The scenes in this presentation have been selected from five of our favorite English Discipline videos. One viewing will show you why English Discipline is true discipline.

Best Of English Discipline 4 For many, the discipline of the rod is nothing more than a sexual fantasy. But for some it is a very real part of everyday life. The unorthodox punishment in a girls' school, the stern military style training program for female flight officers, the spoiled Victorian requirements of inheritance, the merciless landlord and his delinquent tenant...

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